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Chapter 659 Beyond Grade A Level Attack!

"This is 'Indestructible Body' Black Star…"

"The strength of his body is even more exaggerated than in the rumors. With such a powerful recovery ability, only a beyond Grade A Super would be able to kill him."

"Tanking the attacks of the eight Vanguard Officials under Tyrant single handedly? He lives up to the name of being the number one general under Ames. Just where did Ames find such a ferocious character?"

Han Xiao's performance truly shocked many of the Calamity Grade Supers in Section Zero.

They had all thought that Black Star was overestimating himself and would end up sacrificing himself in battle. Who would have thought that the difference between them was so big?

Fosters was extremely shocked in his heart, and he said, "His body is a little strange. A portion of our attacks were absorbed by his cells to allow him to recover quickly."

Hunting Blade's expression was solemn. "I realized that, too."

The chief Vanguard Official had plenty of experience in battle and quickly identified the logic behind Han Xiao's Indestructible Body. Fosters' eyes narrowed, and he immediately thought of a method to deal with Han Xiao.

"He isn't able to recover instantly, and there is an upper limit to his ability. As long as our attack exceeds that limit, we will definitely be able to cause true damage to him. We need to launch an explosive series of attacks and not give him the chance to breathe. That is the only way that we can kill him."

Fosters' eyesight was extremely sharp, and he came to a conclusion that was extremely near to the truth.

Hearing that it was possible to kill Black Star, the seven others heaved sighs of relief.

The endurance that Black Star had displayed truly terrified them. The combined attack of the eight of them was sufficient to cause an entire ridgeline to collapse, and they would not even dare endure such an attack with their own bodies, just like how they would not dare tank the attacks of Han Xiao's Mechanical Army but choose to avoid them.

Looking at Han Xiao, who was currently at the center of the attack, Fosters said in a deep voice, "Don't overestimate Black Star. While it is extremely difficult to kill him, as long as we can destroy his Mechanical Army, the threat that he poses will be greatly reduced. I will be able to pin him down alone."

However, Fosters' target was not just to pin Black Star down but to kill Black Star. If the eight Vanguard Officials were not able to kill a single enemy of their same level when working together, this would be a huge blow to their reputation. They would only be able to establish their dominance by killing Black Star and scaring the other members of Section Zero.

"Attack together. Change tactics and do not spread out the strength of your attacks."

The moment he finished his sentence, the eight of them charged forward together. Fosters had said that only high damage in a short period would have a chance of killing Black Star, and the joint force of the eight of them could be extremely frightening.

Han Xiao had already guessed that the eight of them would attempt a second attack. The members of Bloodshed Land all had brains made from muscle and would not give up that easily.

He did not just stand still to tank the attacks. He spread his arms, and bolts of Mechanical Force shot out in all directions. Even if the Mechanical Army was destroyed, the spare parts floating around in s.p.a.ce were his weapons!

Countless spare parts gathered toward Han Xiao like a whirlpool, and they quickly transformed into a gigantic mechanical cannon and arm.

The metal fist knocked the flames apart, and the laser cannon lit up the dark s.p.a.ce. Han Xiao launched his ferocious counterattack.

If the battlefield was not located in the vacuum of s.p.a.ce, the commotion of the battle would definitely have been earth shattering.

At the same time, five multicolored light rays intersected each other with a frightening force being hidden within them!

A Grade B Super would not even be able to withstand the shockwaves from the battle between Han Xiao and the eight Vanguard Officials!

For Han Xiao to transform all the spare parts into weapons, it required the use of (Waste Modification), (Basic Machinery Construction), and [Mechanical Force Combat Technique]. It greatly exhausted his energy, but the ferocious attacks of the eight Vanguard Officials made it such that Han Xiao did not lack energy at all.

Boom boom boom!

Every time their fists came into contact with each other, bright energy rings would be emanated.

The battle was becoming more and more intense!

Because Fosters had identified the method to deal with Han Xiao, the eight Vanguard Official's chose to use attacks with high burst damage. Their coordination was seamless, and their attacks rained down on Han Xiao without end. Han Xiao had to face a thunderstorm of attacks every second.

Punches with enough force to flatten mountains hammered down on his chest, and flames that were comparable to the main canons of battles.h.i.+ps burned his bones. In order to achieve high burst damage, the eight Vanguard Officials used all their strength and greeted Han Xiao with all their techniques.

Their fists were like shooting stars, and those shooting stars were like rain!

