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He stuck out his tongue to lick his lips and swallowed hard. It seemed that he was more obsessed with Ding Ning's figure than George's. Perhaps it was the best revenge to get on top of him and treat him as a plaything one day.

But before that, he wanted to hook up with George first. After all, George was the man he coveted for several years. He believed that George would gradually get used to and then be obsessed with "being treated in this special way".

In terms of Wright who was jealous, Liu Junwei did not tell him that George had come to China, so he would not show up. Tonight he would like to enjoy this feast on his own.

At the entrance of Ninghai University, it quickly returned to calm in the Phaeton while Ding Qianlie was leaving.

With the lingering blush on her pretty face, Ling Yun bit her s.e.xy lips, looked at Ding Ning getting up from her body and asked, "What's wrong?"

Ding Ning smiled, adjusted her messy clothes and talked about something else, "I am hungry. Let's go to get some food."

Ling Yun didn't notice his unusual calm and provocatively squinted, "Are you exhausted?"

"Stop it, Ling Yun. Do you really think it interesting to do that?"

Ding Ning said in a soft tone, but Ling Yun heard a little dissatisfaction from his words.

Had he seen it through? Ling Yun's heart lost a beat. With a trace of fl.u.s.ter on her face, she said fiercely, "Ding Ning, what do you mean?"

"Nothing. I am hungry. Can we go to eat something?"

Ding Ning didn't look at her and sat down on the driver's seat, "What do you want to eat?"

"I don't want to eat. Tell me clearly, what do you mean?"

Ling Yun sat in the back row and looked at the back of Ding Ning's head. She felt that he was so indifferent, and inexplicably felt a little distressed.

Ding Ning's voice became increasingly gentle, "Stop it. I am hungry."

"No, you have to explain it to me clearly. You turned me on, but suddenly stopped. Have you lost interest in me?"

Ling Yun pretended to be fierce to conceal her guilty conscience.

Ding Ning lit up a cigarette and took two drags quietly. He smiled bitterly, "Yun, am I that kind of person in your heart?"

"I know you are not, but I... I am just afraid."

Ling Yun's tone became soft in an instant, and she hung her head like a doormat with a strong guilty conscience.

Ding Ning sighed. As his gaze became deep and distant, his voice became dreamy, "Yun, how long have we known each other?"

"More than five years." Ling Yun replied subconsciously.

"Yeah, how time flies. It has been more than five years in a blink of an eye."

Ding Ning took a deep breath, and the smoke quickly suffused the compartment, "I've always considered you the woman who knows me better than anybody else in the world, considered myself the man who knows you better than anybody else. But today I suddenly find that I don't understand you. Do you know that this feeling is very strange to me and scares me?"

Ling Yun lowered her head, her eyes began to turn red, and her tears began to spread on her face. She bit her lips, and sobbed softly after a long while, "I'm sorry!"


Ding Ning opened the window and threw the cigarette b.u.t.t, turned around and knelt in the driver's seat, picked up her confused face and looked at her with deep affection and a trace of distress in his eyes. He gently wiped her warm tears and said in a very gentle tone, "Do you think that I am angry because you deliberately drove other women away by aggravating them in this way?"

"How... how did you know?"

With her red eyes, Ling Yun suddenly looked up at him with amazement.

"Silly girl, you've said that I am not an ordinary person. I have five senses and six consciousness far superior to those of an ordinary person, as well as matchless observation ability. How can I fail to recognize that Shen Muqing was in the Land Rover which she had lent to me for a few days? The Wrangler driven by Xiao Nuo is low-key, but how can I fail to notice that the window is open?"

With the affection, which was familiar to Ling Yun, on his face, Ding Ning smiled bitterly and said, "Moreover, I know about you well. You are a woman with the basic principles in mind. We are the doorway of Ninghai University. I should continue studying here. How can you accept to influence my reputation by having s.e.x with me in the car here? I am not a fool. You acted so abnormal. If I still fail to notice that, I am really a fool."

"Who did you still cooperate with me..." Ling Yun looked up and asked with amazement.

Ding Ning said with deep affection, "In any case, you are my girlfriend. When you wanted to declare sovereignty, how could I not cooperate with you as your boyfriend?"

"But, if you do this, aren't you afraid that they will leave you? I know that you like Shen Muqing, and Xiao Nuo has a close relations.h.i.+p with you."

Ling Yun was touched and nervous. She turned around with guilty to dodge Ding Ning's eyes.

"Silly girl, you are my girlfriend, so I certainly value you the most. I do not deny that I have a crush on them, and they may also like me, but that's all, not as complicated as you think. Since you've already become my girl, I will be responsible for you for a lifetime. Can you stop always thinking nonsense?"

Ding Ning petted Ling Yun's head and said annoyedly, "I want to tell you, stop playing this kind of tricks in future, okay? You know that I don't like you to play tricks, and it will make me think less of you. Although I know that you did that because you care about me, I really don't like it."

