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At a critical moment, the Black Masked Man broke the window, jumped in, and stopped Violent Dragon's punch, using only his blood-and-flesh fist. This created a terrifying wave of air, and the sound of the friction, could be heard.

"Black Masked Man?"

Violent Dragon's pupils shrunk rapidly, after being forcibly stopped, and he stared intently at the masked man, before him.

"I did not expect that I still have some fame."

Ding Ning calmly clasped his hands behind his back, speaking haughtily, in a carefree manner.

"So painful!" His mouth twitched, his arm was racked with cramps and felt numb. Fortunately, his bones were hard enough, or his arm would have been broken. He discreetly operated his True Qi, to heal his wound.

This was the first time that Ding Ning had been at a disadvantage in a fist fight, since he started fighting with others. He should not have used sheer force on Violent Dragon, because he was not as powerful as he was.

Secretly, he felt fortunate that he came on the scene only after Deng Nine-Finger and Fire Phoenix had left. Otherwise, if the three of them had fought together, he would have been lucky to escape, let alone, able to save people.

"Black Masked Man, hehe, you have successfully stopped my punch. This is interesting. Are you sure you want to be involved in this affair?"

In fact, Violent Dragon did not feel well, either. Although his skin could be metallized, his entrails were not as st.u.r.dy. After this punch, his blood churned and he felt a fishy sweetness at the back of his throat, but he forced it back.

He knew how strong he was and had heard of the Black Masked Man before, but he turned up his nose at him and had never taken his power seriously.

He had never thought the Black Masked Man was so powerful, that his one punch did not even wound him. This made him feel afraid of the man.

"I help those who need help!"

Ding Ning stood straight, speaking sonorously like a knight-errant, but inwardly he complained, "Please give me more time to recover!"

"To h.e.l.l, then."

Violent Dragon had a ferocious look in his eyes. His secretive metallizing superpower had been exposed, and Dafei and Qiu Hong must die today. As for the Black Masked Man, he didn't think he could defeat him. He only wanted to kill Dafei and his lover, and retreated immediately.

"Whoosh, whoosh…"

He made all his efforts to render a powerful punch and the terrifying sound of its friction with the air, could be heard.

"Good punch!"

Ding Ning shouted, wielded his fist…dodged, and appeared before Dafei and Qiu Hong, He caught hold of each of them, using both hands, and threw them out of the window.


Dafei and Qiu Hong who thought they had been saved, shrieked, their nerves becoming numb.

"It was the 28th floor! They would become a pile of meat when they fell. What was the Black Masked Man thinking about? Did you come to save lives or kill people?"

The two of them held each other tightly, as they were thrown out the window, feeling chilled to the bone, staring at each other, smiling all the while. After all, they had to die.

A light "Puff" sound could be heard, and they found there was something beneath their feet. They had fallen on something soft.

Taking a careful look, they stared at each other, and was immediately stunned. They had just fallen onto the back of a giant golden eagle, who was flying about in the night sky.

"Hahaha, Black Masked Man, since you have helped me get rid of the problem, I don't need to stay here any longer. See you next time, if there is a chance."

Violent Dragon didn't know why the Black Masked Man had helped him, but seeing his task completed and hearing the siren sound coming nearer and nearer, he unhesitatingly turned, and made to leave.

"Thinking of leaving? No way. Tell me, who you guys are, exactly?"

Ding Ning moved in a flash and stood in Violent Dragon's way, coldly demanding an answer.

"Go away!"

Springing forward, Violent Dragon charged fiercely at Ding Ning.

The over two-meter-tall man had metallized skin and a terrifying impact. Ding Ning did not dare to confront him directly, but was also unwilling to shy away, so he tried a hard kick at his a.s.s.

Ding Ning kicked his a.s.s but it did not actually hurt him. On the contrary, with the help of its strength, it accelerated his dash out of the room.

"Black Masked Man, just wait. If we meet next time, I will kill you."