Boom boom boom!

The tremors in his muscles and bones were all transmitted to his brain, and Han Xiao felt like a rice cake being hammered repeatedly. The eight Vanguard Officials had extremely powerful control over their strength, and Han Xiao suffered attacks ninety percent of the time. His retaliation was only able to cause a small disturbances to the Vanguard Officials and was insufficient to interrupt their attacks.

There was a limit to the conversion of energy into health, and he was only able to regain twenty-eight percent of his health every second.

The damage he took every second reached 450,000, and it exceeded the rate of his recovery.

This damage was extremely frightening, and an ordinary Calamity Grade Super would only be able to survive for two seconds before being turned into a corpse.

Thankfully, my Strengthened Life talent was upgraded to the advanced stage and gave me 200,000 HP. If not, my recovery speed would not have been able to keep up.

Enduring the pain from the never-ending attacks, Han Xiao grit his teeth and remained calm. His eyes were locked on his health meter. If things got too dangerous, he was prepared to use the Aurora Character Summon Card or Void Travel to give him some breathing s.p.a.ce.

If the battle continued in such a manner, he would eventually be defeated. However, Han Xiao did not panic. He had only chosen to take on such a risk after serious consideration.

The most dangerous part of this battle was only the start. As long as he could drag this battle on, he would be safe.

His (Advanced Strengthened Life] talent did not only increase his HP but also allowed him to be more valiant as he fought. Every time he lost forty percent of his HP, his attributes would be increased by ten percent, including his Endurance.

This meant that Han Xiao's HP limit would only increase as the battle went on!

While the twenty-eight percent limit would not change, the amount of HP that he could recover would still increase!

This Molding Ability had made up for the shortcoming of the conversion limit and was the perfect combination to increase his recovery rate!

As long as he could survive past the most dangerous starting phase, the threat that the eight Vanguard Officials posed to him would become smaller!

Apart from the lack of aggro attracting skills, Han Xiao was already a G.o.d-level Main Tank!

The battle continued, and the frightening shockwaves from their battle truly scared the other Calamity Grade Supers present.

Through the energy reaction on their radar, they could see Black Star's life force signal becoming stronger and stronger. This meant that the terrifying attack of the eight Vanguard Officials did not threaten his life but made him stronger instead!

Even if Han Xiao was in an extremely pathetic state right now, no one dared underestimate him!

Only a single word was able to describe how all of them felt.


Fosters could already feel that something was wrong as the feeling of his fists coming into contact with Han Xiao's body became different. He could clearly feel Han Xiao's body becoming stronger by the second.

He is becoming stronger!

This thought floated up in his head, and his heart was shocked. At the same time, an unknown sense of rage exploded in his head.

Just how many trump cards does Black Star actually have?

This is enough!

Fosters hammered himself on the chest, and the flames on his body glowed brightly. All his energy was then channeled into his arms, and his arms ballooned up.

All the muscles in his body were clenched tight!

Arteries popped out by his temples and a dark red glow could be seen emanating from his fists.

Right at this moment, the radar from the surrounding battles.h.i.+ps all let out an alarm.

"Warning, warning, high-energy response detected!"

The next moment, a blinding red beam of light shot out from Fosters' fists.

A gigantic red ball of energy smashed into Han Xiao with a pillar of fire behind its tail.

This single fist s.n.a.t.c.hed the limelight of the entire battlefield, and the terrifying energy wave of the attack made everyone fill in the sound effects in their heads.


"This is the Star Shaking Fist!"

The other seven Vanguard Officials were startled. This was a Pugilist skill that the Tyrant had taught them personally. It expended a large amount of their energy, and they all treated it as their killing blow.

They had seen Heber personally unleash the Star Shaking Fist, and the might of the attack lived up to its name!

Fosters was Heber's favorite student, and while his strength did not reach the level of a beyond Grade A Super, the shadow of Heber could be seen behind this fist of his.

Despite the thoughts flas.h.i.+ng through their minds, their hands did not stay idle, and they copied Fosters.

Eight Star Shaking Fists smashed down on Han Xiao from all different directions!

Sh*t! Why do all of you like energy blasts so much. Do you think that you're a Saiyan[1]?

The instant the attacks landed on him, Han Xiao only had time for a single thought.

The next instant, a terrifying blast of energy exploded!

Eight blinding energy blasts collided with each other and exploded with Han Xiao as the center!

