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Ding Sisi laughed sinisterly. She started shouting crazily, as if she was possessed. "Haha, Gong Yu, he is someone that you cannot mess around with. You can't even touch him in your lifetime! Just give up, Yun Muxi is ruined. Haha... that b.i.t.c.h is completely ruined this time..."

Gong Yu broke out in cold sweat and gave off a scary aura of hostility. His face was as dark as the clouds before a thunderstorm. At this moment, Gong Yu was fighting against the urge to tear this disgusting woman apart.

He hated her to the core of his bones, not only for what she had just said, but also for this evil thing that she had done this time.

However, saving Yun Muxi was more urgent at that point in time. He would deal with Ding Sisi later. He did not stay any longer; he turned around and disappeared from the door at lightning speed.

After exiting the villa, there was only a main road. Gong Yu sped down the road, almost driving as fast as the car could go. The nervousness and annoyance in his heart were making him walk on a thin line.

At this point in time, the sky was already dark. There were almost no cars on this road in the countryside. Not long after, two black cars appeared in Gong Yu's sight. They were at the end of the road. Although they seemed blurry because of the distance, they meant hope for Gong Yu.

He stepped onto the pedal all the way and the car flew off like a rocket. The distance between them shrank every second and he gradually saw the back of the car.

He became a little agitated, he quickly overtook the first car and made a quick right turn, parking the car horizontally across the road.

The first car almost knocked into Gong Yu's. After a sudden brake, it stopped within 10cm away from Gong Yu.

Two men in black hurriedly came off the car, and so did Gong Yu. He went up to them and peeked inside the car. Without a doubt, he saw Yun Muxi curled up into a ball, leaning against the car seat. She was seated in between two men wearing the same black uniform.

Gong Yu squinted his eyes slightly and they were filled with a blood-craving aura which turned into an icy-cold gaze shot towards the two men. He roared, "Hand her to me."

The two men snorted and started to throw punches at Gong Yu at the same time. He skillfully dodged them and did a spin kick against one of their arms. After which, the two men went into full attack mode on Gong Yu. Between punches and kicks, it was evident that they were skillful. They even seemed professionally-trained, and they had a lot of strength.

Gong Yu dealt with their attacks carefully and quickly attacked back. He quickly got into a fight with the two men.

Gong Yu wanted to quickly settle this and bring Yun Muxi away. Hence, although his attacks were skillful, they were not giving him an advantage. Since the two men were fast and had great coordination, they were a dream team that Gong Yu had a hard time defending against.

At this moment, the black tuxedo coat that covered Yun Muxi started to vibrate. One of the men sitting beside her quickly took out the phone inside. After glancing at the caller ID, he quickly answered. "Big Master...we have saved her...yes, but we have some trouble now...a man is trying to take her away...he seems like he's saving her...okay, got it!"

The man hung up and got off the car. He shouted coldly, "Stop!"

The two men stopped obediently and went behind him, staring at Gong Yu alertly.

The man studied Gong Yu with his sharp gaze and asked in a deep voice, "Who are you to her?"

Gong Yu returned the cold gaze, as if he was studying the man too. "She is my woman."

The man squinted and his facial expression changed. After some consideration, he ordered the two behind him, "Let her go."

The men glanced at Gong Yu and opened the car door.

Gong Yu found the situation a little hard to believe. "They're letting her go so easily?"

Gong Yu could not understand what they were thinking. Their actions were suspicious and all the more did he not understand the meaning and purpose behind all of this.

Since he could not understand, he stopped thinking about it. The most important issue was Yun Muxi. He took big strides towards her and carried her off the car and into his. After putting her onto the seat beside his, he caringly buckled her seatbelt.

Under the effects of the poison, Yun Muxi had completely lost her consciousness. She had lost her ability to think and reason too. She could only feel a fireball burning inside her, making her body feel very impatient.

Gong Yu looked at her worriedly and instantly understood what she had gone through. He was even clearer of the reason behind this.

Because at this moment, Yun Muxi's cheeks were flushed red and her eyes were smiling. Her breathing was rushed and her hands kept on tugging onto her clothes. She had no control over her strength and caused a few scars on her own neck.

These all pointed towards the fact that she had been poisoned. Thinking about his, Gong Yu's facial expression changed drastically and anger started boiling in him.

As he drove, he held onto her hand with his free hand. He called gently, "Xiao Xi, wake up! I'll send you to the hospital now, hang in there, don't move, and be careful not to hurt yourself."

At that instant when Yun Muxi touched Gong Yu's arm, the slightly cold feeling felt like an ice cube on a hot summer day. She followed her own instinct and nudged towards Gong Yu. He was on the verge of breaking down as he drove.

