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Different from ordinary people, pract.i.tioners could practice skills to use the True Qi of the body as a guide, and control this innate True Qi to absorb the energy of the outside world continuously, so that the True Qi could continue to thrive.

Until they cultivated to a certain level, the True Qi in the meridian was saturated and could not accommodate more True Qi, and it would need a larger container for the True Qi, and this container was the Dantian.

If the Dantian was developed, the True Qi would have enough s.p.a.ce. It would continue to expand the volume of True Qi again, until the amount of True Qi contained in Dantian was saturated, then it would find another container.

Ding Ning guessed that this container was the middle Dantian, but as a person who had not developed his Dantian yet, he could not confirm what it was. He had to wait until the day he developed Dantian.

This made a change in Ding Ning's att.i.tude to cultivation, and it made him not so diligent. He didn't need profound cultivation, but he felt that with Dantian, he could have enough True Qi to treat people for a longer time and save more people's lives. After all, he was not a violent man. He preferred to save people instead of kill people.

Especially after he glimpsed the mystery of the human body for the first time, which was very novel and made him very interested.

He believed that each independent living ent.i.ty was a small universe with infinite mysteries, drawing on the energy of the universe, continually strengthening itself, or was the direction of human evolution.

In a primitive society, the average life expectancy of those primitive people was only ten or twenty years. With the development of civilization, human beings were constantly evolving, and the average life expectancy had reached seventy or eighty years old.

This was the mystery of life, which was mysterious and full of infinite evolutionary s.p.a.ce. He believed this would be a good research topic.

The help that enabled him to maintain his life research was cultivation. Only when he had cultivated to a certain level could he live a longer life and had more time to study the meaning of life.

The five senses, bones, flesh and blood, fat, meridians, acupoints, internal organs, brain, cells, genes... The composition of the individual body contained infinite secrets, which made him intoxicated and he was full of the desire to explore.

He was increasingly curious about the stone man who gave him the superpower, as if it was a specimen of evolution, annotating the secrets of the human body, indicating the direction of human evolution.

While he was thinking, he was working as well. It was much simpler to connect the broken meridians than mending broken bones. After all, the stone man's meridians had a clear position for each meridian. He only needed to follow the meridian map to connect these meridians in a step-by-step manner, stimulating the True Qi to run automatically and let it repair itself.

With the continuous connection of the meridians, w.a.n.g Guoliang's face was getting more and more painful, but his eyes were full of ecstasy. His intuition said that Ding Ning's treatment was effective.

Although Ding Ning forgot to block his nerve with a.n.a.lgesia with the Meridian Severing Hand, compared to sitting on a wheelchair for the next half of life, w.a.n.g Guoliang would rather double this pain which was unbearable for an ordinary person.

He clenched his teeth and endured the heart-wrenching pain. He was afraid of disturbing Ding Ning and waved to Fang Mingyang, who was in a daze, telling him to block his mouth with a towel.

Fang Mingyang was stunned, looking at Ding Ning was in a daze. When he saw w.a.n.g Guoliang react, he was surprised. He grabbed a towel and put it in w.a.n.g Guoliang's mouth before nurse Liu, and finally found a job for himself - helping w.a.n.g Guoliang wipe his sweat.

Pink hearts had come from the nurse's eyes. She knew what w.a.n.g Guoliang's reaction meant.

This handsome, pretty, and tall doctor from Ninghai did not brag, and his treatment was really effective.

It was a telltale sign: a patient who had no sensation due to muscle tissue necrosis, yet he felt unbearable pain.

In the same way, w.a.n.g Guoliang's reaction also caused the silence of the audience outside the operating room and on the Internet. Did he really feel something? Was this a miracle? Or just hype?

There were always some people in this society who could not bear that someone was better than them. They had begun to make a big fuss, saying that Ding Ning and the military hospital were trying to become famous.

But this non-mainstream statement was quickly demolished in the vast network of netizens who suddenly woke up and corrected their words.

The praises like 'G.o.d', 'genius', 'miracle', 'legend', and 'myth' were all over the entire network, and there was no room for the voices of doubt.

The netizens in the country were so cute. They had mastered the ability to switch sides.

After all, everyone would also get a headache. People also wanted to see a real doctor, and at the very least, when their family members were suffering from illness, there would still be hope.

A netizen named 'Sun after Rain' became the first fan of Ding Ning, and took the lead in organizing the fan club of Ding Ning.

The fan club developed at a terrifying speed. Before the treatment was over, the members of the fan club was over 100,000 and was still growing.

Ding Ning's appearance which lacked special attention had also been focused. The words like 'handsome', 'pretty', 'focused', 'tall' and so on, had once again skyrocketed and occupied all the pages of the network.

Countless girls screamed, "Husband, I want to have a baby with you."

It made Ding Ning immediately have a tendency to become the 'national husband', as well as the hottest topic on the Internet. The rich second generation who had been the 'national husband' for a long time felt a strong threat.

