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Translator: StormFrost
Editor: Misogi

Doomsday Child Rearing Handbook [2] prEAYD

Chen Liguo sat on the bed and nursed the baby.

This fever of Chen Xi's continued for three days. Chen Liguo would give him spring water and fever-reducing medicine every day, but the temperature stayed at 38 degrees no matter what and wouldn't come down.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

By this time, the hospitals outside were no longer functioning. Chen Liguo was worried but there was nothing he could except have the system search for some methods to lower Chen Xi's temperature.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and even though Chen Xi had a fever, it did not decrease his appet.i.te. Chen Liguo would feed him four or five meals a day and he would still be hungry. zft8pN

Three days later, Chen Liguo finally managed to breathe a sigh of relief. Chen Xi's temperature dropped and he recovered his vim and vigor.

As a father, Chen Liguo choked with sobs, "Tong-er, our child has finally been saved."

System: "……" Here comes a mentally r.e.t.a.r.ded play once again.

Chen Liguo: “He’s my precious baby after all, why are you so cold to him? He’s your kid too!” YzMdGm

System: "……." So annoying, don't want to talk.

Chen Liguo: "Tong-zi, why aren't you talking?"

System: "What, swear?"

Chen Liguo: "Ehehehe." dG3j2u

Reading all sorts of scriptures had its use. At least now the system didn't want to commit murder every time it heard Chen liguo's 'hehehe'. The number of times it wished to kill someone was reduced to less than ten, of which nth times was wanting to chop up its mentally r.e.t.a.r.ded host.

The next day after the child got better, the neighbor whom Chen Liguo gave his spring water to, Zhang Mingfan, came again. However, he didn't come to ask for anything this time. He brought a bag of instant noodles, wanting to thank Chen Liguo for his help before.

Chen Liguo was a little surprised to see the instant noodles and said, "So much?"

Zhang Mingfan said, "Mmm, we organized a small group to clean-out the supermarket a little further away. The harvest this time was pretty good." nVkEMd

Chen Liguo said, "No it's alright, I still have a lot to eat at home."

Zhang Mingfan said, "Don't force yourself, you've turned thin from starvation."

Chen Liguo was indeed a little thinner but that was because he was worrying about his child. He thought it over and decided to accept his neighbor's grat.i.tude. .

Seeing that Chen Liguo took the things, Zhang Mingfan breathed a sigh of relief. He hesitated for a moment and then said, "May I ask where the clean water you gave me before was found? The tap water at home has been shut down for a long time…… there is no clean water to be found nearby." 2tfsug

Chen Liguo said, "I got this from my water tank. There's still some left, you can take it back and use it."

Evidently, Zhang Mingfan wanted it. His daughter's health just got better, but there were only a few bottles of water from the supermarket left, which had to be used sparingly. He sighed and refused Chen Liguo's kindness in the end.

Chen Liguo said, "Take it, there's still a lot of water at home, there should be enough for this year."

Zhang Mingfan still shook his head. iJQwAk

Chen Liguo said, "I live alone and don't need much. We are neighbors, it's only right to help each other."

Zhang Mingfan hesitated, "Then what if you don't have enough……."

Chen Liguo said, "By the time I don't have enough, you all should have already found a new water source." He thought for a moment and said, "I remember that there is a river behind Nanming mountain. When there's the chance, I'll go and take a look at it with you?"

Having talked up to here, it would be pretentious to continue refusing. Zhang Mingfan accepted Chen Liguo's kindness and once again went back with a bucket of water fKjwaV

Chen Liguo watched him walk far away before he smoothly closed the door.

The meat dumpling in the room was crawling around on the bed. Upon seeing Chen Liguo, he called out 'Dada' with his milky voice. Although he could talk, his p.r.o.nunciation was still not very clear and sounded particularly lovely.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo picked Chen Xi up and kissed him until his face was all wet.

Chen Xi called out with 'yah yah's, his small hands patting Chen Liguo's head. f5GANF

When Chen Liguo finished kissing, he saw that it was just about 9 o'clock and began to coax the little dumpling to sleep and said, "Xiexie, be good, time to sleep-sleep."

However, Chen Xi refused to sleep and pulled at Chen Liguo's hands, wanting to bite again.

Upon seeing this, Chen Liguo was a little baffled. He exclaimed, "Why does our baby like my hands so much?"

The system thought for a while, "He is growing his teeth and wants to grind them?" 5PFmyW

Chen Liguo: "…… The teeth are all done growing."

Chen Xi grew out his teeth extremely quickly. With a row of small white teeth, chewing meat was easy and took no effort.

The system said, “Otherwise, try giving him something to grind his teeth with.”

Chen Liguo thought for a moment and took out a teething toy from his s.p.a.ce which he handed to Chen Xi. NX48Cu

Who would have imagined that Chen Xi wouldn't even spare the toy a glance and continued to clutch onto Chen Liguo's hand, refusing to let go as he chewed with delight.

Chen Liguo: "……. Does my hand taste that good?" Seeing the way Chen Xi gnawed made him feel a little hungry.

System: "Tastes like pig's trotters?"

Chen Liguo was silent for two seconds and then said faintly, "But this is our child." WZFbQt

System: "……"

Just as Chen Liguo bickered with the system, he felt a sudden sharp pain on his finger. He lowered his head and saw that the skin of his thumb had been bitten through. The damaged finger was bleeding but Chen Xi held it in his mouth tightly, with no intention of letting go and seemed to be sucking with great relish.

Chen Liguo, with a dumbfounded expression, quickly saved his finger.

Reluctance was written all over Chen Xi's face who, with his bloodstained lips, cried out, "Dada, Dada……" SCQqNd

Chen Liguo thought, 'Even if you call me Zuzong I still won't let you suck.'

Then Chen Xi began to cry.

Then Chen Liguo cried to Chen Xi and called him Zuzong, begging him to not cry anymore.

However, even for a Zuzong it wasn't normal to suck blood and as a good father, Chen Liguo needed to correct this behavior. Thus he heated milk for Chen Xi and stuffed the baby bottle into his arms. ZMFd5E

Chen Xi refused to listen and continued bawling. At first, Chen Liguo coaxed him but stopped later on. He watched Chen Xi and fed him some water when he was tired of crying.

Chen Liguo knew that he understood his words and did his best to admonish his child with earnest words and good intentions.

Chen Liguo said, "It's not right to drink blood."

Chen Xi wailed. iOKRnq

Chen Liguo said, "You're not a two-three month-old child anymore. Why are you so insensible? You're already four months old!"

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