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Chapter 486.3

[Mm, mm, oh, what a delight! What would be a good gift… my power… no, that would be somewhat tasteless, wouldn’t it? Then, some kind of amulet or object to protect the child…]

I smiled at the Spirit King, who looked like an old relative as he started worrying about what to bring as a present to Lefi.

“I appreciate you worrying about it, but it’s still a long way off.”

[What do you mean, a year and a half is just a blink of an eye for beings such as myself, you know? My name as the Spirit King will be ruined if I can’t give a gift for the greatest celebration of life, the birth of a child. I must be prepared.]

Ah, I see…from this person’s point of view, a year and a half seemed like a very short time.

“Ah…I’m soooo thankful, but do it in moderation, or if anything, I’m just glad to receive your feelings. Anyway, you don’t have to push yourself so hard in thinking about what to present, alright? More importantly, why is that fellow (Lefi) so powerful?”

As the recipient of the gift, anything I would say directly would sound strange, so I asked that question to change the subject.

[Leficios is much like her ancestor, the dragon Lucinarius.]


“Is that… the G.o.d of the Dragon Race, who was in the original Eight Pillars?”

[Ummm… He was of a different gender and character from Leficios, but possessed similar great power and had a body of a similar nature. And unlike other G.o.ds who have the mission of making the world prosperous, Lucinarius-sama had a different mission. He was the protector of the world…]

…I see.

So, that was the reason why Dragon Race had a strength that separates it from other living creatures.

[I’m certain that your guess is as good as mine. It was Lucinarius who made that forest his home. It was he who built the Dragon Village, and I heard that he later fell in love with that place and made it his final home. Incidentally, it was probably the Dwarven G.o.d Dverg who created the Asura Golem you speak of.]

“Really? Is that so?”

The Spirit King nodded.

[I don’t know how it happened, but judging from their personalities, Lucinarius-sama probably said that he wanted to make the ruins more fas.h.i.+onable, and Dwerg-sama agreed and built those Asura Golems. If there were many of them in a row, Lucinarius must have liked them and asked for more. And Dwerg-sama probably made them with a resigned sigh.]

The Spirit King, who was detailing what could have probably happened during that time, seemed amused, as if he were recalling the scene.

–Oh, that’s nice.

I, too, could picture the same scene in my mind.

I bet the Dragon G.o.d was as pure and innocent as a child.

I have no evidence to support this, but I could sense such a character from the words he wrote about in the ruins of the Demon Forest.

And the Dwarven G.o.d who was asked by him to make the golem, though he might complain saying, “This is just a pain in the neck,” but in actuality, he would have been in a good mood to make the golems. That’s because the golems over there were all elaborately made, completely devoid of any mistakes.

“They must have gotten along.”

[Mm. They were good… G.o.ds. They were to be wors.h.i.+ped and loved].

After that, I talked with Spirit King about many things.

Like stories of what he had witnessed and heard around the world during his travels and what he knew about the past.

Illuna once told me that he was called “Sensei” in her village. He knew so many things and spoke so well that his words came easily to me, and above all, the way he told his stories was very interesting.

I was a typical idiot who had not studied seriously in my previous life…but if I had had a cla.s.s with this person, I might have liked studying more.

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