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Chapter 863: My heart hurts, old tie

At this time, bei Shan and the J of diamonds rushed in because they heard the sound of the waves and saw a wet man and a woman facing each other in the pool. Bei Shan and the J of diamonds looked at each other, feeling that the two people in front of them were facing a difficult problem for the ages. Think about it, when a man disfigured himself and turned into a monster for a woman, and the woman kept looking for him, but in the end, she found a monster. Wouldn’t this relations.h.i.+p lose to the cruel reality? Under normal circ.u.mstances, the woman would probably waver while the man would leave in sadness. However, the plot was not as they had expected. Behind him, Lin chuxue bitterly smiled and shouted at Xu Cheng’s back,””Do you still remember the promise you made to me under the swing that night? That was the most moving thing I’ve ever heard in my life. When everyone was afraid of the Royal power and felt that it was impossible, you said that you could! You’ve brought me out, and now you’re going to back down?” Xu Cheng’s body suddenly froze. Lin chuxue was dripping wet in the pool water, and she wiped her beautiful face. It was unclear if it was water or tears on her face, but she sobbed and said,””When I was young, I was bullied and I accidentally hurt someone. The police found my house and you took the blame and went to the detention center while I wasn’t around.”There was a Halloween party where the girls took my clothes away while I was changing in the dressing room. They wanted to take pictures of me embarra.s.sing myself. You barged into the girls ‘dressing room to give me clothes, and you were complained about and punished to clean the school for a month. During the military training, I couldn’t stand the heat stroke under the hot sun. You asked the devil coach, but he didn’t allow it. You took the liberty to carry me to the school doctor’s office.”Xiao Lei provoked the tyrant of the school and was blocked by a group of people after school. Just because he called you ‘brother-in-law’, you went crazy and fought with those people to bring him home. Your face was covered in wounds, and Xiao Lei still wors.h.i.+ps you so much.”In high school, the school had three opportunities to visit and Exchange with the American high school as an exchange student. That year, you fell out of the top three every year, and I entered third place. If it weren’t for that exchange opportunity, perhaps my musical talent wouldn’t have achieved what I have today. The year you graduated from high school, your grades plummeted. You didn’t have the time to study at all and were busy fighting all day. It was only after I, Xiao Lei, told you that every fight you had was for me! I know all the dirty things that Prince Charlie and the others have done to me behind my back, but you’ve been hiding it from me and doing these things in silence. From middle school to high school, and then to University, you’ve done so much for my image and reputation, and I’m like a flower in a greenhouse, blooming brilliantly under the sun. In fact, the shadow behind me is a part of my growth that can not be ignored! You’re like the part that’s connected to me in the soil. You’re using your spine and shoulders to carry me and expose my most beautiful side to the outside to enjoy the suns.h.i.+ne and the beautiful weather. There’s no residue, no dirt, and no struggle on it, but you’re like a thorn crawling in the ground, constantly looking for spring water to nourish me! On the night of the coming of age ceremony, I couldn’t wait for the first dance with you, but I got your promise to take me away!” Speaking of this, Lin chuxue recalled all the things that happened that night. “I also chose to believe you and go with you. I don’t know why, maybe it was blind, but I always felt that with you around, I would be at ease. With you around, it seemed like there was nothing that couldn’t be done. A few years ago, in the British Palace, you shocked the n.o.bles and atoned for my true freedom and my past by challenging a hundred guards with your bare hands and killing a b.l.o.o.d.y path out of the palace for me! That day, you gave me the first strong confidence in my life. From that day on, I decided that no matter how difficult the future is, I will face it with you! Do you know, Xu Cheng, what moved me wasn’t your appearance, but your own way, an introverted and crazy way to open my heart. I really feel very lucky that in this world, there’s a man who can love me so desperately! Do you still remember what I said to you a few years ago? I said,”I don’t want to be a vase.” Because you always put me on an art exhibition and don’t allow me to have any stains or be defamed. But what I want to say is that if I’m indifferent to your efforts and enjoy it, then I’m no different from those b.i.t.c.hes! I’m also a human, a human with flesh and blood. When you used the simplest and crudest way to pursue me, I had already fallen from the sky to the mortal world and couldn’t be any more ordinary. ” Lin chuxue pointed at her heart and cried,””This is where the ordinary starts to learn pain! What to do, Xu Cheng? I’m already so dependent on you that I can’t extricate myself? What to do? I’ve never thought that you’d leave me one day! Wuwuwuwu … What do we do?” She started to cry helplessly in the water. It was the first time Xu Cheng saw her cry like a child, as if she had lost her soul and her beloved toy. Xu Cheng turned his back to her and also started crying. It was very ugly for a man to cry. He wanted to save face and did not turn back. The two of them just cried one after the other. “I’m tired, what should I do?” “I don’t want to have such a perfect item and life anymore,” he said, choking with sobs.”What should I do?” “That’s easy. ” Lin chuxue said,”I’m disfigured, so I’m not perfect!” No one in this world will recognize us. Let’s live our lives, okay?” Xu Cheng finally slowly turned his head and looked at the pitiful Lin chuxue. Her eyes were filled with antic.i.p.ation, caution, and fear. She was so nervous that she would leave again. Xu Cheng wanted to say something, but he stopped and nervously asked,””Lin chuxue, I’ve done so much for you in this life, and I’ve never asked you for anything or asked you for anything. But today, I want to ask you, are you willing to wander the world with a monster? no matter what happens in the future, no matter what kind of difficulties, no matter what kind of difficulties, you will always stand by his side?” Lin chuxue smiled through her tears. “I’m willing!” She raised her wedding ring and said,”I’ll hold my son’s hand and grow old with him!” “Even if you’re in a vegetative state or a lunatic, I’m willing to protect you. I’ll be the thorn, find a water source for you, and give you sunlight. If one of them Withers, they will die together!” Seeing this scene, bei Shan and the J of diamonds were both shocked. Bei Shan sighed,”so there really are fairy tales that can transcend matter and everything on the surface.” The J of diamonds: “if there’s a girl who’s willing to say such touching words to me, I’m willing to turn her into ashes!” Bei Shan: “my heart hurts, old tie!”

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