Xiao Nuo who had paid attention to the network of the discussion through her phone felt sour like eating a wild hawthorn. She pouted her mouth and said angrily, "Smelly rogue, are you satisfied now? So many women are calling you Husband and you must be happy in your heart."

Ding Ning finally came to his senses when w.a.n.g Guoliang couldn't help but roar. He had been sweating and his lips were bleeding. Ding Ning knew how terrible the pain was when he connected the nerves. w.a.n.g Guoliang was really amazing to endure the pain until now.

Ding Ning felt sorry and smiled at him. "Sorry, that's my bad. I am giving you anesthesia now!"

"Anesthesia? I am going to get an anesthesiologist now."

Fang Mingyang thought that Ding Ning did not give w.a.n.g Guoliang anesthesia because w.a.n.g Guoliang could not be anesthetized when he was connecting the nervous system. Looking at w.a.n.g Guoliang's face, he felt pain as well.

Hearing Ding Ning's words, he realized that Ding Ning had forgotten to give anesthesia. He was really forgetful.

Fang Mingyang immediately volunteered to ask for an anesthesiologist. The several anesthesiologists in the hospital were in a good mood, and they were prepared. If they could become the anesthesiologist in Ding Ning's treatment process, they would have endless benefits in improving their popularity. The video of Ding Ning's treatment was very famous on the Internet. The number of views had exceeded 100 million, and the number of shares had exceeded one million.

"No, I can use the traditional way of Chinese medicine anesthesia!"

Ding Ning had been prepared since he requested to monitor the whole treatment process from the hospital. He could not miss this opportunity to make an advertis.e.m.e.nt for the method of pulse-cutting anesthesia.

In Ninghai Hu's Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Hu were drinking tea. They looked at each other with happy smiles on their faces. Mr. Hu laughed and said,

"Our senior brother is very powerful. He made such a fuss to advertise his method."

"Whether or not senior brother is sincerely advertising, this means of Chinese medicine anesthesia will definitely be famous. It seems that we have to speed up to recruit volunteers."

Mr. Zhang laughed, touching his beard, and his eyes were full of admiration.

"Hey, thinking of those men's complacent looks when they were called in, I want to laugh. They are all regretting that they didn't believe me. Now they are so enthusiastic."

Mr. Hu said with a proud smile.

"Yes. In the beginning, they called him a small liar, a childish boy. Now they have to withdraw their words. When the Chinese medicine anesthesia method becomes implemented and these little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds see the interest, they will hold senior brother's leg and cry. Haha."

Mr. Zhang also felt very proud and he laughed with pleasure.

Mr. Hu became serious and said, "In any case, we have to thank senior brother this time. His actions are a good foundation for the rise of Chinese medicine, showing the magic of our Chinese medicine. I believe that the poor situation of Chinese medicine will be reversed, which is a gospel for those Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners."

"Yes, but it is weak with only our support. Let's invite the old guys to cheer for senior brother and do something for our Chinese medicine industry."

Mr. Zhang also stopped smiling and seriously advised.

Mr. Hu looked hesitant, and after a moment, he gnashed his teeth and said, "Hey, I still remember the ugly face of old Jiang. If I don't see the big picture, I am unwilling to contact him."

Mr. Zhang said with a funny voice, "Mr. Hu, you have been fighting for a lifetime. Although old Jiang is eccentric, and likes to go against you, his love for Chinese medicine is no less than yours and mine. I think he will take care of the overall situation."

"Then you arrange it. Mentioning the old man upsets me. Let's start a seminar in your name and talk about it in detail."

Mr. Hu said with a look of discomfort.

"That sounds wrong. I think it's better to send invitations in the name of us and senior brother. I don't have such an influence."

Mr. Zhang felt funny. Old Jiang had a strange temper, and the average person could not invite him. Only with Mr. Hu, his old opponent, he would come willingly to swear at him. This special habit had spread throughout the medical profession.

Mr. Hu glanced at him and smiled, pointing at him, "You're using me. That old man has been my opponent since his last life. Aren't you afraid that he will find trouble for our senior brother?"

Mr. Zhang looked in peace and laughed like an old fox. "Real gold is not afraid of fire. Senior brother is a capable person. What are you afraid of? Let him frustrate old Jiang and win credit for you."

Mr. Hu's eyes lit up and suddenly smiled, "Well, I didn't think of it. I will ask senior brother to teach him a lesson, see if he dares to be arrogant. Haha, good idea."

"It is settled. When senior brother completes the treatment, I will go to prepare. We haven't had a grand event in the Chinese medicine industry for 20 years."

Mr. Zhang said sadly.

"Yes, I hope I will have the opportunity to see our traditional medicine once again stand on top of the world, and let everyone recognize the greatness and wonder of Chinese medicine."

Mr. Hu was filled with emotion and looked gloomy.

"Do not worry, it will be. Senior brother is a man who can make a miracle. I have confidence in him." Mr. Zhang was high-spirited and said gently.


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