Violent Dragon threatened him with these words and left immediately. The coming police could not stop him at all, but he did not want to kill them. That would only create trouble for himself and make him a target for the special departments…

Ding Ning's bushy brows furrowed. Unless Violent Dragon did not resist and let him use his ability, by using his superpowers, he was not sure if he could stop him from escaping.

"Who are they? Why are there superpower holders? What's the relations.h.i.+p between them and that mysterious organization? Have they been lurking in Ninghai or did they just arrive?"

The more he thought about it, the more he became confused, thinking, "I had better ask Dafei first." He summoned Xiaocui to follow Violent Dragon, and immediately dashed out the window, spreading his wings and flying away.

"Black Masked Man? That was the 28th floor, how could he appear so suddenly?"

In a moving Maybach, Deng Nine-Finger listened to Violent Dragon's report, with no expression on his face. His expression changed, however, when he heard about the appearance of the Black Masked Man.

Fire Phoenix's ice cold expressionless face, changed because of this, and she asked in confusion, "Yes, that was strange. How could he just suddenly appear? That was floor 28! Is he able to fly?"

"Or perhaps he has been hiding on the top floor, and met us by chance!" Violent Dragon couldn't explain it, either, and came up with this deduction.

"Brother Nine, do you think it is possible that the Black Masked Man is also a citizen and just happened to meet Qiu Hong, and came just in time?"

Being a woman, Fire Phoenix thought more prudently and gave a reasonable a.n.a.lysis.

Frowning, Deng Nine-Finger did not utter a word. After a long time, he nodded slowly and said, "It was probably like this. I am worried that he has been keeping tracks on us and followed us there. Anyway, as long as Dafei and Qiu Hong are dead, there will be no worries."

"That was floor 28! They must have died after the fall."

Violent Dragon spoke confidently.

Fire Phoenix raised her brows, saying, "Brother Nine, one of your double superpowers is in perceiving. There shouldn't be anyone who can…"

"Shh! Pull over!"

Before she finished speaking, Deng Nine-Finger signed to her to keep quiet, and she became extremely sulky, "We're being followed."

"Being followed?" Violent Dragon and Fire Phoenix were both shocked, and pulled over hurriedly.

Opening the door, Deng Nine-Finger focused on his perceiving, for a long time. Suddenly, he stared intently in Xiaocui's direction. She had been secretly following him, and was hiding in a tree, by the side of the road.

Ding Ning, who had changed his visual angle, felt shocked, as he had never thought that the Deng Nine-Finger's perceiving ability could be so sensitive. Just as he changed his visual angle, he knew that he had been discovered and hurriedly commanded Xiaocui to turn her head aside, to avoid his eyes.

"Brother Nine, where is the person following us?"

Violent Dragon asked in confusion, when he saw Deng Nine-Finger staring intently at the roadside trees.

Deng Nine-Finger had confusion in his eyes. "Only a hummingbird?" Why then, did he have the feeling of being followed?

With the idea of better killing the wrong person than letting go, Deng Nine-Finger's pupils shrank rapidly. Each of his eyeb.a.l.l.s turned eerily pale, and a bolt of lightning immediately darted out of his eyes, and charged at Xiaocui.


Just as Deng Nine-Finger's look changed, Ding Ning felt a strong sense of danger, and commanded Xiaocui to retreat quickly.


Xiaocui had narrowly missed the lightning strike and escaped instantly, but the tree branch it had been perching on, had been hit by the lightning. A line of sparks ignited and instantly turned charcoal-black.

"It ran away so quickly. I hope it was only a coincidence."

Deng Nine-Finger raised his brows, whispering, but he still felt somewhat unsafe.

Ding Ning was frightened enough to break out in a cold sweat, and he thought, "He is a lightning superpower holder." He was not sure whether Xiaocui would have been injured if she had been hit. He did not dare to ask Xiaocui to continue following him, and he had to let them go.


Inside a remote alley, Ding Ning disguised as the Black Masked Man, held Dafei's broken bones, found two twigs to use as clamp plates to fix the bones, and took some time to treat his wounds. Dafei should recover well, after a period of recuperation.