Ding Ning looked sentimental, "As I grow older, I feel more lonely. I hope that you will always be sincere, kind-hearted and unrestrained. I don't want you to become a jealous woman, who is shrewd and crafty, for me. It will make me feel guilty. I don't know if some of my actions have made you feel insecure. It makes me feel frustrated. If you don't like to see me hang out with them, I promise you that I will keep a distance from them and avoid unnecessary contacts with them."

On hearing Ding Ning's heartfelt words, Ling Yun felt her mind filled with mixed feelings. It should be the answer she would most like to hear, but she couldn't feel happy.

She knew that once she really forced Ding Ning to break up with them, Ding Ning would definitely did as he said, but the relations.h.i.+p between them might come to an end.

No woman could monopolize a man, who was able to earn more than 900 million yuan in just a few days, and she was no exception.

It made her heart filled with faint sorrow and grief. Most of women were sentimental, but became extremely narrow-minded in a relations.h.i.+p.

Unlike what she said before, everyone was selfish in love. No one wanted to share his/her lover with others, and she was no exception.

However, at the thought that Ding Ning gave more than nine hundred million yuan to her without hesitation, Ling Yun suddenly felt relieved. What else could she ask for?

Ding Ning had treated her well enough. In this world, there were numerous women who sold their bodies and love for one or two hundred thousand yuan and begged men to support them financially.

As she said before, even if someone wanted to support her financially, it still needed some luck to find a man who was willing to spend a few million yuan on her.

She didn't remember where she heard such a sentence which made sense.

If a man, who pretended that he loved you, had ten thousand yuan, he would spend one thousand yuan on you at most.

However, even if a man, who really loved you, had only one hundred yuan, he was willing to spend all on you.

Ding Ning was willing to give her all the money, and had proved his feelings with practical actions.

The most important thing was that he was the man she really liked. Compared with those women who had no dignity, could only sleep with a man for money and be dumped after the man got tired, she was lucky enough. What else could she expect?

In fact, she had already thought it over. Nevertheless, after she discovered Shen Muqing and Xiao Nuo today, the faint reluctance in her heart made her declare sovereignty in this way.

At this moment thinking of what she had done, she found it a little childish and ridiculous indeed. She didn't care about how others thought of her, but cared about how others thought of Ding Ning.

How would they think of Ding Ning, who had s.e.x in the car at the entrance of Ninghai University? Thirsty? Shameless? Or a brazen beast?

Thinking of this, Ling Yun felt deep remorse for her waywardness. Ding Ning intended to be a famous doctor, and now had been a minor online celebrity. Once what they did in the car was spread deliberately, what baneful influences would it have on his future?

If Ding Ning's future was ruined due to her waywardness, she could never forgive herself.

However, despite of such a serious consequence, he did not hesitate to cooperate with her in order to undo the knot in her mind. His deep affection made her feel guilty.

With both happiness and guilt in her heart, she looked at Ding Ning and said timidly, "I am sorry, honey. I am wrong. I will never do that in the future."

"Well, I don't blame you, but blame myself for ignoring your feelings and making you feel insecure. I have a surprise which I planned to show you in the next few days, but now I want to show you in advance."

As the knot in Ling Yun's mind was undone, she became delighted. But in order to make her stop thinking nonsense, Ding Ning wanted to show her the surprise in advance.

"What surprise?"

Ling Yun got into the co-pilot position in the front row and asked eagerly.

Starting the engine and stepping on the gas pedal, Ding Ning said with an enigmatic smile, "Since it is a surprise, of course I can't tell you in advance."

"Humph, you've learned to keep me guessing."

Ling Yun pouted her lips unhappily.

"Hold on, the answer will be announced soon."

Ding Ning affectionately scratched her nose and remained mysterious.

"Who cares!" Ling Yun said, while her heart was full of expectations.

She was wondering what surprise made Ding Ning look so mysterious? He wasn't so mysterious when giving her 940 million yuan.

Could it be... ah, Ding Ning had booked a room, which was covered with red bank notes, in a five-star hotel and intended to sleep with her there?

At the thought of the scene, Ling Yun felt inexplicably excited. She crossed her long legs, along with her watery eyes and flushed face, looking delicate and glamorous.

Catching a glimpse of Ling Yun, Ding Ning suddenly became confused. What had happened to this girl? Why did she suddenly look so lascivious?

"Banwan Villa? Why do we come here?"

Looking at the place where she had come once, Ling Yun asked in amazement.

She suddenly began to panic. As a sort of unspeakable fear rose in her heart, the smile on her face became stiff.

She thought, "Can it be possible that Ding Ning has hooked up with Shen Muqing, and now we are going to Shen Muqing's house where they will tell me about their relations.h.i.+p? What should I do? Should I give my blessing to them with a light heart? Or hold Ding Ning's legs, wail bitterly like a whiner and beg him not to dump me? Or hack this shameful couple and then commit suicide?"

"I've said that I will show you a surprise."

Ding Ning didn't expect that she could be so fertile of imagination, and said with a smile.

"I hope it is not a shock."

As Ling Yun kept thinking nonsense, she became increasingly worried and fl.u.s.tered. She muttered casually.

"Shock? Haha, you can also consider it a shock. You should be mentally prepared."

Ding Ning thought, "A villa worth more than one billion yuan could be considered a shock."

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