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Chapter 1446 Handing Over Positions and Farming Authority

There were only a few direct descent Revivors who chose to join the Supers Holy Land, and most of them chose to stay in the three Universal Civilizations. Even so, the difference between the high-level combatants on both sides was still quite large.

However, Han Xiao was no longer afraid of openly poaching from the three Universal Civilizations. Ever since he subdued the World Tree to end the war, many problems that he had been facing had been solved. For example, the three Universal Civilizations had never given in to the Ultimate Knowledge Transmission right.

“The three Universal Civilizations knew that they would not be able to stop the Supers Holy Land from becoming a sanctuary of individual strength, so they compromised with me in the end…”

Han Xiao’s eyes swept past everyone and suddenly locked onto Karlot, Evans, and the other new Beyond Grade As.

Karlot and Evans’ potential did not need to be strengthened, and their futures were naturally limitless. However, because the World Tree War broke out many years earlier than in his previous life, they did not have enough time to grow. Even with his nurturing, it was not easy to make up for the lost time, and they were far from reaching the theoretical peak of their ability.

Therefore, in this war, the two of them did not perform too well, but it was undeniable that they would still be extremely valuable in the future.

In Han Xiao’s opinion, since the Beyond Grade As had shouted the slogan of ‘Holy Land of the Supers’, they had to have new injections of Supers, and they could not let the production of Supers stop. Although the current peak Beyond Grade As had a long lifespan and were distinguished, it would not do if there were no new generations of experts. They had to let the galactic society see the ‘individual strength nurturing ability’ of the Supers Holy Land that exceeded any organization.

Although there might not be any chance for Han Xiao to make a move in the future, he still needed a new generation to hold the fort for the Supers Holy Land. Han Xiao had already treated Karlot and Evans as his right-hand men and the future pillars of the Supers Holy Land.

The construction of the territory was completed. Secret Master and the other Mages summoned the transportation door and sent everyone back to the main planet of the Supers Holy Land.

The main planet of the Supers Holy Land was called ‘Planet of the Deities’. It was located at the back of the Flickering World and had statues of all the Beyond Grade As of the Civilization’s Elders a.s.sociation. Black Star’s statue was the most eye-catching and was the landmark of the entire planet.

Countless s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps gathered on this planet from all directions, leaving behind streams of light like a bright galaxy. These were the various Supers who had chosen to join the Supers Holy Land and came to pay their respects to the statues of the various Beyond Grade As.

This area was originally a defensive area built by the Galactic Alliance Army, but after the war, all the troops stationed here left, and this area had a new owner. Every Beyond Grade A had their own residence here. After returning, they left to do their own things. Now was the time to migrate their forces to the Supers Holy Land, and most Beyond Grade As were very busy. Han Xiao returned to his office. Aurora, Hila, Feidin, and the others from the Black Star Army followed him for a small meeting.

“The framework of the Supers Holy Land has already been built. All that’s left is to fill it up. There are some personnel changes that I need to explain to everyone.” As he spoke, Han Xiao looked at everyone, his gaze landing on Nero.

“As the highest leader of the Supers Holy Land, it’s not suitable for me to continue leading the Black Star Army. Nero, I’ll leave the army to you for the time being.”

Hearing this, everyone turned to look at Nero with different expressions.

“Ah, this isn’t appropriate. I’m not mentally prepared.” Nero was shocked, stammering, “You, you built this organization from scratch, and now you’re handing it over to me. I’m afraid I can’t bear such a responsibility…”

Han Xiao raised his brows and scolded, “What are you thinking? I only want you to be the acting Army Commander. I will be the Army Commander in name only and will not interfere with the daily affairs of the army, but you still have to report to me.”

Now that he had become the Supreme Leader of the Supers Holy Land, he needed to avoid the outside world. If he continued to lead the Black Star Army, it would be easy for others to have ideas, and it would also increase the army’s ego. Although Han Xiao was not afraid, he would avoid it if he could. It just so happened that he also wanted to relieve some of his burdens and make himself more relaxed.

After all, with his Transcendent Grade and the power of the World Tree, he no longer needed external organizations to support his position.

“Then I’m relieved.” Nero heaved a sigh of relief.

He could not be blamed for being cowardly. There were too many Beyond Grade As in the army. Although he was Black Star’s G.o.dson, he still could not hold on.

Furthermore, the name ‘Black Star Army’ was already renowned throughout the universe. Nero was afraid that he would ruin its reputation if he stood too high. However, it would be much easier if he only worked.

Han Xiao turned to look at Aurora and said, “The same goes for you. Now that you’re the second-in-command of the Supers Holy Land, you don’t have to continue being the Deputy Army Commander of the Black Star Army. You can hand over your position later.” Aurora was unwilling. “What happened to the promise of staying in the army as long as I’m willing to stay?”

