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Chapter 3120: The Situation of the Battle Had Changed


Elder Zi Xing’s aura surged, and his entire body was covered in a layer of faint purple flames. He was like a purple G.o.d of war. He held a long spear tightly in his hand, and with a swipe of his hand, he instantly drew out a large sea of purple flames, in an instant, he appeared in the center of the battlefield.

As for Deacon Long, he held my pitch-black long staff in his hand. His body was also suffused with a large amount of black light. This black light seemed to devour the surrounding heaven and earth, wanting to sink the entire heaven and earth into darkness.

The two rank six True Saints instantly engaged in a fierce battle.

Boom! Boom!

A shocking explosion instantly reverberated throughout the entire battlefield.

As soon as the two of them exchanged blows, the terrifying power formed a shockwave, scaring the surrounding rank three and rank four True Saints into fleeing. Even rank five True Saints did not have the courage to appear around them.

In just an instant, the two of them had already exchanged blows more than ten times.

“A mere rank six True Saint of the Holy Feather Sect dares to act so arrogantly in front of this Deacon. This Deacon will let you know today that the sky is very big!” Deacon Long’s voice was cold, the long staff in his hand suddenly expanded and endless darkness surged, instantly extinguis.h.i.+ng a large amount of purple sea of fire in front of him.


Elder Zi Xing’s expression was rather gloomy.

After exchanging blows, he realized that although Deacon Long was also a rank six True Saint, his battle prowess was slightly stronger than his.

Of course, Deacon Long was not much stronger than him. He was not afraid of a head-on battle.


With a stern shout, Elder Zi Xing and Deacon Long once again engaged in a fierce battle.

The two instantly engaged in a heated battle.

The two rank six True Saints had their own battlefields, and no one dared to interfere with them. Of course, because the two of them were restraining each other, the two of them could not affect the other battlefields.

Because of the Purple Blood Camp, the entire battle could be said to be evenly matched. No obvious advantage could be seen.

But at this moment, on the other side of the void, the Third Prince Mu Feng coldly smiled. He glanced at the purple-robed middle-aged man beside him. “Let them do it.”

“Yes.” The purple-robed middle-aged man nodded. In the next moment, he took out a token to send a message.

In the middle of the battlefield, the battle between the two sides was originally raging.

But at this moment…a sudden change occurred!

Over 40 soldiers of the Purple Blood Camp had originally gathered together to form an army formation that swept in all directions.

But at this moment, three soldiers of the Purple Blood Camp suddenly turned their spearheads and directly attacked their comrades beside them.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

The timing of these three soldiers’ attack was just right. Moreover, their weapons were obviously infused with that special poison. In this way, the three of them instantly killed two soldiers of the Purple Blood Camp and heavily injured one.

Most importantly, the entire Purple Blood Battalion’s army formation was completely thrown into chaos.


“d.a.m.n it!”

Cries of shock and anger rang out one after another.

It was not just the Purple Blood Battalion’s side, but also the camp of the Sixth Prince, who had been fighting fiercely in the air, suddenly had some people attacking their own experts, and there were quite a number of them…at least ten people had ‘betrayed’ at the same time.

“This group of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

The Sixth Prince’s face turned purple with anger when he saw this scene outside the battlefield.

He had long known that the Third Prince had planted spies under his command, and he had also been on guard. However, he had never expected that the number of spies arranged by the Third Prince would actually be so great. There were more than ten experts. Most importantly, within the Purple Blood Camp…there were actually three people who had defected!

One had to know that his side was at an absolute disadvantage in both camps. The reason why they were able to fight evenly with the Third Prince was because of the Purple Blood Camp. Now that the three people in the Purple Blood Camp had defected…this had dealt a huge blow to the Purple Blood Camp.

The Purple Blood Camp’s army formation instantly collapsed. It was the same as losing six soldiers in one breath, and their combat strength instantly decreased.

Without the rampage of the Purple Blood Camp, the disparity in strength between the two camps began to show.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

“Haha, kill them all!”

The experts of the Third Prince’s camp became more aggressive and began to kill crazily.

The Sixth Prince’s side was obviously completely suppressed and was about to be defeated.

“It’s over!” The Sixth Prince’s face was pale.

“How could this be?” Mu Qing’s body was trembling, but she could not help looking at Jian Wushuang.

When the defeat was about to become permanent, Mu Qing could still hope for Jian Wushuang.

“Evil master, Mirage Water,” Jian Wushuang said.

“Mr. Heavenly Marquis.” Evil master and Mirage Water immediately looked over.

“Do me a favor and take care of them for me,” Jian Wushuang said.

“No problem.” Evil master and Mirage Water readily agreed.

They were geniuses from the Heaven-cleaving Three Palaces, Primitive Palace. Neither the Third Prince nor the Purple Cloud Pavilion dared to kill them.

If they were not too weak and could not influence the situation, they would have already gone to kill them. Now that Jian Wushuang asked for their help, they naturally agreed without hesitation.

Jian Wushuang nodded slightly, and then the Blood Mountain Sword appeared in his hand.

“Mr. Heavenly Marquis, are you finally going to make a move?” The evil master immediately looked forward to it.

“Mr. Heavenly Marquis, make a move!” Mirage Water was also very excited.

Jian Wushuang did not say anything, but he had already headed straight for the battlefield.

“He really made a move.” The evil master and Mirage Water’s eyes were s.h.i.+ning brightly.

This made the Sixth Prince and the Green Prince beside them extremely puzzled.

“The two of you, from the looks of it, you seem to be looking forward to Mr. Heavenly Marquis’ strength. But no matter what, Mr. Heavenly Marquis is only a rank three True Saint. He won’t be able to change the outcome of the battle?” The Sixth Prince said with a frown.

“What do you know?” The evil master glanced at the Sixth Prince, he said with a sneer, “I’m afraid you don’t know. A long time ago, Mirage Water and I fought against Mr. Heavenly Marquis. At that time, Mirage Water and the Mountain King were all rank one True Saints, but the three of us were all geniuses from the Primitive Palace and our battle prowess was extremely strong. Any one of the three of us could suppress a rank three True Saint head-on. If we were lucky, we could even kill a rank three True Saint head-on!”

“However, at that time, the three of us were completely crushed by Mr. Heavenly Marquis. We didn’t even have a chance to struggle. At that time, Mr. Heavenly Marquis was only a rank one True Saint!”

“Think about it, a rank one True Saint is already so powerful. Now that Mr. Heavenly Marquis has reached the rank three True Saint, how powerful is he?”

Hearing this, the Sixth Prince and Green Prince were a little confused.

A genius of the Primitive Palace could suppress or even kill a rank three True Saint at the rank one True Saint Realm?

But three geniuses of the Primitive Palace working together were easily defeated by Jian Wushuang, who was only at the rank one True Saint Realm?

“This, this…” The Sixth Prince was shocked, but he also looked forward to it.

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