Demon Sword Maiden Volume 12 - Yomi-no-kuni: Chapter 43 – The Conspiracy Of The Female Queendom

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Volume 12 - Yomi-no-kuni: Chapter 43 – The Conspiracy Of The Female Queendom

“Yes, you may begin your meditation now; I’ll return later to check on you,” the Queen stated, prompting Lily to sigh in relief. Yet, as she gazed at the Queen, instead of reluctance to leave, she detected a mature allure in her eyes and a sly smile, akin to that of a seasoned strategist, which unsettled Lily.

Regardless, Lily knew the Queen meant her no real harm; any actions would likely be playful mischief at most. After bidding the Queen farewell, she decided to use the opportunity to diligently practice in her absence.

Kimiko was currently absent from the mirror dimension, preventing Lily from obtaining permission to show the painting to the Queen. Nevertheless, Lily had committed the painting to memory. For her, envisioning the seven paintings felt nearly identical to picturing the complete collection.

As Lily delved deeply into her practice and enlightenment, she became so engrossed and focused that time seemed to slip away unnoticed.

Before she knew it, three days had elapsed.

“Lynne, your concentration is impressive. I visited you a few times, but you didn’t notice me. What do you think your punishment should be?” The Queen stood in the doorway, posing the question.

“Your Majesty!” Lily quickly knelt in apology, aware that the Queen was not truly inclined to punish her.

After three days without contact, Lily pondered the reason for the Queen’s visit.

“Lynne, did your enlightenment prove fruitful?”

“Your Majesty, it was immensely fruitful.”

“Hm, not bad at all. I arranged for several outfits to be tailored to your measurements using fine materials from Yomi and Takamagahara. Wearing these while studying the Himemiya Sen-no-hana Painting should enhance your experience.”

“Eh? Really?”

Lily was pleased that the clothes could benefit her training, yet she couldn’t help feeling somewhat apprehensive.

As antic.i.p.ated, the garments provided by the Queen were notably more provocative than usual…

“Your Majesty, this…”

“What’s the matter, Lynne? Don’t you like them?”

“Uh, they’re fine. I am very grateful.”

“Then why don’t you try them on?”

“Eh? Then, I’ll go change.”

“We’re all women here; there’s no need for modesty. Moreover, everyone in this palace, from their bodies to their virtues, is under my domain. Please, change here. I’ll respect your privacy.”

True to her word, the Queen turned away, ensuring she did not look.

Reluctantly, Lily turned her back to the Queen and changed into the outfit provided: black stockings, a revealing black blouse, and an extremely short skirt, notably briefer than standard attire.

Yet, this outfit was the most modest among those she had been given.

“Hehehe… Lynne’s form is flawless, absolutely perfect,” the Queen chuckled, turning back around.

“Eh?” Startled, Lily instinctively covered herself. “Your Majesty, didn’t you promise not to look?”

With a mysterious smile, the Queen responded, “Everything within this secret chamber is within my purview. Do you really think I need to peek?”

Lily’s cheeks flushed, sensing that the Queen had once again taken advantage of the situation subtly.

Why did these women persist in finding ways to take advantage of her?

Setting aside her concerns, Lily realized the Queen had been truthful. Wearing the clothes enhanced her sensitivity to the path of charm significantly. Indeed, these garments were valuable tools for cultivating her charm skills.

Over the following days, the Queen was preoccupied with state matters and did not visit Lily. Lily spent her time meditating or retreating to bathe and rest, leading a simple yet satisfying existence.

After a lengthy absence, Lily decided it was time to return to the mirror dimension.

Upon her return, she immediately noticed the palpable anxiety among the sisters inside.

“Lily, the forces of the Cloistered Emperor have resurged on Tsukus.h.i.+ Island, rallying numerous demons and spirits. The s.h.i.+madzu and Otomo families are in dire straits!” Kotoka informed her.

“The Cloistered Emperor… that sly old Daitengu!” Lily mused, well aware of his cunning nature. Rather than defending Mount Izumo alongside Minamoto no Yoritomo, he had fled to Tsukus.h.i.+ Island.

Lily asked about the absent sisters before speaking thoughtfully, “Dear sisters, given Tsukus.h.i.+ Island’s isolation and the absence of Sister Ayaka and others, you are clearly outmatched by the Cloistered Emperor. I urge caution. Miss s.h.i.+zuru, please invoke my name to request support from the Taira clan for Tsukus.h.i.+ Island. Kagura, try to reach out to Princess Asuka to have the Asuka Army bolster defenses around Heian-kyō and Nara. I suspect the Cloistered Emperor knows too well the imbalance of power and will not expose himself without strategic advantage. Perhaps, he harbors additional motives. While they might not stir significant trouble on Tsukus.h.i.+ Island, we must remain vigilant around Heian-kyō.”

Upon hearing Lily’s strategy, the sisters unanimously agreed that her suggestions were prudent.

Lily then asked further, “Do we have any updates on Madam s.h.i.+zuka’s location?”

The sisters responded with a collective shake of their heads.

“Still no word on Madam s.h.i.+zuka, then… Everyone, stick to Heian-kyō and Cherry Blossom Valley only. The external situation is becoming too volatile.”

Lily’s thoughts then turned to how s.h.i.+zuka Gozen, Ayaka, and Rei might be faring.

“Has Sister s.h.i.+mizu returned yet?”

“Occasionally, she comes to the mirror dimension to train, but she mostly stays near the abyssal rift valley close to the Nara Sinless Domain, where she appears to be steadily increasing her power,” Kagura explained.

With Kimiko remaining on the mainland and s.h.i.+mizu’s presence rea.s.suring, Lily felt a sense of security.

