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It took three days for the sugar to dissolve in the lemon. The matured lemons were spooned into cups and hot water poured into it, making a delicious lemon tea.

Louise held a sample of lemon tea with both her hands, and sat in the corner of the dining hall where there was no else save for the student council. The wooden chair was cold against her legs.

‘I didn’t want to think this, but…’

She hoped that autumn would pa.s.s quickly. By the time it snowed, perhaps all the hara.s.sment against Stella would be over. She didn’t know how to end such a terrible thing though.

‘I thought it wouldn’t even start as long I didn’t say something mean…’

And somehow, everyone began to bully Stella in her place, and Louise was taken by surprise with the sheer malice it went on with. Although much of the story had diverged, cruelty still persisted.

‘This was not Stella’s fault.’

Stella was not an adult, and not responsible for what her family had done. To mock her as a “n.o.ble disgrace” was too far. Louise recalled the bullying Stella experienced in the original story. Her notes were ruined, she had was told wrong information about the, her clothes were torn as she fell down the stairs. In the original book, it was only an accident that Stella tripped down the stairs, but everyone believed it to be Louise’s doing. Given what Louise had done, the accusations were almost understandable.

‘The original Stella had’s Ian support, and later he scolded Louise…’

But now Stella had no one, and Professor La.s.sen was not a likely ally. In other words, Stella had to deal with the bullying by herself.

‘Eugh, why do I feel guilty?’

She knew the answer to that. It was because she was turning a blind eye to someone who was in genuine trouble. Regardless of the original, she should be better as someone who valued morality and reason.

‘What should I do…’

She sat silently with her lips against the rim of the cup. Ian came up to her side holding a gla.s.s jar with lemon preserve.

“He’ll be happy if you take this to him. Don’t forget that I chopped the lemons one by one.”

Ian pulled up a nearby chair and sat next to her, while Louise looked alternately between Ian and the gla.s.s jar. Ian’s face told her who to bring it to.

“Simon’s nice. He’ll be happy no matter who brings it to him.”

“It’s different.”

He set the jar on the table.

“Simon doesn’t enjoy sweets. Unless you bring it to him, he won’t drink it. It’s only a matter of time before Simon gets a cold because he doesn’t drink lemon tea.”

The tea was a great deterrent against a cold.

“If you’re not busy, of course.”

Ian provided her an excuse to refuse. What could she do? This devilish man was looking sweetly at her.

“…I’ll go.”


She didn’t know why he was complimenting her, but his fingers moved gently through her soft hair.

“Ask Simon what kind of party he wants for his birthday.”

“Come to think of it, it’s autumn.”

A moment ago she wanted autumn to go by quickly, but now she remembered that Simon’s birthday was during this season.

“Yes, summer is mine, autumn is Simon, and winter is yours. “

As kids, they claimed owners.h.i.+p of the seasons based on their birthdays.

“The three of us can have a party at the Academy this year. Of course, if Simon asks for it.”

“Right. By putting candles on a hard cake with nuts.”

Ian shook his head as if the thought of a stiff-textured caked was sickening.

“I’ll also ask Simon what kind of cake he wants.”

“Don’t ask. He’ll pick your favorite chocolate cake.”

“Then I’ll have a hard cake with nuts on my birthday.”

“Why doesn’t everyone just eat what they like for their birthday?”

Ian grumbled to himself, and Louise laughed. Ian also had a big chocolate cake for his birthday, though Louise hadn’t been able to eat it. The reason why the three took to each other’s tastes was simple.

“We really are fond of each other.”

Louise’s voice was soft. That was an undeniable answer, and so Ian complimented Louise again.




Stella’s notebook lay in shreds when afternoon cla.s.s finished. It was even more ruined than when Louise ripped it in the original story. Stella sighed and gathered up the tattered sheets of paper, while Louise watched her surrept.i.tiously. There were bruises peeking from Stella’s skirt, as if she had fallen recently. Someone else also delivered her a notice about the cla.s.s, and she had brought the wrong book.

How immature! The original Louise had done that too.

Stella didn’t show any outward reaction to the bullying. Perhaps she didn’t want Professor La.s.sen to know. It was clear during cla.s.s that she was desperately trying to cover up her bruises. The professor was her only lifeline, and she didn’t want to disappoint her.

‘In the original, I did this in front of the male lead. He said he was disappointed by me.’

Before, the sensitive and worried male lead had been unaware. When he discovered everything, the readers rejoiced and toasted with a refres.h.i.+ng cup of soda, and so Louise was easily exposed and taken down.

‘Is it possible that someone would defend Stella?’

Who would defend her? She thought hard, but n.o.body came to mind. She didn’t know what to do.

‘ ….I shouldn’t get in the way.’

Louise tried to dispel her thoughts.

‘Now things are subtly following the original.’

If Louise made one small mistake towards Stella, it really would be over. She realized she had good villainess instincts the time she and Ian pretended to be “a mean mistress and a loyal wizard.” Her cold expression and tone came easily to her. If she wasn’t vigilant, she may be caught up in the whirlwind of the original story, be branded a villainess, and seeds of misfortune would sprout and strangle her life.

Louise picked up her bag with one hand and the jar for Simon with the other. Stella stuffed the torn notebook into her bag, bowed to several students, then headed towards the top of the stairs where some more students were loitering about. Among them were the students that bullied Stella before. It seemed a little ominous that they were gathered there, and Louise’s suspicions didn’t prove wrong, as a girl peeled away from the group and followed Stella. The girl reached out, something sharp in her hand.

Louise immediately knew that they were going to tear her skirt, just like in the original. However, in the original, it was only an accident, though most thought it was Louise’s doing.

‘It really wasn’t on purpose! d.a.m.n original!’

Louise felt a sense of injustice bubble up in her, and she raced towards the stairs with a surprising speed. Without thinking, she grabbed Stella’s hand, hurting her a little.

“What are you doing?”

When their eyes locked, Louise hard a sharp look on her face.

…She really didn’t want to interfere!

The surprised female student pulled on Stella’s skirt, whose hand had reached without either of them realizing. There was the tearing of clothes, and then a sudden short scream.


Louise head followed sound. Stella was falling down the stairs.


Louise tried to call out her name, but the gla.s.s jar slipped from her hands and smashed down to the floor. After the brutal plunge, Louise managed to look below.

Stella was lying on the bottom. A piece of gla.s.s had cut her, a splash of red blood painted on her white cheek.

Only then did Louise realize that the other girl had run away.

Students and professors began to pour in.

“Of course, it was only an accident when her clothes were torn, and she fell down the stairs. But in the original book, everyone thought it was Louise.”

Maybe the original story was slowly starting to pick a fight with her.

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