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Chapter 2639: Sacred Palace

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the majestic palace hall, the bullish battle armor-clad middle-aged man Scorpion King sat up straight on the throne.

“Master Scorpion King.”

Qing Ze brought Jian Wushuang into the palace hall and bowed respectfully.

Scorpion King raised his head and glance at Qing Ze. “Leave us.”

“Aye.” Qing Ze turned around right away and left.

Only Jian Wushuang and Scorpion King were left in the palace hall.

“Northern Darkstar Territorial Lord, Jian Yi…” Scorpion King’s eyes stayed on Jian Wushuang’s face while wearing a faint smile. “I looked at your information just now and learned that you haven’t been the Territorial Lord for very long—only a dozen years. It has only been around twenty years if I include the time you first made a name for yourself in the Northern Darkstar Continent and that you were only a Primary-level Ultimate G.o.d twenty years ago!!

“You have jumped from a Primary-level Ultimate G.o.d and become a Peak Earth Ultimate G.o.d with battle strength comparable to a Heaven Ultimate G.o.d within merely twenty years. Your cultivation speed is truly terrifying.”

He appeared to be calm as usual as Jian Wushuang listened.

Many had known about him on the Northern Darkstar Continent, hence he was not at all surprised that Scorpion King did as well.

“Master Scorpion King, I’m just slightly faster in absorbing and cultivating divine power compared to others. On top of that, I have enough resources to cultivate, hence my level could go up so fast,” said Jian Wushuang.

“I know that.” The Scorpion King nodded. “There were many in the Northern Darkstar Continent who guessed that you relied on absorbing huge amounts of external divine power like cultivating and absorbing divine powers from Primordial Stones to increase your cultivation level. This method is not uncommon in the Ancient G.o.d Domain, but there’s a criterion for those who bravely use this method which is to ensure their Law and Principle understanding are compatible!

“You won’t only be unable to make a breakthrough even after acc.u.mulating enough divine power without sufficient Law and Principle understanding—you may even reach a bottleneck. In addition, excessive reliance on external force to upgrade one’s cultivation will affect one’s foundations quite a bit. Normally, anybody who chooses to do this will have absolute confidence in himself!

“I noticed your understanding of Laws and Sword Principle is way above your cultivation level as I watched your fight with Qing Ze yesterday. You’re only an Earth Ultimate G.o.d, but your understanding of s.p.a.ce-time Law, Transmigration Law, and Sword Principle are comparable to a Heaven Ultimate G.o.d—I would even say it’s higher than regular Heaven Ultimate G.o.ds. Your foundation is also incredibly strong and unaffected from using those external resources!

“You have progressed so much while still able to keep your foundation intact in only twenty years. It shows that you’re a true genius!!”

Jian Wushuang’s heart was calm and did not get excited by Scorpion King’s praise altogether.

He knew that he was merely relying on his perfect foundation as a Perfect Chaotic Creature to fearlessly ingesting external divine power and increase his divine power!!

His foundation was indestructible not to mention his understanding of Laws and Sword Principles had exceeded his current cultivation level. All those reasons enabled him to make a breakthrough without encountering any bottleneck, hence the side effects of absorbing external divine power did not shake his foundation at all.

“Jian Yi, geniuses like you are rare even in the Golden Crow Nine Realms, not to mention our Danyang Holy Domain. You could have joined any of the great powers if you truly so wished, such as Dragon Phoenix Pavilion who only pick the cream of the crop. The resources you can get will be a lot more if you had joined them and you may have progressed even faster!

“However, those great powers in the Nine Realms of Golden Crows like Dragon Phoenix Pavilion are very powerful and have many genius disciples which will have spread thin the resources available for sure. Therefore, many geniuses won’t receive the kind of nurturing they deserve and will rather join slightly lesser powers to cultivate under such situations. For example, the Sacred Palace in our Crimson Stone Fort…”

Jian Wushuang had completely understood the reason he was invited upon reaching that point of Scorpion King’s speech.

“This Scorpion King is trying to persuade me to join Crimson Stone Fort, huh?” Jian Wushuang was amused.

“Jian Yi, you may not know what the Sacred Palace is, so let me explain to you.” Scorpion King smiled and said, “Sacred Palace was built by the previous Fort Master, Crimson Stone Saint who was also our founder. Its function is for nurturing genius disciples—an indisputable concentration camp of geniuses. Many of the geniuses that appeared in any stellar region within the Danyang Holy Domain will choose to join the Sacred Palace.

“Our new Fort Master is taking Sacred Palace especially seriously now that the old Fort Master is no longer around anymore with seventy percent of our resources being allocated to the Sacred Palace. You’ll receive maximum nurturing with your talent if you enter the Sacred Palace with resources comparable to those offered by sects like Dragon Phoenix Pavilion—giving you a lot of room for growth.”

The Scorpion King stared at Jian Wushuang after his speech.

Jian Wushuang fell into deep thoughts.

He had no interest in Sacred Palace but heard the undertone of Scorpion King’s standing.

Crimson Stone Fort was in a situation where there were multiple factions within that were causing all kinds of internal conflicts.

He could tell from the way Scorpion King spoke that he was probably in the same camp as the new Fort Master—Yin Su’er.

Jian Wushuang had inquired about that while on the way here with Qing Ze who gave the same answer—Qing Ze, Lord Scorpion King, and the many Heaven Ultimate G.o.d that arrived were followers of the new Fort Master, Yin Su’er’s faction with Jin Yihang being the only person from another faction.

That was why the Scorpion King had such a deep dislike towards Jin Yihang.

Jian Wushuang finally said, “Lord Scorpion King, I appreciate your thoughts but I think I’ll pa.s.s.”

Scorpion King frowned and sighed in his mind.

He was prepared for that as he knew very well that the Crimson Stone Fort was not what it used to be and neither was the Sacred Palace. Although Yin Su’er truly put in more effort to train the Sacred Palace’s geniuses, the outcome was less than satisfying.

Although his speech sounded fancy and attractive, anybody who knew any better about the situation in Danyang Holy Domain would understand the position Crimson Stone Fort was in. A genius like Jian Wushuang was more than qualified to join top-tier powers like Dragon Phoenix Pavilion and get the best-maximized training—why would he choose to join the Sacred Palace?

Scorpion King recognized Jian Wushuang’s incredible talent and was merely trying his luck to see if he could induct him into the Sacred Palace and become a great help to Yin Su’er in the future.


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Legend of Swordsman Chapter 2639 - Sacred Palace summary

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