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Chapter 2862: Who Are You


“Miss Leng!”

Chi Ming and Young Master Qu’s expressions changed.

The two of them did not expect that the treasure they had carefully prepared would not catch the Phoenix’s attention.

Surrounded by many female disciples, Leng Rushuang flew to the side.

However, after just two steps, another figure appeared in front of her.

He wore a golden robe and stood there quietly with a longsword on his back. His body was slightly trembling, and there was a gentle smile on his extremely cold and young face. His gaze was extremely gentle and filled with endless love as he looked at Leng Rushuang.

Unlike the gentleness that Young Master Qu and Chi Ming deliberately showed, the gentleness and love of this golden-robed young man were not the slightest bit fake.

He looked at Leng Rushuang as if he was looking at the person he loved the most.

And this person was… Jian Wushuang!

In the martial arts practice field, many experts looked at Jian Wushuang in astonishment.

“Who is this person? Is he also a pursuer of Young Phoenix?”

“Haha, not only is Young Phoenix’s talent unparalleled, but her beauty is also shocking. It’s normal for her to have a few pursuers. However, Young Phoenix has very high standards. She doesn’t even care about young master Chi Ming and Young Master Qu. She doesn’t even care about the gifts they prepared. It’s not easy to impress her.”

“Just wait and see. This guy is probably asking for trouble.”

Everyone was discussing.

Chi Ming and Master Qu’s faces also darkened.

“Where did he come from?” Chi Ming’s eyes were cold.

As for Master Qu, he had already recognized Jian Wushuang.

“It’s him!” Master Qu’s eyes narrowed.

Previously in Fire Cloud Castle, he had set his eyes on Jian Wushuang. He had also carefully investigated Jian Wushuang’s information. Of course, he had also obtained some of Jian Wushuang’s battle scenes. Those who remembered Jian Wushuang’s appearance could now recognize him.

“Why is Sword One here? and his gaze… This kid is also interested in Young Phoenix?” Young Master Qu was secretly surprised.

Jian Wushuang’s gaze was too eye-catching.

There was no hiding the tenderness and love in his gaze. Almost everyone present could see it.

Naturally, they immediately thought that Jian Wushuang was also pursuing Leng Rushuang.

But they did not know that Jian Wushuang was completely different from those so-called suitors.

In the void, Jian Wushuang was still gazing at Leng Rushuang from a certain distance. Finally, after a long time, he opened his mouth slightly.

“Shuang Er!”

The two words, which were soft and gentle, also sounded on the martial arts practice field, but everyone present was stunned.

Shuang Er?

Was this how the golden-robed young man addressed the Young Phoenix of Dragon-phoenix Pavilion?

Was the Young Phoenix not called Leng Er?

“Shuang Er?”

Leng Rushuang’s face, which had always been as cold as ice, slightly changed. “This name… is very familiar. Who are you?”

Jian Wushuang was stunned.

Who are you?

Leng Rushuang was asking him who he was?

“How could it be? How could it be!”

“Shuang Er, how can you not recognize me?”

Jian Wushuang’s heart was roaring crazily, and his body was also trembling crazily. Countless thoughts had already formed in his mind.

He and Leng Rushuang were both sent into the reincarnation pa.s.sage by his Master Xuan Yi.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, keeping one’s soul in the reincarnation pa.s.sage was equivalent to reincarnation. Although everything had started over again, it still retained the memories of his previous life, so Leng Rushuang must have remembered him.

But now… who are you?

These three simple words made Jian Wushuang’s mood fall to the bottom.

“Don’t you recognize me?” Jian Wushuang asked.

“Your appearance gives me a sense of déjà vu. I also feel very familiar with the name Shuang Er, but I really don’t know who you are.” Leng Rushuang shook her head slightly and paused, then she asked again, “Can you tell me your name?”

“My name?” Jian Wushuang felt bitter in his heart.

Obviously, Leng Rushuang did not remember him.

She did not even know his name. She just felt that he was somewhat familiar.

“Did something happen when I entered the reincarnation pa.s.sage, or did Shuang Er’s soul sleep all the time in my previous life, causing her memory to become blurry?” Jian Wushuang pondered.

In the outside world, the experts on the martial arts practice field all had strange expressions.

As a matter of fact, the Dragon-phoenix Pavilion’s Young Phoenix expression had never changed since she appeared on the martial arts practice field. She had always been as cold as ice.

Even though Young Master Qu and Chi Ming had offered generous gifts to her, her expression did not change at all. But now, the sudden appearance of the golden-robed man and the way he addressed Shuang Er caused the expression of the Young Phoenix to change.

What’s more, Young Phoenix had taken the initiative to ask for his name.

“I spent more than ten years preparing the heavenly phoenix silver snow gown just to make her smile, but she didn’t even bother to look at me. But now, she has taken the initiative to ask for Sword One’s name?” After that, young Master Qu’s long and narrow eyes became unusually cold and stern.

Chi Ming, who was beside him, also had an extremely ugly expression.

In the void, Jian Wushuang’s heart was struggling. He really wanted to rush forward and hold Leng Rushuang in his arms, but he was afraid of scaring her.

Moreover, the situation in front of him did not seem to be the same as what he was doing.

Taking a deep breath, Jian Wushuang raised his head again, but he had already made a decision in his heart.

Without any warning, Jian Wushuang’s figure directly floated toward Leng Rushuang’s position.

Chi Ming and Young Master Qu were both shocked by this scene.

“How dare you!”

Chi Ming shouted angrily, and his body instantly rushed forward.

“d.a.m.n it. He got there first.” Young Master Qu also rushed forward, but he was obviously behind Chi Ming. After all, his strength was far inferior to Chi Ming’s.

Jian Wushuang approached Leng Rushuang, but Chi Ming had already blocked him before he could reach her.

“Where did this idiot come from? Miss Leng Er is also someone like you who can get close to her. Give me…”

Chi Ming was about to say the word ‘get lost’ when Jian Wushuang looked at him directly.

A fierce light flashed in his eyes. Suddenly, a terrifying sword essence rushed toward Chi Ming.

Chi Ming’s last word was stuck in his throat, but he could not utter it again.

He was still standing in front of Jian Wushuang, but his eyes were wide open. He stared at Jian Wushuang, and his body was trembling.

In a split second… the moment Jian Wushuang’s sword essence burst out, a thought appeared in Chi Ming’s heart. If he dared to utter the last word, his throat would be cut by his opponent in the next moment. There was no room for struggle.

Although it was just an illusion, Chi Ming was still terrified by it.

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