Lily repeatedly admonished her sisters to stay vigilant as she prepared to s.h.i.+ft her consciousness back to the physical world, determined to further study the Himemiya Sen-no-hana Painting. Given the uncertainty of her duration in the Female Queendom’s palace, she aimed to make the most of her current opportunity.

As she was leaving, someone called out to Lily.

It was Takiri Rie who had called her.

“Lynne, what’s the current situation?” Rie inquired, her eyes sweeping the area cautiously to ensure privacy for their conversation.

“…There’s nothing to report.”

“Lynne, forgive me. We haven’t interacted much, and I shouldn’t intrude on your privacy, but I’m acting under Captain Renka’s orders. You’ve been meeting with the Queen often recently. Can you share what’s been going on?” Rie’s typically impa.s.sive face softened slightly as she apologized.

“The Queen has been guiding me in my training.”

“Hm, in that light, Lynne, how would you describe your rapport with Her Majesty? Has anything…happened between you?”

“Eh? No, certainly not!” Lily responded, her cheeks flus.h.i.+ng. “How could that be?”

“Ah, my apologies.”

“I must go now. Take care, Lil’ Rie.”

“Hm,” Rie acknowledged, her cheeks tinting slightly.

Lily headed towards the back of the palace, as was her routine. With the Queen’s permission, she could move in and out of the cave freely, unhindered by any protective formations. Upon entering, she detected voices echoing from within.

Hadn’t it been established that only the Queen and she could access this place? Who could be speaking?

“Your Majesty, all preparations are in place. It appears we’re almost ready to proceed,” came Chiya’s voice.

“Hm, with the Female Queendom’s defenses now robust, and with the support of influential experts from the Council faction, along with mercenaries from the Rakshasa and Tempering Dojos, the realm should remain secure even in our temporary absence—as long as the news doesn’t escape…”

The voice was unmistakably the Queen’s, but she was cut off abruptly as Chiya shouted, “Who’s eavesdropping out there?”

Suddenly, two ribbons shot out from the cave’s pa.s.sage, swiftly entwining around Lily and dragging her inside.

“Lynne?” Chiya exhaled in relief.

“I apologize, Your Majesty, Commander Chiya. I didn’t intend to eavesdrop. I came here for enlightenment, but upon hearing voices from within—where supposedly only Her Majesty and I can enter—I grew concerned there might be an issue and decided to investigate,” Lily explained quickly, still suspended in midair.

“Hmph, you overheard a private conversation between the Queen and the commander and you think you can just talk your way out of it? You deserve a good spanking; bend over!” The Queen sharply exclaimed.

“Huh?” Lily’s face flushed a deep red.

“Your Majesty, this…” Chiya interjected, feeling somewhat sympathetic towards Lily.

“Hehehe,” the Queen giggled, covering her face, “I’m only joking.”

With a simple wave of her hand, the Queen gently lowered Lily back to the ground.

“Lynne, you must keep what you’ve just heard to yourself! This is a significant secret of the Female Queendom,” Chiya cautioned.

“Yes, I absolutely won’t,” Lily affirmed.

However, the Queen smiled and remarked, “Actually, it doesn’t matter. I was initially hesitant to include you, but now that you’ve overheard us, perhaps it’s fate. I’ll bring you along. I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving you alone in the palace regardless.”

“Your Majesty, where are you taking Lynne?”

“Lynne, pay close attention, this is a significant secret we’ve been probing,” the Queen explained. “Commander Chiya and I intend to take some of our elite members and venture to an ancient battlefield dating back a thousand years.”

“An ancient battlefield?” Lily responded in surprise. “Could it be the site of that monumental battle that impacted the three realms a thousand years ago?”

“That battle extended across Takamagahara and Yomi, among other regions,” the Queen elaborated. “Specifically, on this ancient battlefield, numerous celestial maidens perished, including Tsukuyomi no Mikoto, who was besieged and has been missing ever since.”

Lily’s heart stirred, “Tsukuyomi no Mikoto was last seen on that ancient battlefield…?”

“You’re familiar with some of this,” the Queen continued with gravity. “Chiya, I, and other celestial maidens from the Female Queendom had joined forces with Tsukuyomi no Mikoto and her army on the front lines. We were ambushed midway between Takamagahara and Yomi, ending up in the latter. Although we’ve located the general area of the ancient battlefield long ago, we’ve never visited the exact site. As celestial maidens who once served Tsukuyomi no Mikoto, regardless of the battle’s outcome, we owe it to ourselves and our fallen sisters to visit the battlefield, seek signs of survivors, and determine Tsukuyomi no Mikoto’s fate.”

“Lynne,” the Queen said, taking Lily’s hand gently, “I would like to bring you with us, but the decision is yours. Chiya and I will ensure your safety, but remember, this site was a battlefield for ancient G.o.ds. The journey and our arrival could present unforeseen challenges. If you choose not to go, I will respect your decision.”

Upon hearing this, Lily dropped to her knees with a resounding ‘thud’ and clutched the Queen’s hand firmly. “Your Majesty, please take me with you! I am ready to face any dangers that might arise.”

Ever since her arrival in this world, Lily had been deeply influenced by Tsukuyomi no Mikoto’s teachings and benevolence. Had it not been for the Tsukuyomi Swordstyle, Lunar Blossom, and the teachings of the lunar heavenly path, she might not have survived the numerous dangers she had faced.

Visiting the site of Tsukuyomi no Mikoto’s last battle was imperative for Lily—to honor her memory or to uncover any clues about her fate. It was something she felt compelled to do

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