Han Xiao shook his head and laughed. “Your ident.i.ty is no longer suitable. You don’t have to carry everything on your shoulders. Even if you’re not in the army, our relations.h.i.+p won’t change. As the saying goes, a person will always strive for greater things. The Black Star Army was just a phase of your life. It’s already over.”

“Humph, big liar.”

Aurora turned her head to the side.

Helpless, Han Xiao turned to look at Hila and asked, “What about you? Have you thought about what I told you? Do you want to take on the position of the Supers Holy Land’s Esper Department’s Chief?” “Sure.”

Hila nodded.

“Alright, then hand over your positions in the army with Aurora.”

Han Xiao nodded as he spoke out.

The Supers Holy Land was divided into five important departments, led by the corresponding Beyond Grade As.

Hila’s performance in this war was clear to all. Coupled with the characteristics of the Underworld, no one had any objections to her taking over the Esper Department.

Originally, Han Xiao wanted Manison to be in charge of the Mechanic Department, but since Manison had rejected him, he had no choice but to give up and let Kant manage the Mechanic Department. The Mage Department was managed by Milizaus, and the a.s.sistant was Secret Master. The head of the Pugilist Department was Sierron, and Han Xiao planned to replace him with Karlot in the future. The best candidate for the Psychic Department was Kasuyi, but he was traveling far away, so he replaced him with a peak Beyond Grade A Psychic who had been following the a.s.sociation for a long time, with Feidin as the a.s.sistant.

After a series of changes, the high positions of the Supers Holy Land were given to the various contributors.

Many of them were ‘former members of the Black Star Army’. Han Xiao told them to hand over their positions in the army and did not force them to be tied up with the army. Although these people did not mind following him, he still had to give them face. As upper echelons of the Supers Holy Land, it would not be good to keep the t.i.tle of Deputy Army Commanders. It would also make it seem like the Black Star Army controlled the decision-making power of the civilization. Although he had the qualifications to be a dictator, he did not need to show it.

On the surface, a batch of Beyond Grade As leaving would make it seem like the upper echelons of the Black Star Army had lost their strength, but in reality, it was not much different to Han Xiao. In the past, he had wanted to gather a large number of experts to strengthen the Black Star Army, but now he had to do a reduction. His position had changed greatly, and just because these Beyond Grade As were not in the army did not mean that they would not listen to him.

This time, Hila crossed her arms and said straightforwardly, “You have to teach me how to enter the Transcendent Grade.”

“I can’t teach you now. Wait till you reach the bottleneck.”

Han Xiao waved his hands.

He arranged many army Beyond Grade As’ positions. After dealing with the last person, he thought for a while and looked at Aurora.

“Right, let Sorokin out. I have something to talk to him about.”

Aurora curled her lips, but still did as she was told. b.a.l.l.s of gentle golden energy condensed into a physical body, gradually turning into Sorokin.

Sorokin opened his eyes and looked around before looking at Han Xiao. “Hmm? Isn’t the war over? Why did you call me out?”

Han Xiao rubbed his knuckles and said, “I have a good deal for you. As long as you’re willing to agree to a few rules and not cause trouble or mess around, I will allow you out of the Underworld and to keep moving outside.”

Hearing this, Sorokin was suspicious.

“Since when do you treat me so well? Tell me, what do you want me to do?”

“The Beyond Grade A a.s.sociation has established a civilization called the Supers Holy Land. I’ll tell you the details later. I hope you can be an upper echelon in terms of economy or business and display your strengths. How about it? Are you interested?” “There’s such a good thing.” Sorokin’s eyes lit up. “Just tell me if you’re willing.”

Han Xiao said casually.

Of course, there was no shortage of professionals in the Supers Holy Land, but Sorokin was the one who knew how to make money the best among the Beyond Grade As. Han Xiao felt that throwing him in the Underworld would be a waste of his talent, so he might as well get Sorokin out and make use of him.

Anyway, with his current position, he was no longer afraid of Sorokin stirring up any trouble.

“No problem, you don’t have to worry. With me around, I will definitely make this Supers Holy Land’s economy flourish, become stronger, and create glory!” Sorokin immediately agreed.

Since he had nothing to do in the Underworld, he naturally would not reject such a rare opportunity to ‘relax’.

As for the enmity between him and Black Star, Sorokin had already accepted his fate over the years. He was a smart person and would not take it to heart.

Han Xiao nodded with satisfaction. Just as he was about to say something, his communicator suddenly rang.

Beep beep beep…

He took a look. It was a call from the Dynasty Ruler, Marbruce.

Han Xiao waved his hand and signaled for everyone to leave. After everyone left, he picked up the call.