The ball shaped energy wave expanded rapidly until the size of it exceeded that of a flags.h.i.+p. It was like a small planet made from energy and instantly became the focus of everyone present.

The energy ball expanded to its maximum, and a huge explosion occurred!

The blinding light from the explosion made everyone close their eyes instinctively.

Silence filled the battlefield.

A shockwave spread out in the galaxy.

The explosion ended in silence.

Before the explosion, Fosters and the other Vanguard Officials had already retreated and witnessed the outcome of their attack from afar.

This move of theirs had expended half of their energy and stamina. Even with their powerful Pugilist bodies, they were panting heavily from the attack, with their armor surrounding their arms cracking to reveal their bare skin.

Everyone's attention was focused on the center of the explosion. However, the place was completely empty, and Han Xiao's figure could not be seen.

"Was he reduced to smithereens?" Fosters' eyes lit up with joy.

Even he did not realize that he had lost his confidence.

"Did he really die!" The members of Section Zero could not help but worry.

At this moment, a grayish fog suddenly condensed together and rapidly transformed into Han Xiao.

After regaining his physical form, Han Xiao spat out a mouthful of blood. His appearance was pale, and his limbs were covered with injuries, with burn marks and blood all around.

Before anyone could even react, Han Xiao's wounds began to close up rapidly, and all his lost blood and flesh grew back. His pale appearance also began to regain color, and in the blink of an eye, he recovered to his peak.

Aurora's Character Summon Card, [Life Return)!

Dammit, I was almost blown to death. Han Xiao felt a lingering fear in his heart.

The eight Star Shaking Fists, when used together, formed a special reaction, and the DarkStar mothers.h.i.+p main cannon that he had tanked before was like a little brother before this.

In order to tank this blow, Han Xiao used all his trump cards. He had first used (Repel—Thorns] to reduce thirty percent of the initial attack. He then transformed into his Chaos Body form to ignore ninety-five percent of the damage with his energy becoming his health.

When his energy was completely exhausted, he had transformed back into his physical form, and his health had begun to fall with his energy being replenished rapidly. However, the interior of the energy ball was like a furnace with damage being dealt every second. Thankfully, he had the [Steel Body) to cancel out most of the damage, allowing him to replenish his energy. He had then transformed a couple of times between his Chaos Body form and physical body to tank the damage.

After his physical body met with the last wave of the explosion, his health had immediately emptied out, and he could only transform back into his Chaos Body form to avoid the calamity. When he reappeared again, his energy had been reduced to zero, and his HP had been left with eight percent.

He was at his wits end!

Han Xiao could only make use of his final trump card, (Life Return), to return to his peak state.

It was too dangerous!

Han Xiao had almost perished.

The scene of his physical body recovering was displayed before everyone present.

Black Star was still alive!

The next moment, the entire battlefield fell silent.

All the Calamity Grade Supers only had a single thought.

That attack was definitely at the beyond Grade A standard!

However, Black Star had managed to tank it.

They were shocked to the point they fell into a daze.

Right at this moment, the commander of Section Zero issued a new order.


While Han Xiao and the eight Vanguard Officials fought to a stalemate, Section Zero had slowly been pushed back and were not able to chase Bloodshed Land out of the region.

Despite facing eight high-level combatants alone, Han Xiao still was not able to turn the situation around. His teammates did not become outstanding because of him.

Only a beyond Grade A Super would be able to determine the direction of a war single handedly!

Despite Section Zero losing, Han Xiao's objective had been met.

It could be said that he was the only winner of this battle!

Even the victor of this battle, Bloodshed Land, could only remain in the background!

Han Xiao boarded the Blacklight Stealth and returned with the main fleet. Fosters and the others did not attempt to stop him. Their stamina was running out, and it would not be appropriate for them to enter enemy lines. Furthermore, he had already lost the confidence to kill Black Star.

The eight Vanguard Officials could only watch as Section Zero retreated.

The Section Zero fleet split up to reveal a path to welcome Han Xiao as though he was victorious. Despite being the losing party, Section Zero's morale was extremely high. Even though Bloodshed Land had won the battle, the atmosphere seemed as though they had lost.

Right at that moment, those who had witnessed the battle between Han Xiao and the eight Vanguard Officials understood one thing.

After this battle, Black Star would no longer be treated as an ordinary expert and would go up to the next level. He had truly walked onto the stage of the bigshots in the Star Field!

The Calamity Grade Supers from Section Zero could predict that Black Star would be completely different from them!

[1] This is a reference to Dragon Ball.

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