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Chapter 3470 Suppression

The Nine-tailed Clan was in an uproar.

Countless members of the Nine-tailed Clan were discussing Xiao’er’s Emperor Phoenix bloodline and the nine-life heavenly charms technique.

And just as many people began to lean toward Xiao’er, a Principles Master suddenly knelt down.

“Elder Da Lan of the Nine-tailed Clan welcomes the return of Grandmaster Da Ji to retake control of the Nine-tailed Clan!” The Principles Master’s voice was so loud that it directly drowned out the voices of everyone present. It did not only reverberate throughout the entire Nine-tailed Clan, it also reverberated throughout the entire world.

For a moment, countless members of the Nine-tailed Clan focused their gazes on this Principles Master.

“Da Lan, are you crazy? We haven’t even confirmed whether this person is really the original Da Ji. How can you say such a thing?” Da Yu was the first to rebuke.

However, the Principles Masters, Da Lan, said in a deep voice, “I’m not crazy. I’m just being realistic. Grandmaster Da Ji was a figure from the era of Grandmaster Da You. Not only does she have the bloodline of the Emperor Phoenix, but she has also cultivated the nine-lives charming heaven technique that no one in our Nine-tailed Clan has ever mastered. No one in our Nine-tailed Clan can compare with her in these two aspects!”

“The Nine-tailed Clan has always valued bloodlines above all else. Grandmaster Da Ji is naturally more qualified than Da Ying to be the Grandmaster of the Nine-tailed Clan!”

“Promise Me. If I were you, for the sake of the Nine-tailed Clan, I would take the initiative to offer the position of Grandmaster and hand the Nine-tailed Clan over to Grandmaster Da Ji. Not only would I be able to avoid a great war, but I would also be able to increase the strength of the Nine-tailed Clan to an unprecedented level. This is truly for the good of the Nine-tailed Clan!”

“Shut up!” Da Yu was furious.

As for Da Ying, his face turned gloomy.

“Da Yu, everything I said is for the good of the Nine-tailed Clan. Even if you kill me, I will say it out loud and make Da Ying hand over the position of tribe leader so that Grandmaster Da Ji can take control of the Nine-tailed Clan again. This is the best choice for the Nine-tailed Clan!” Da Lan added.

After he finished speaking, he was supported by many clansmen around him.

“Yes, in the clan motto, above bloodline, Da Ying does not possess the bloodline of Emperor Phoenix, so she can not be compared to Grandmaster Da Ji. Furthermore, Grandmaster Da Ji has mastered the nine-lives succubus heaven technique. She is more qualified than anyone else to be the new clan leader of the Nine-tailed Clan!”

“I also support Grandmaster Da Ji!”

“Grandmaster Da Ying, for the sake of our Nine-tailed Clan, please hand over the position of Grandmaster.”

More and more clansmen began to speak. Among them, there was no lack of Principles Masters. For a moment, many people agreed with them.

“Crazy, you’re all crazy!”

“Da Lan, do you know what you’re doing?”

“Shut up, all of you shut up!”

In the Nine-tailed Clan, there were also many experts who were not swayed and still followed Da Ying. At this moment, they all stood out.

This was equivalent to two voices coming from within the Nine-tailed Clan.

One was to ask Da Ying to hand over the position of clan leader so that Xiao’er could control the Nine-tailed Clan.

The other was naturally following Da Ying as usual.

The two voices appeared within the Nine-tailed Clan at the same time, causing the Nine-tailed Clan to fall into complete chaos.

In the void outside the Nine-tailed Clan, many experts from the Divine Moon Palace’s camp were still standing there, their gazes looking forward.

Although they could not see what was happening in the Nine-tailed Clan’s ancestral land because of the protective array, they could hear the chaotic voices coming from inside the Nine-tailed Clan. Obviously, the Nine-tailed Clan was now in a complete mess, it was a complete mess.

Seeing this scene, Jian Wushuang could not help exclaiming in admiration, “Miss Xiao’er’s methods are really impressive. She revealed her ident.i.ty at the gate of the Nine-tailed Clan’s ancestral land, causing chaos in the Nine-tailed Clan. If I’m not wrong, the first person who said she would support her to regain control of the Nine-tailed Clan, Da Lan, should be the expert she secretly controlled!”

Xiao-er had previously said that she controlled some people in the Nine-tailed Clan, but the status of the people she controlled was not too high.


And now, this Da Lan was only a void second level Principles Master, but it was this kind of person who had played a huge role at the crucial moment, causing the Nine-tailed Clan to be in complete chaos.

“This Miss Xiao’er’s methods are indeed brilliant, but this world still relies on strength to speak. And in the Nine-tailed Clan, in terms of pure strength, the clan leader, Da Ying, is naturally the strongest. It’s impossible for this Miss Xiao’er to disintegrate the Nine-tailed Clan just like that and make that Da Ying obediently hand over the position of clan leader. If nothing goes wrong, it won’t be long before the voice of support for Xiao’er in the Nine-tailed Clan will be suppressed,” said Demon Master Chenhuo.

“That’s for sure. However, when Da Ying suppressed Da Lan and the others and completely suppressed the voice, Duan Yu Marquis was not affected at all. When the Nine-tailed Clan has calmed down, the magic array will have been broken. Miss Xiao’er’s goal has been achieved.” Jian Wushuang smiled.

He knew very well that Xiao’er’s original intention was not to make Da Ying hand over the position of clan leader, nor was it to disintegrate the Nine-tailed Clan from the inside.

Her real purpose was to attract the attention of the Nine-tailed Clan and buy time for Marquis Duan Yu to break the array so that the Nine-tailed Clan would not notice and disturb Marquis Duan Yu. From the looks of it now…Xiao’er had indeed completely attracted the attention of the Nine-tailed Clan.

As time pa.s.sed, the voice of support for Xiao’er from the Nine-tailed Clan was gradually suppressed. But at this moment, Marquis Duan Yu had already returned to Xiao’er’s side.

“How is it?” Xiao’er glanced at Marquis Duan


“I have underestimated this five elements array. Although I have understood this array before, it is still quite difficult to truly crack it. Fortunately, with the a.s.sistance of the realm-breaking talisman, I was able to crack this five elements array. Right now, I have already infiltrated most of the five elements array, but the Nine-tailed Clan and the array spirit did not sense it at all. Next, as long as Miss Xiao’er gives the order, I will be able to instantly crack this array.” Duan Yu Marquis said confidently.

“That’s great. Thank you, Duan Yu Marquis.” Xiao’er was obviously excited.

“It’s nothing.” Duan Yu Marquis smiled.

Xiao’er nodded and took a step forward. Her cold voice echoed in the air, “Da Ying, have you thought about whether you want to hand over the position of clan leader or me?”

“Haha, Divine Moon Palace Master, your methods of bewitching people are indeed impressive. However, to think that you can control my Nine-tailed Clan with such a trivial trick is a little too whimsical. If you really have the ability, just do it. No matter what tricks your Divine Moon Palace has, my Nine-tailed Clan will take it.” Da Ying’s laughter echoed through the world.

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