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Chapter 294: Invisibility (Part one)

There's a kind of deterrence called killing the chicken to warn the monkeys (idiom for punis.h.i.+ng someone as an example to others to not do the same thing), and Xu Cheng just needed to first take care of the ones that were jumping around the most.

He got a room at a ghetto motel, and on the wall were posted photos of five people that were going to be the targets of this operation. These five were all rich young masters that had been eyeing his wife, and they also saw Xu Cheng as a thorn in their eyes. If possible, they wouldn't hesitate to kill Xu Cheng and take Lin Chuxue for themselves, and the list included Prince Will.

Xu Cheng tore off Prince Will's photo and sneered, "Don't think that just because you are royalty, I don't dare to do anything. We will wait and see tonight."

Then, he took out a stack of doc.u.ments from his coat which had Jacob's research findings, which included descriptions of the major genes he found in Xu Cheng's body. There were also more hidden ones that weren't activated yet, stored away by the water bear genes. He really had to thank the water bear genes for helping him survive the mutations. 

Touching the scars left on his chest, he exclaimed, "It's quite a shame that I didn't get to see this heal."

Then, he continued going through the notes.

Jacob said before that as the water bear genetics were waking up, it would begin recomposing all the genes and begin the fusion process.

The first fusion Jacob noticed was that the genes of cats and eagles were completely integrated. He also found genes partaking the fusion process, but he couldn't identify which was which. He also wrote: [There should be a period of pain whenever different genes are close to finis.h.i.+ng integrating.]

When Xu Cheng read that, he didn't really take it to heart. However, when he went to the washroom, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart. He immediately collapsed onto the ground, and he just felt every inch of his muscles and his heart and his brain were all feeling cramp-like pain!

This feeling took him right back to the period when he fell into a coma after coming back from the mission with Li Wei and Luo Yi. It was exactly that kind of pain.

It was a feeling of wanting to die to be liberated, and veins began popping out on Xu Cheng's face and neck.

Xu Cheng threw a punch onto the ground in pain, and the tiles were all shattered. This kind of pain almost made him faint, as he felt as if someone was peeling his skin off of his muscles. When his eyes were falling out of focus, he felt as if he saw the bones in his hand. Xu Cheng initially thought he accidentally turned on penetrating vision, and that was why he could see through his skin. 

However, when he felt a bit better and climbed back up and saw himself in the mirror, he could directly see his spine, while all the skin and muscles were gone!

Xu Cheng was shocked and he subconsciously touched his neck, but he could feel that his neck was all intact and everything felt normal!

He was shocked. And then immediately, the remaining bones were also slowly disappeared in the mirror. In the end, there was only his clothes and pants that seemed to be just floating in the air in front of the mirror.

After Xu Cheng took off all of his clothes, he noticed that his body couldn't be found in the mirror at all anymore. But, Xu Cheng could still feel that his body was there.


Chapter 294: Invisibility (Part two)

- Wendy Bar -

In the lively dance floor, there was a mix of all kinds of people having their fun. 

Under the background of heavy metal music, the young men and women were all enjoy their nightlife at such a late hour. A young man with a bandaged head sitting in one of the VIP tables on the upper level was drinking gla.s.s after gla.s.s of whiskey. 

On the side, his friend advised, "Jiru, don't be upset anymore. Isn't it easy to kill someone like Xu Cheng? Should we just do it tonight?"

Jiru, as the heir of one of the big five companies in Britain, was one of the families that were exerting pressure towards the Lin Family. The temporary downfall of the Lin Family also had something to do with them. Jiru was still holding grudges after getting beaten up by Xu Cheng at the banquet. Looking at the dance floor, he said, a big gloomily, "I'm more interested in his wife. Even if I can date Victoria Secret models every day, they can't be compared to Nicole at all when it comes to looks and body. Originally, back in highschool, I would've been able to get my hands on her already, but it was all screwed up by that b-stard Xu Cheng! I still remember him scaring me into p-ssing in my own pants back then! After hiding away for so long, this guy actually came back. He really doesn't know what's waiting for him this time."

Then, he said to his friend, "I'm going to go to the washroom first. I drank too much."

Jiru crossed the lively crowd and went to the washroom. After he was done peeing, he went to the mirror and leaned over to fix up his hair. He accidentally touched his wound, and the pain had him gritting his teeth. "S--t! d.a.m.n you Xu Cheng, wait and see how I kill you!"

At this time, Xu Cheng walked into the washroom in a janitor uniform and a cap, placing a sign outside the bathroom that said "Cleaning". When he quietly walked over to Jiru, Jiru didn't notice. At that moment, Jiru's phone rang.


"Jiru, where are you?"

Jiru: "What is it? I'm obviously at my usual spot, you know where I am. What is it?"

"Something happened! The Terry Family's heir died!"

Jiru's pupils contracted. "What did you say?"

"Xu Cheng's also not dead! They can't find them at the hospital anymore, and I think he knows that we joined forces with Prince Will to kill him, because the we sent all didn't come back!"

Jiru swallowed his spittle. "How did Buren (Terry's eldest son) die?"

"He drank too much and then got into a car accident in his supports car. The police said his throat was cut, but the traffic surveillance showed that no one ever approached his car! It's too strange!"

Jiru: "I understand. I will go back soon, let me know if there's any more news."

Then, he hung up and turned around, and then he was scared by someone that suddenly appeared behind him.

"Are you ? Get the f0ck out of my face!" Jiru swore, but his face began changing as he saw the guy starting to put on a pair of black gloves.

When Jiru saw him slowly lift up his head, revealing the face under the cap, he saw the face that gave him nightmares since he was a boy. He was so scared that his heart almost jumped up to his throat as he subconsciously began taking steps back. The floor was a bit wet and slippery, his body lost balance and his head fell right back onto the edge of the sink. 

With a "bam", Jiru fell to the ground, and blood began flowing out from the back of his head, painting the floor. 

Xu Cheng didn't even touch this guy from the beginning to end. He just squatted down and felt the pulse on his neck. After confirming that the target was dead, he left with the cleaning cart. 

Jiru - died of an accident!


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