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Chapter 450: A Good Job That Makes Tons of Money (Part One)

Lin Dong: “Teacher, what I meant is, something besides making tea and pouring water.”

“Other things?” Xu Cheng thought for a second. “Okay, help me search online, are there any lectures or conferences in Was.h.i.+ngton in the near future in the field of genetic research. It must be from prestigious scientists or professors.”

Lin Dong: “Is this very important?”

Xu Cheng: “Very important.”

“I'm on it right away.”

Xu Cheng let Lin Dong off to do a search, and he went to the balcony in the hotel. Looking over at the bustling night scene of Was.h.i.+ngton, from where he was, he could see the White House in the distance. But in Xu Cheng's vision, it was very close.

He looked out of the window and said to Lin Dong, who was behind him on the computer, “How much money do I still have on my card?”

Lin Dong was searching as he said, “Just shy of 20 million US, the rest of about 270 million was taken away by Big Brother Luo.”

Xu Cheng nodded.

This time, he sold all of his domestic a.s.sets and exchanged for about 300 million in US dollars. In his hands were all of his a.s.sets.
Then, after giving Luo Yi and Li Wei 270 million to take to the Land of Mercenaries to recruit talents and buy equipment, he would make money here and continue to supply them with funds. Once their operation reached a certain scale, he would then set foot in the Land of Mercenaries!

And at what place of the world could someone with penetrating vision make money the fastest? Of course it had to be Las Vegas!

But this time, Xu Cheng wasn't stupid. He was being monitored by the FBI, so he had to lay low and act discreetly at all times.

Yeah, he would have to become the mastermind behind the curtains, with his p.a.w.ns executing his orders.

“Teacher, are you planning to start a business with this 20 million?” Lin Dong asked curiously.

“Start a business? If I wait until a new business takes off, the other side would already have starved to death,” Xu Cheng said. “Time is ticking, so tomorrow, I will have you do something.”

“What is it?” Lin Dong immediately asked.
“Tomorrow, you are responsible for finding a few people, part-time, the more the better. Take out all of my money from my card, and we will fly to Las Vegas. We will get started working,” Xu Cheng said.

“Are we going to gamble? But can we though?”

“We are not, our employees will.”

“What?” Lin Dong was confused. “Then do the employees know how to?”

Xu Cheng smiled and didn't continue on that topic. “Are there any lectures or professors hosting conferences?”

“Yeah, I found one,” Lin Dong said. “Professor Koman, he had been studying genetic research for a while. In two days, he will be holding a study breakthrough lecture and use it to raise funding for the next stage of his research.”

Speaking of this, Lin Dong bitterly smiled. “ But these kinds of genetic researchers usually only have the fate of starving to death, because there has been very little interest in this field in comparison to the other fields, and it also burns through money. So, he hadn't been having success raising money, and he could only make a bare living by selling the tickets to his speech.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Get me a ticket,” Xu Cheng said. On the bed, closing his eyes, he said to Lin Dong, “Close the door for me and we are checking out tomorrow.”

“Huh?” Lin Dong asked curiously, “Aren't we going to be living here for a long time?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng only smiled, and he mumbled, “Remember, if we wait until tomorrow, the FBI will probably fill this place with their eavesdrop and surveillance devices.”(

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Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 450: A Good Job That Makes Tons Of Money Part One summary

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