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Chapter 114

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After meeting with Rachel and a.r.s.en, Calian visited Slayman.

“There’s a perfect place to have a quiet place.”

Slayman, who readily responded to the request for a conversation, led Calian to a place he had not expected.

Usually, wouldn’t one have a quiet study or a hidden office in cases of things like this?

Calian looked awkwardly around Slayman’s private training room. There was a strong smell of sweat, completely different from the fragrant scent of tea or subtle scent of books that he had been expecting.

“That is surprisingly comfortable to sit on.”

Not noticing Calian’s awkwardness, Slayman pointed to a log on one side of the training room.

Eventually, Calian couldn’t hold back the laughter.

If Yan had been here, he probably would have made a fuss right away, but Calian did not hesitate to sit comfortably on the long and said,

“If you would consider it, I wanted to ask if you would be willing to go back to the palace with me. I want to see what it would be like with both you and teacher.”

The two were strangely similar but not, he couldn’t imagine what it would be like if they were both in the same place.

They were words of pure goodwill, without any other meaning or intention.

And Slayman understood the regret Calian wanted to express at having to leave the Siegfried Duchy so he too replied with a light nod,

“I was thinking of asking your highness if you would like to spend more time here and spar with me occasionally too,”

Soon, their conversation, which would have been difficult to have comfortably in font of an audience, s.h.i.+fted to Yan’s denseness.

When Slayman heard that Yan thought Calian had only learned enough swordsmans.h.i.+p to defend himself, he burst into laughter.

And throughout, Slayman did not doubt or wonder how Calian was able to handle Aura almost overnight. There was much to be curious about, but Slayman did not think it was particularly important to ask and Calian too, did not explain it.

It was after that had talked of many other things, including how Rumein’s att.i.tude towards the princes had changed due to Alan’s intervention, that Calian moved to to the main reason he had asked to speak with Slayman.

“I met Sisipanian today, your grace.”

“Yes I know, what conversations did you share with the Will of Sispanian?”

“No, it wasn’t a Will.”

Slayman’s eyes grew wide, as he understood the meaning behind Calian’s words.

“Don’t tell me you met the true body?”

Calian nodded,

“That’s right.”

The big smile that always seemed to hang on Slayman’s face disappeared for a moment and then reappeared – and he began to laugh loudly.

“Hahahaha! I knew it! I knew she’d be alive!”

He was a member of the family that had protected the empty nest of the black dragon for 500 years, not even sure if that dragon was alive. How wonderful would it feel to know that Sispanian was indeed alive?

So Slayman laughed for a long time before he said,

“It’s a relief that our family wasn’t being stubborn without meaning for so long.”

“Yes, I think so too.”

Calian who agreed, continued with what he was going to say.

“I don’t know if Sispanian will be coming here in person again, but it seems we’ll end up meeting her one more time.”

At that, Slayman looked surprised once more.

It was something of an extended version of the story Calian had told a.r.s.en not long ago.

“That’s why I want to to make a way to go back and forth between Kyrisis and Seigfried a little faster. Starting with the connection between Kyrsis in the north and Seigfried in the south, I want to increase the number of mage teams performing teleportation magic throughout Kyris. I wanted to ask you for permission for this.”

“Though I understand my opinion is important in this matter, but will His Majesty grant permission?”

“Taking the presence of the Royal Road into account, wouldn’t creating teleportation teams increase the risk of damage if there were invaders or attacks to the capital?”

“I know. If not Kyrsis then we can always connect through the Whitlin estate as well.”

Whitlin, which was Calian’s territory, was a four-day journey from Kyrsis. Which made it easy to travel to from the Capital. It meant that he would be creating a magic team in his own land if he had to.

Calian continued his words,

“If I do that, then I can limit those who use it to people that have my permission. And if you are worried about security then we can station the teleportation team one day’s journey away from Seigfried. If you feel that this might impact on Seigfried’s security then you are free to remove it.”

With it being explained to this point, Slayman considered it for a moment and nodded.

“If his Majesty approves, then I will not object to building a teleportation facility one day away from here.”

“Thank you. And I have one more favour to ask of you.”

“Yes, go ahead.”

A Slayman’s consent, Calian smiled and raised his hand. Then mana with a sharp edge began to converge at the tip of Calian’s hand.

Slayman who saw this, said with a big smile.

“Are you requesting a spar? I’m glad you brought it up, since I brought you to this place with that in mind.”

“Something similar to a spar, but slightly different.”

The mana, which had gathered in Calian’s hand, stopped there for a moment before growing outwards to the size of a large apple. The sharp light reflected in Slayman’s eyes left his surprised.

It was something he had never seen before.

Not ice, fire or wind – but a whole new force.

It was the same energy he had used to form his fourth circle – Aura from which Calian had erased all attributes and left only the pure energy.

While looking at the swirling energy, that intertwined like pieces of broken gla.s.s, swirling amove his fist, Calian spoke.

“It’s made with Aura. A typical Aura is overlaid on a medium but luckily, since I can use magic, I used the same method of drawing out mafic to collect aura, allowing it to come out like this, without a medium.”

Slayman was the first person that Calian had decided to show this power to after some deep contemplation.

It might have been easy to say, but using both Mana and Aura was never an easy task to accomplish.

“Seeing that you have managed to create something like that, it is truly fortunate for out family that Sispanian’s spirit remains. Your highness must be happy that Sispanian’s blessing is working properly.”

Calian just smiled.

Something like this was only possible because Bern, who had been a swordmaster, came to wake up in the body of Calian, who was talented with magic – but he couldn’t elaborate on that matter.

“Anyway, what I wanted to ask of you was – “

Calian closed his eyes for a moment and focused, the shape of the energy that encircled his hand began to change. It gradually increased in length and became thinner and soon, became a sword-like shape.

Slayman who saw this, exclaimed his appreciation.

“- I’d like to use this as a weapon, I haven’t used it properly yet so I don’t exactly know how well it will work.”

“Do you want to test it?”

“Yes. I don’t know how much power I have and since I met you at the ball, I wanted to match against you.”

Slayman, who finally understood what Calian wanted, showed strong interest. A widespread smile was directed at the ‘sword’ in Calian’s hand.

“Come at me.”

A blue aura had coated Slayman’s sword before one could blink.

And Calian’s figure moved so quickly, it was as though it disappeared.

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