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Chapter 1680: Bixue As Her Motivation

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Yun Bixue stiffened, and her heart thumped loudly. As prepared as she was, she was still caught off guard.


 “Elder Sister Bixue, you have to act like you don't know about it now that you know. If… I'm just saying an if, if you ever meet any problems in the future, you can come to Country M. I will use the entire country's might to protect you.”

 Shui Qianqian's words carried heavy weight. With a solemn look, she gazed deeply at Yun Bixue as she held her hands tightly.

 From that moment, Yun Bixue became the driving force of Shui Qianqian's life.

 She was not going to wait for her death in the future. She would live well and do her best to govern Country M and remove any enemies.

 She would become Elder Sister Bixue's strong backing so that she would be able to protect her no matter what.

 Now, Shui Qianqian had a goal in her heart. She would bravely walk into the courts as the queen of the country.

 Yun Bixue was touched by Shui Qianqian's words. “My younger sister is still so great. If I'm ever upset, I will really come and find you.”

 That statement carried with it a teasing tone, bringing the two sisters closer together. Being needed by each other brought warmth to the both of them.

 Yun Bixue did not know back then that she would one day really go to Country M.

 The two exchanged intimate secrets. Shui Qianqian kept looking at Yun Bixue's stomach with twinkling eyes.

 “Elder Sister Bixue, can I touch?”

 Yun Bixue nodded. “Sure.” As she spoke, she tugged Shui Qianqian's hand over and placed it over her stomach.

 Shui Qianqian was overwhelmed with happiness and placed her hand lightly on Yun Bixue's stomach. Her expression softened.

 She didn't dare to move it around much. “Ah, Elder Sister Bixue, he kicked me. He kicked…”

 Shui Qianqian almost jumped up in excitement as her face colored with elation and curiosity.

 “Yup, from the looks of it, he likes you a lot!”

 “Elder Sister Bixue, I will become his aunt in the future, right?”


 “How great! Baby, I'm your aunt, Shui Qianqian. You must remember me, I love you a lot…” Shui Qianqian spoke whatever came to her mind, overcome by the fondness she felt for her unborn nephew.

 She was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with strength and energy, no longer hating her ident.i.ty as a queen.

 Because the higher her position, the more powerful she could become and be of help to Elder Sister Bixue and her future nephew.

 Hearing what Shui Qianqian said to her child, Yun Bixue's expression softened. Shuishui didn't talk much during their university days.

 She would only talk more when she was with her, but even then, she did not speak as much as she did now.

She was happy that Shuishui became more normal.

 “Oh, Shuishui, what about you and that prime minister? I heard that the two of you were engaged. Does he treat you well? I heard that he is one of the most handsome guys and that he is pretty capable.”

 Shui Qianqian's expression s.h.i.+fted when she heard her mention the prime minister. However, in order not to worry Yun Bixue, she replied, “Elder Sister Bixue, he does have pretty good looks, but I'm the ugly one.”

 Yun Bixue held onto Shui Qianqian's hand and said seriously, “My Shuishui is not ugly. You're beautiful. Don't deny yourself simply because of a birthmark. They don't see your strengths because they do not understand you. People who understand will like you.”

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