Gong Yu gently nudged again, "Xiao Xi, behave yourself. I can't drive like this. Hang in there, I'm sending you to the hospital."

However, Yun Muxi seemed to not hear any of what he was saying. She focused on using his arm to lower the temperature of her body.

Looking at Yun Muxi who had completely lost control over herself, Gong Yu was very fl.u.s.tered. She could no longer process what he was saying and her thoughts were all over the place. This was what he was fretting about.

They were still far away from the city, it would take at least half an hour to find a hospital. With Yun Muxi in this state, Gong Yu was completely fl.u.s.tered.

Just when he felt helpless, he saw a bright light s.h.i.+ning ahead. Gong Yu looked towards it and saw that it was a vacation hotel. Seeing the answer to his problem, he sped towards it.

Gong Yu checked-in at lightning speed and carried Yun Muxi to the room, placing her onto the big bed. Just as he was about to get up, the poisoned Yun Muxi, who had lost control over herself, would not let him go.

This alluring woman left him helpless. He was a perfectly normal man and his beloved woman was right in front of him. What could he do in this situation?

Gong Yu's body became stiff as he stood by the window and looked at her helplessly.

Yun Muxi's small face was flushed with a tempting shade of red. Her dark and clear eyes were now covered with a layer of mysterious thin mesh. Her messy clothes showcased her attractive collar bone. She looked extremely enchanting.

Gong Yu's expression did not look good. She was so inviting but he could not touch her; it was a painful torture.

Gong Yu had always treated her like a jewel. Although he longed to make her his, he still wished to do it when she was in her clear state, not when she was like this...

He cursed silently and pushed her tiny hand away with some strength. He stood up and walked to the bathroom, filling the bathtub with cold water.

Returning to the big bed again, Gong Yu kept his face sullen as he carried Yun Muxi into the bathroom. At this moment, he was just glad that he had saved her in time. If not, he would not dare to imagine what those perverts would do to her when she was in this state. Even worse, he could not imagine what the future of Yun Muxi would be like, if Ding Sisi really got her way.

Gong Yu carried her and hastened to the bathroom. He placed her into the cold water. Yun Muxi could only feel her body burning and her skin freezing. These opposing feelings tortured her even more. She could not help but furrowed her brows tightly together and whined in pain.

Yun Muxi's hands waved in the air as they trembled slightly. She tried to grab onto the thing that made her feel better just now, but all she got was air. This led her to become more annoyed. She pleaded in a low voice, "Please, save me, I'm feeling terrible, please save me quickly...this is torture, I cannot take it anymore, please..."

Gong Yu's heart ached for Yun Muxi as he looked at her current state. She was such a strong-willed person but was now giving herself so freely. This undoubtedly made his hatred towards Ding Sisi and the rest of them grow even more.

Gong Yu comforted in a gentle voice, "Xiao Xi, hang in there, it'll be over soon!"

Gong Yu's low husky voice went through her ears into her heart. It caused her to yearn for Gong Yu to solve her problem.

At this point in time, it was unclear whether she knew he was in front of her, or whether she was just longing for him. She started mumbling, "Gong Yu, Gong Yu, save me...Gong Yu, save me quickly, I feel terrible..."

Instantly, Yun Muxi broke through his last layer of defense. Gong Yu asked in a low voice, "Xiao Xi, if we do it under this situation, are you sure you won't regret it?"

Yun Muxi only knew that she was undergoing so much pain. She wanted Gong Yu to help relieve her pain as soon as possible. She answered with no hesitation, "I won't regret, please save me quickly. Gong Yu, only you can save me, save me please, please, Gong Yu..."

Gong Yu processed that for a while. He took out his phone, pressed a b.u.t.ton and asked again, "Xiao Xi, I'm asking you again. If I do it with you under this situation, will you really not regret it?"

Yun Muxi was feeling so much pain she was almost going crazy. She answered hurriedly, "I won't regret, Gong Yu, please save me, I'm really in pain! Please..."

With an unclear heart, he continued to ask, "You want to..."

Before he finished, she replied, "Yes, only you, only you can do it."

Gong Yu seemed to be satisfied with her answer. "Then, when you wake up, you can't blame me, even if you regret it."

Yun Muxi was on the verge of going crazy, she was in no mood to continue this boring conversation. She answered hurriedly, "Of course, I will not blame you. Only you can save me, Gong Yu. Please, don't torture me anymore, it's too much."

Gong Yu turned off his phone and took off his clothes. He dried Yun Muxi and wrapped her in a towel before carrying her onto the big bed again.

Yun Muxi instantly wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cold lips without delay.

In the morning, Yun Muxi was in her dreams when she started swinging her arms in the air restlessly and moved her body with all her energy. She shouted, "Duanmu Gongyu... Gong Yu..."

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