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Chapter 2533: Structure

“The Xiao clan was so strong during its prime and only ranked third, then which are the two clans more powerful than Xiao clan?” Jian Wushuang inquired.

“Wu and s.h.i.+ clan with both clans a step ahead of the Xiao clan in terms of general abilities. Not to mention that both clans have their own Earth Ultimate G.o.d,” said Xiao Tiexin.

Jian Wushuang was truly shocked then. “What? You’re saying that these two clans both have an Earth Ultimate G.o.d?”

“They do indeed but their Earth Ultimate G.o.ds don’t stay in the Northern Darkstar Continent. They went out very early on to wander. Not everyone is like the Territorial Lord who wants to control territories and become its overlord after all. Most experts choose to go wander and experience bigger places so that they could become stronger and travel further,” said Xiao Tiexin.

Jian Wushuang understood.

Humans truly aspire for higher pursuits in life.

When a cultivator reached a peak in certain territories, he would naturally expand his horizons and find bigger arenas to test his abilities.

Although Jian Wushuang was interested in the Territorial Lord position, his main goal was to obtain more Primordial Stones. He would definitely adventure to larger places as soon as he obtained sufficient Primordial Stones.

“Actually, not only the Wu and s.h.i.+ clans. The Xiao and Situ clans have also produced Earth Ultimate G.o.ds in the past. It’s exactly because there used to be Earth Ultimate G.o.ds in their residence that these few clans were qualified to be labeled as a top-tier clan. Unfortunately, both Xiao and Situ clans lost their Earth Ultimate G.o.ds when they died during their adventures outside,” said Xiao Tiexin.

Jian Wushuang nodded slightly.

He imagined an alternate reality where the Xiao clan’s resident Earth Ultimate G.o.d was still alive, the Territorial Lord might perhaps not dare touch the Xiao clan. Even though said Earth Ultimate G.o.d did not stay in the Northern Darkstar Continent as his opponent was also an Earth Ultimate G.o.d about the same level after all. Some consideration must be given before making any moves.

Unfortunately for them, the Xiao clan’s Earth Ultimate G.o.d had died, hence the Northern Darkstar Territorial Lord would naturally not be scrupulous.

“Other than top-tier clans are a lot of mid-tier and low-tier clans on the Northern Darkstar Continent!” Xiao Tiexin continued her explanation.

“Most mid-tier clans have Peak Ultimate G.o.ds in residence, but the most they have are two at any time. Furthermore, the clans’ foundations aren’t too strong. Their general substantiality was a far cry from top-tier clans. Those mid-tier clans had to lower their heads when facing the Xiao clan at its prime. They won’t even have the nerve to cross us.”

Those low-tier clans are the bottom feeders who could have a standing on the Northern Darkstar Continent. Their abilities are still quite extraordinary despite being low-tier clans. They don’t have Peak Ultimate G.o.ds in residence, but they do have quite a lot of High-Level Ultimate G.o.ds and most importantly a very vast network. It’s one matter when they are in normal fights, but when facing life-and-death situations these low-tier clans will utilize their networks and foundations to actually form a rather strong allied force in a short time.”

Jian Wushuang finally understood.

The three clan levels on the Northern Darkstar Continent in terms of abilities might seem very far apart from each other. However, there were reasons that allowed them to have a foothold on the continent and should not be taken lightly.

“Of course, regardless of a clan’s abilities or st.u.r.dy foundations, the real overlord on the Northern Darkstar Continent will always be the Northern Darkstar Territorial Lord.” Xiao Tiexin’s expression turned frosty. “The Territorial Lord is an Earth Ultimate G.o.d. Furthermore, I hear he’s also extremely strong among Earth Ultimate G.o.ds. There were only three people who tried challenging him since he became the Territorial Lord.”

“Challenge?” Jian Wushuang was paying more attention.

“Territorial Lords are the lord of a territory. It’s his abilities that gave him his position in the first place. Anyone who is confident about his own abilities could of course challenge the Territorial Lord. However, he would have to meet a lot of criteria before the challenge. The Territorial Lord is a n.o.ble position after all and not anyone could challenge him. As long as the criteria are met, one could challenge the Territorial Lord but he would need to be free to take up the challenge.”

Xiao Tiexin paused a little and continued, “Normally, as long as that person met the criteria and issued a challenge, the Territorial Lord will have to accept it within a millennium, but that also implies he would always wait for a thousand years before finally crossing hands with his challenger.”

However, this Territorial Lord has never dragged it out. He answers those challenges very soon so long someone issues him a challenge. There were only three people who met all criteria to challenge him since he became the Territorial Lord with those three people being Earth Ultimate G.o.ds through and through. However, the results were…all three being defeated and two of them were killed by the Territorial Lord. The remaining survivor is severely injured.”

“Is he that powerful?” Jian Wushuang frowned.

He originally thought the Northern Darkstar Territorial Lord was merely a regular Earth Ultimate G.o.d but looked like it was not so.

Among those three Earth Ultimate G.o.d challengers, two died and one suffered serious injuries. It was proven the Territorial Lord’s abilities were extremely strong even among Earth Ultimate G.o.ds.

“This Northern Darkstar Territorial Lord isn’t only powerful in terms of abilities. He also has an official army under his control. The Official Army—the most powerful and terrifying army in the Northern Darkstar Territory that only a Territorial Lord could control.” Xiao Tiexin looked solemn.

“The Official Army is ten thousand men strong with each battalion consisting of a thousand men. You have to understand that the weakest soldiers in the Official Army are Peak Divine Demons. In addition, sergeants leading the ten-men squads are at least Low-Level Ultimate G.o.ds while leaders for the hundred-men platoons are at least High-Level Ultimate G.o.ds. As for leaders of the thousand-men battalions are none other than Peak Ultimate G.o.ds. In other words, just the Official Army itself will contain more than ten Peak Ultimate G.o.ds, a hundred High-Level Ultimate G.o.ds, and a thousand Low-Level Ultimate G.o.ds!”

“Heavens!” Jian Wushuang showed a stunned expression.

When he was at Wusha Wilderness, even the most powerful sects only had four Ultimate G.o.ds with the entire Wusha Wilderness having only approximately a dozen Ultimate G.o.ds.

However, just the Northern Darkstar Territory’s Official Army had a thousand Ultimate G.o.ds!

What would that mean?

“It’s exactly because of his strong abilities in addition to his control over the terrifying Official Army that the Northern Darkstar Territorial Lord could rule this territory with supreme authority. It’s one of the reasons many sects in the various wildernesses including many clans on the Northern Darkstar Continent under the Northern Darkstar Territory’s control would not dare disobey him and had to make Primordial Stone offerings every millennium with just a single order from him.”

Even the Wu and s.h.i.+ clans who still have living Earth Ultimate G.o.ds in residence had to make handsome offerings every thousand years to show their loyalties.”

Jian Wushuang thus completely understood the Northern Darkstar Continent power structure when Xiao Tiexin finished speaking.

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