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Chapter 3476 The Clan-Guarding Treasure

“Pay the price?”

Everyone looked at Da Ying, who was clearly in a frenzy, with a strange expression.

In the eyes of the experts present, the outcome of today’s battle was already decided. Although Da Ying’s strength was formidable, she was still facing the even stronger Demon Master Chenhuo and the other three Principles Masters who had reached the sixth level of the void, in such a situation, what waves could she stir up?

“Could it be…” Xiao’er’s expression suddenly changed. Back then, she had almost inherited the position of the Nine-tailed Clan’s Grandmaster. She knew many secrets of the Nine-tailed Clan, and looking at Da Ying’s current appearance…Xiao’er immediately thought of something.

And Da Ying’s next action immediately confirmed Xiao’er’s guess.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Da Ying flipped his palm and took out a mysterious black pearl.

The black pearl was completely black and surrounded by a faint black air current. The black air current surrounded the early pearl and completely blocked the soul power of the experts present, every time someone tried to use soul power to check the black pearl, they would immediately feel their soul power disappear into thin air, as if it was directly swallowed by the pearl.

“What a strange pearl.” Jian Wushuang frowned.

“Soul-devouring pearl, it really is a soul-devouring pearl!” Xiao’er became nervous. “Quick, retreat!”

Xiao’er shouted at the first moment. After hearing the shout, Lord Xu immediately obeyed Xiao’er’s order and retreated.

Axe One Master and Star Saint Master looked at each other in dismay. They did not know what the black pearl was, but they could tell that it was extraordinary. Therefore, they did not hesitate and retreated at the first moment.

Only the Demon Master Chenhuo was confident in his own strength. Even when he saw Da Ying take out the black pearl and heard Xiao’er’s stern cry, he did not have the slightest intention of retreating.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

Da Ying revealed a sinister laugh. She pushed the black pearl forward. Instantly, an extremely terrifying soul power burst out from the black pearl. This soul power…she transformed into a black devil and instantly appeared in front of the Demon Master Chenhuo, and covered him completely.

Then, endless soul power crazily rushed into the Demon Master Chenhuo’s divine body.


The Demon Master Chenhuo let out a low snort, and his expression immediately changed drastically.


Axe One Master, Star Saint Master, and the others, who had already retreated and were not covered by the soul power from the black pearl, revealed shocked expressions when they saw this scene.

The experts watching the battle were also shocked.

“Demon Master Chenhuo, we’re in big trouble!” Xiao’er said.

“Miss Xiao’er, what’s going on? What’s the pearl that Da Ying took out?” Jian Wushuang’s voice was low, and his face was very ugly. Demon Master Chenhuo had been following him and acting as his guard all these years.

But on the surface, he was a guard. In fact, he and Demon Master Chenhuo had long become good friends. Now that he saw that Demon Master Chenhuo was in danger, Jian Wushuang was naturally extremely nervous.

“That pearl is the Soul Devouring Pearl. It can be said to be the clan-guarding true treasure of the Nine-tailed Clan. It’s also the strongest trump card!” Xiao’er said.

“Clan-guarding true treasure? The strongest trump card?” Jian Wushuang was stunned.

“The Soul Devouring Pearl was obtained by the ancestors of the Nine-tailed Clan from the Universe Battlefield. It doesn’t have any terrifying power, but it has the ability to devour soul power. In other words, no matter how much soul power you have, as long as you touch the pearl, you will be completely devoured!”

“And after the soul energy is devoured by the pearl, it doesn’t disappear. Instead, it still exists inside the pearl. At this time, if the owner of the pearl guides it, the soul energy inside the pearl can instantly burst out and form the most terrifying soul attack!” Xiao’er said seriously.

“The ancestors of the Nine-tailed Clan knew the miraculous use of this pearl after they obtained the Soul Devouring Pearl. Therefore, the Nine-tailed Clan has always treated this pearl as their clan’s supreme treasure. Over the long period of time, the Soul Devouring Pearl has been handed over to every clan leader. And every clan leader of the Nine-tailed Clan will try their best to feed the Soul Devouring Pearl with soul energy during their reign!”

“There’s even a place in the Nine-tailed Clan where the Soul Devouring Pearl is dedicated to the cultivation of the soul power of the members of the Nine-tailed Clan. The Soul Devouring Pearl is always there. The members of the Nine-tailed Clan would consume their soul power when they cultivate their soul power or some soul attack methods. However, the soul power that was consumed didn’t disappear. Instead, it was devoured by the Soul Devouring Pearl!”

“After being pa.s.sed down from generation to generation, the soul power that was devoured by the Soul Devouring Pearl would naturally become more and more terrifying. In fact, it had long reached an unbelievable level. Once such a terrifying soul power was instantly released under the guidance of the controller, the soul impact formed by it would be unbelievably powerful!”

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“That’s why the Soul Devouring Pearl is the strongest trump card of the Nine-tailed Clan. If the soul power in the Soul Devouring Pearl were to burst out, the soul attack formed in an instant could even kill a Saint Realm Master!”

“What did you say?” Jian Wushuang’s expression changed drastically.

Once the Soul Devouring Pearl burst out, the soul attack formed could even kill a Saint Realm Master?

But now, the soul attack that burst out of the Soul Devouring Pearl was on the body of the Demon Master.

How could the Demon Master block it?

“d.a.m.n it!” Jian Wushuang could not help cursing secretly, and he also complained to Xiao’er.

He did not expect that Da Ying would have such a terrifying killing move, and Xiao’er did not warn him before.

As if seeing Jian Wushuang’s slight complaint, Xiao’er hurriedly said, “Jian Wushuang, the existence of the Soul Devouring Pearl is one of the greatest secrets of the Nine-tailed Clan. Only the Grandmaster has the right to know and control it. Although I was very close to becoming the Grandmaster, I have not really become the Grandmaster. Therefore, I have only heard a little about the Soul Devouring Pearl, but I am not sure if it really exists.”

“It’s too late for that now. Let’s think of a way to help Chenhuo escape!” Jian Wushuang snorted.

“Once the Soul Devouring Pearl is guided, the soul power that burst out in an instant can not be stopped. However, perhaps because of Da Ying’s limited ability, she did not guide all of the soul power in the Soul Devouring Pearl to burst out. Therefore, with the strength of Demon Master Chenhuo, she might have a chance to survive,” Xiao’er said.

The Soul Devouring Pearl had devoured the soul power that the Nine-tailed Clan had acc.u.mulated for countless years. If it were to burst out completely, it could even kill a Saint Realm Master. However, it would not be easy to draw out such a huge amount of soul power, of course, it would not be easy.

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