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Bai Yaoyao didn't know why, but after hearing those three words, she calmed down very quickly. They were just words, but they made her feel very safe.

She asked herself as well. Would he really protect her and prevent her from getting hurt?

Because she had been gravely hurt in the past, she didn't dare to fully trust him, despite the sense of security that he had shown her.

However, she told herself to trust Duan Yanhao just this once. He was a soldier after all, and he meant what he said.

She ought to trust him.

Seeing Bai Yaoyao nod her head, Duan Yanhao finally sighed in relief. He knew that Bai Yaoyao was fragile and had been hurt deeply in the past. If he didn't handle this matter well and hurt her again, her heart would probably be irreversibly broken. She might not open up to anyone else ever again.

Therefore, Duan Yanhao didn't dare to take any risks, nor take things for granted.

After Chi Jiajia entered the villa, she swiftly arrived at the bedroom. As she swung the door open, she saw Elder Brother Yanhao grabbing that vixen's hand.

"Elder Brother Yanhao, you… You…" Chi Jiajia pointed at Duan Yanhao.

Duan Yanhao stepped in between the two ladies, stopping Chi Jiajia from seeing Bai Yaoyao. Pus.h.i.+ng her hand down, he warned sternly, "Chi Jiajia, this is my house. Who allowed you to enter?"

Chi Jiajia choked on her words. Stomping her feet, she said, "Elder Brother Yanhao, you were the one who brought an unknown woman back. You brought a vixen home. Ahh… Elder Brother Yanhao, it hurts…"

Looking at him clutching her fingers so forcefully, Chi Jiajia thought that they were going to snap soon. She refused to believe that Elder Brother Yanhao would be so cold towards her.

"Elder Brother Yanhao, it hurts…"

Duan Yanhao didn't budge. He shouted fiercely, "Apologize to her!"

"Elder Brother Yanhao, you… I…"

"Chi Jiajia, apologize. Apologize to her!"

Looking at how cold and merciless Duan Yanhao was, Chi Jiajia bit her lower lip. Feeling wronged, she began to cry. "Elder Brother Yanhao, you didn't treat me like this before. I didn't say much, but you're defending that unknown woman. You have to protect your younger sister!"

He was only cold to her that day because she had mentioned the words 'brother-in-law.' It had triggered him and hurt him the most. Therefore, she didn't dare to call him that way again this time around. Instead, she indirectly hinted that he ought to take good care of her.

Duan Yanhao answered coldly, "Chi Jiajia, I'm not obliged to take care of you. Besides, you're an adult now. You're not a child anymore."

Behind Duan Yanhao, Bai Yaoyao peeked her head out and glanced at Chi Jiajia. A faint curve appeared on the corners of her lips. Chi Jiajia was indeed great at putting on an act.

Fortunately, Duan Yanhao wasn't poor at judging people like that.

Chi Jiajia wailed loudly, hoping that someone would console her. However, Duan Yanhao didn't do so at all. Raising her head, she immediately noticed the mocking looking on Bai Yaoyao's face.

At that instant, Chi Jiajia's blood immediately boiled. "You!"

Bai Yaoyao pushed Duan Yanhao away. Since he had protected her, she couldn't just hide behind him and not do anything.

Bai Yaoyao glared at Chi Jiajia and scoffed condescendingly. "What did I do?"

"You seduced Elder Brother Yanhao. You're so shameless!"

Bai Yaoyao wrapped her arms around Duan Yanhao and pretended to look sweet in front of Chi Jiajia. "So what if I am trying to seduce him? You tried to do so, but you failed!"

She completely couldn't be bothered to deal with a woman like her. However, since Duan Yanhao had protected her, she couldn't allow her to take advantage of them.

Hearing Bai Yaoyao's words, Chi Jiajia was fuming with rage.

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