"Thank you, Black Masked Man!"

Dafei felt what he witnessed tonight was like a dream: Violent Dragon's metallization, the fantastic golden eagle, and Black Masked Man's descent from the sky. All of them overturned his world views; there were indeed people with superpowers in this world.

"You're welcome. I just lent you a hand when you needed it."

Ding Ning held his throat to speak, as he waved, and asked, "By the way, who are those people?"

Dafei looked at Qiu Hong with a wry smile, and answered, "Deng Nine-Finger and his two 'generals', Violent Dragon and Fire Phoenix."

A special look appeared in Ding Ning's eyes. "That lightning superpower holder is Dafei's boss—Nine-Finger. I never thought there are such excellent people like these two superpower holders, in the underworld. Is it possible that Fire Phoenix is also a superpower holder? If so, that's terrifying."

Then, he frowned and asked, "How is Violent Dragon able to metallize himself?"

"I don't know, either. If he hadn't suddenly metallized himself to stop the bullets tonight, I'm afraid I would have never known that he is a superman, even until the time I die."


Ding Ning chuckled. But thinking about it carefully, he found that a superpower holder was not like any ordinary person, and it was not wrong to call him "superman".

Qiu Hong looked at Ding Ning, suddenly alert, and asked, "Are you a person from that place?"

"Where is 'that place'?"

Ding Ning gave her a perplexed look, having no idea what she was talking about.

Seeing he was not putting on an act, Qiu Hong instantly shook her head, "Nothing."

"Hey, anyway, I can be counted as your life savior, right? Your question is so cryptic, yet you are unwilling to disclose the explanation. You are too mean."

Ding Ning muttered in dissatisfaction.

Qiu Hong felt awkward, and said, "As the reward for saving me and my brother-in-law, I will tell you the truth, but since you are not from that place, it is better for you not to know. I am not telling you, only for your own good. Once the people from that place knows you have the ability to train animals, they would surely not let you off."

Ding Ning's inborn pride was stimulated, as he coldly replied, "Not let me off? That's really a bit overbearing."

"No, Black Masked Man, you misunderstood me. What I mean by 'not let you off' is not that they would harm you, but that they will get you to join them."

"Join them? Who are they?"

Ding Ning narrowed his eyes, and felt as if he had come across an extremely big secret.

Hesitating for a moment, Qiu Hong gritted her teeth and said, "I can only tell you that all the people from that place, are people with superpowers, like Violent Dragon, but I have no idea about their specific numbers."

A terrifying look shot out of Ding Ning's eyes suddenly, and he asked impatiently, "Is it a folk organization or an official one? Are they all superpower holders? What abilities do they have?"

"An official organization. It is a mysterious department, in which all the superpower holders in China, are gathered. I know its existence only thanks to my special profession, but I barely know anything about the specific situation, because of my low status."

Qiu Hong was very grateful to Ding Ning, and so told him all that she was allowed to tell.

Dafei was stunned when he heard this. A man like Violent Dragon already made him feel incredulous, but he never thought there would be this kind of organization, consisting of such people. It was too weird.

Ding Ning thought about it and then asked seriously, "Just now you said they will ask me to join them, but what if I refuse?"

Qiu Hong bit her lips, and did not say anything, but Ding Ning already knew what she meant.

The nation would never allow such superpower holders to have free reign, and refusing to join them, would definitely mean death.

This made him feel as if he was in danger, for he did not want to join any mysterious department and be at the mercy of others.

The good thing was that now he was disguised as the Black Masked Man. Even if the mysterious department noticed him, they would not be able to find him that easily.

Certainly, it was better to save himself from any trouble. He carefully explained, "I am not that superpower holder and have no idea about animal training. It is my master who has raised the golden eagle since it was young. It is a little spiritually intelligent, and so I am able to give it orders. You guys will not make trouble for me as your reward, right?"

Qiu Hong suddenly thought something through and, looking at him, said, "Are you an Ancient Warrior?"

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