“What have you called for?”

“Black Star, we plan to hold a grand ceremony on January 1 of the 800th year of the Galaxy Calendar to celebrate this victory, to commemorate the lives sacrificed in the war, and to honor the heroes. Your Supers Holy Land should partic.i.p.ate as well, especially you. The entire Galactic Society sees you as a hero, so don’t be absent.”

“I’ll be there.”

Han Xiao nodded in agreement.

This war was indeed worthy for the three Universal Civilizations to hold a grand ceremony, and the date they chose was also very meaningful. The first day of the New Era… It was probably not for the convenience of the students to memorize that they chose

this date.

After chatting casually for a while, Han Xiao told them about the choice of Hilbert and the others. However, Marbruce’s reaction was very calm, as though he had expected it. It was a pity that Han Xiao did not see how furious he was. After hanging up, Han Xiao calculated the date.

“There’s still half a year left before the ceremony. This period of time is enough for the Supers Holy Land to gain a firm foothold. After the ceremony, I’ll have a lot of free time. I’ll then enter the Sanctum and revive those unlucky people who died in battle… I’ll also find out all the information on the message board.”

Because the World Tree had solved the problem of the Sanctum Key, Han Xiao naturally thought of a plan, which was to use it to enter and exit the Sanctum and unlock all the information on the message board.

In theory, this was completely possible.

However, this would require a lot of time, so Han Xiao decided to wait for the situation to stabilize before implementing it.

“Speaking of which, I wonder what the players have been doing recently…”

Han Xiao opened the interface and looked at the players’ forums. Most of the topics discussed in the posts were related to the victory of the war and the Supers Holy Land.

Now that the war had ended, the players had nothing to do. Although Han Xiao had put up the Dungeon Crystals of the ‘World Tree War’ series, most of them still had nothing to do. They had just experienced the end of a main storyline mission, so many of them could not be bothered to do side missions for the time being

In addition, the fifth Pro League was already in the preparation stage, attracting the attention of the players. Therefore, Han Xiao did not have to worry about the players having nothing better to do.

“The universe is peaceful and society is stable. Everything is improving… Tsk tsk, I haven’t had such an easy time in a long time.”

Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief and felt a sense of satisfaction.

On the other side of the Planet of the Deities Manison’s mansion.

Manison casually played with the pile of cards and looked at Kasuyi who was deep in thought. “You’ve already decided to travel far and found a new life goal. I haven’t congratulated you yet.”

“After living for so long, I have to find something to do. There are no secrets in the explored universe to me. Finding the unknown is more fun.” Kasuyi casually threw out a card and smiled. “Speaking of which, I didn’t expect you to reject Black Star’s invitation and give up this position.”

“Aren’t you the same?” Manison did not comment.

“I don’t want to work because I have to travel far away, but why don’t you want this authority if you are staying here? This isn’t like you.” Kasuyi raised his brows.

“I have other plans.” Manison glanced at the cards, took out a card, and pretended to play it. However, after thinking for a while, he stuffed this card back in and changed to another card. He did not stop talking and said, “I plan to study in seclusion for decades. I don’t want to be distracted elsewhere… Furthermore, with Black Star around, I will never be able to surpa.s.s him in the eyes of Mechanics.”

“Indeed.” Kasuyi sighed. “Being in the same era as him is the misfortune of all Mechanics.”

Manison looked up at him and knocked on the table. “You’re not a Mechanic, why are you so emotional?”

“To be honest, if I were you, I would have directly taken Black Star as my teacher. Learning is not embarra.s.sing.” Kasuyi shrugged.

“You talk too much. Hurry up and play.”

Manison snorted. Although his relations.h.i.+p with Han Xiao had improved quite a bit, and he was willing to listen to the other party’s orders to a certain extent, asking him to lower his head again? Impossible!

Supers Holy Land established a new structure after the war. After preliminary observation, a large number of Supers from different civilizations entered the territory of the Supers Holy Land from various Star Fields. After approval, they received official citizens.h.i.+p. The work efficiency of a Beyond Grade A organization was known to be very high. As the various projects were quickly completed, the Supers Holy Land that had only been established for a few months started operating efficiently. On the other hand, the entire galactic society was still in a daze and needed a lot of time to adapt to the new situation.

The Super Star Cl.u.s.ter Alliance also made use of the birth of the Supers Holy Land to get rid of the suppression they had always been in and finally enjoyed the treatment of normal advanced civilization, obtaining a certain degree of freedom to develop.

After the war, the situation gradually stabilized. The entire galactic society was trying to adapt to the changes after the war, and in the blink of an eye, it reached the end of year 799 of the Galaxy Calendar. The three Universal Civilizations held a celebration ceremony as scheduled.

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