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Unexpectedly, maybe because this unknown white fish was natural and unpolluted, it tasted quite good. It contained no small fish bones and not much fish blood. The meat was smooth and tender with no fishy smell.

He didn't find it hard to swallow, but felt like enjoying a delicacy. It tasted much better than sas.h.i.+mi.

What surprised him the most was that after the fish went into his stomach, it turned into a warm current and integrated with his True Qi, which restored his True Qi rapidly.

What kind of fish was it? It could turn into True Qi. If he could eat it for a long time, was it not necessary for him to cultivate True Qi?

As Ding Ning thought that, he became increasingly excited with sparkle in his eyes, and continued catching the fishes.

However, after catching a few fishes and biting them, Ding Ning was frustrated to find that only the white fish, which was almost transparent all over, had the effect of increasing True Qi. Other fishes had no difference from ordinary fishes.

Fortunately, there were a small number of white fishes, but not none. Perhaps because it was an isolated place where few people trod, these fish were not afraid of people, and some even curiously swam around his legs.

Ding Ning continued walking forward, searching for the traces of white fishes on his way to escape. After tasting the white fish, he found other fishes hard to swallow.

As he progressed, the stream became deeper and deeper, up to his waist. Besides, he felt the terrain was getting higher and higher. It made him suspect that there might be a mountain in front of him, and the stream flowed down along the mountain. .

He caught three white fishes and ate them on his way, so he no longer felt hungry. However, the stream was getting increasingly deep and cool.

The white fishes turned into True Qi which constantly swam in his meridians and formed cycles, constantly increasing his True Qi and making him feel hotter and hotter.

However, the heat was offset by the increasingly cold stream. Ding Ning felt comfortable all over like bathing in the hot springs the cold winter, and all his blood capillaries stretched out.

Late at night, the moonlight was blocked by the shade of the towering ancient trees on both sides of the stream. The stream was up to Ding Ning's chest, which made him a little surprised at where the source of the stream was.

Water vapor filled the air, forming rolling white fog. The fog was getting increasingly dense, blocking Ding Ning's sight. So he held his breath and dived into the stream, while keeping catching fishes.

As the stream got increasingly deep, there were more white fishes. Ding Ning was very delighted. Once he caught a white fish, he rose to the surface and ate it, and then continue diving into the stream to catch fishes.

Ding Ning didn't know how much time had pa.s.sed and didn't remembered how many white fishes he had eaten. He only felt that the True Qi in his body continued increasing.

Although he didn't feel hungry long ago, he was deeply obsessed with the delicious taste of the white fish. He even forgot that he was still in danger, and as soon as he saw a white fish, he caught up to grab it and eat it.

His True Qi had recovered to normal and kept increasing. The continuously declining water temperature and his increasingly hot True Qi reached a delicate balance, which made him ignore the abnormality of True Qi.

Ding Ning, who occasionally rose the surface to eat white fishes, also ignored that the white fog on the water became increasingly dense and the stream became increasingly wide as the terrain rose. The stream became a cold river.

If you could look down through the white mist from high up in the sky, you would discover that the river where Ding was located was just one of the numerous branches of a huge lake on the top of the mountain.

Meanwhile, Ding Ning noticed that he was going upstream from the increasingly difficult diving, and the water temperature was constantly falling.

Nevertheless, as the white fishes increased and the size of them got increasingly big, he could absorb more and more True Qi. Besides, the hot True Qi was completely able to withstand the coldness of the river, so he decided to continue swimming upstream.

However, he had never discovered that just as he entered the white fog area, a white small snake was not far behind him and kept staring at him.

The snake had only the size of the thumb, only half a foot long. Unlike ordinary water snakes, its scale were very similar to those of the white fish. They were almost transparent white.

The most amazing thing was that there were sharp angles on its head, which made it completely different from other snakes.

There was a slight angular bulge on its forehead and two beard-shaped tentacles on both sides of its mouth gently wriggling in the water. It had a camel's head, a snake's body, a fish's scales, a cattle's ears and a turtle's eyes.

In its eyes, there were not the cold and ruthless pupils like those of a general snake. They were filled with sagacity and humanity, turning with Ding Ning's movements.

If Ding Ning could detect its existence, he would be shocked to find that this white snake looked almost the same as the dragon in legends except that it had no horns on the top of its head and no limbs.

It was a snake that had turned into a flood dragon. With primary wisdom, it was no longer a cold-blooded animal that was ignorant and only hunted by instinct.

Perhaps because it had never seen a human, so it followed Ding Ning, carefully observing every move of his with a hint of curiosity in its smart eyes. Even if he ate a lot of its food, it did not act rashly.

Ding Ning did not realize that the danger was approaching. He kept eating white fishes while struggling to swim upstream.

Until a certain moment, the dark current under the water suddenly stagnated. He only felt relaxed, and the current became gentle. He knew that he had swam to the top of the mountain which was the source of the stream.

However, when he rose to the surface, he found that he was surrounded by dense white fog. He could only see things within three meters at most, which made him instinctly fl.u.s.tered.

Unknown was the source of fear in this world. After all, Ding Ning was just an ordinary person who had learned some martial arts, um, and had some superpower.

He suddenly found that the strange environment where he was at the moment made the five senses and six consciousness to which he had got used useless. How could he stay calm?

He didn't even notice that the cycle of the True Qi in his body was getting increasingly fast and urgent. The white mist around him constantly entered his body like rivers running into sea, making him feel faint swollen pain in his meridians.

"Puff", Watanabe Nomura smirked and pulled his right arm out of the chest of the last running black iron warrior. There was a beating heart on his right hand that had turned into a blade.

The warm blood splashed his face, making him look like a devil crawling out of the deepest h.e.l.l in the dim night.

"Watanabe, you carry out your task resolutely and efficiently. I admire you!"

No one knew whether Onitsuka flattered Watanabe Nomura sincerely or hypocritically. Onitsuka was secretly glad that Watanabe Nomura had surrender to him under his rhetoric.

Otherwise, if they really fought with each other, Watanabe Momura's mutated right hand which was comparable to a sharp weapon and his superpower to perceive danger would make it hard to defeat him.

"Onitsuka, I will definitely make amends for my crimes by cooperating with you to catch the doctor. Please put in a good word for me in front of Master Director."

Watanabe Nomura knew that he had no way back, so he acted humbly. He bowed to Onitsuka ninety degrees and said with respect in his tone.

Onitsuka grinned and patted him on the shoulder, "Do not worry, as long as you sincerely work for Master Director, Master will not treat you unfairly."

"Yeah! Onitsuka, please rest a.s.sured. I will do my best to work for Master, and never forget your kindness."

Watanabe Nomura bowed again deeply and humbly.

"We should continue to chase the doctor and never let him run away."

Onitsuka waved in high spirits. The remaining six black iron warriors bent to show their obedience and quickly dispersed to look around, scaring up countless night birds.

By the stream, Yamada frowned, looked at the translucent fish bone in his hand and kept sniffing it.

Hanako stood by him, miserably covered her bleeding shoulder with her hand and said with a lingering fear.

"Is this guy just a doctor? Why is he more insidious than the experienced hunters? On our way here, we have encountered no less than ten traps."

Yamada frowned, threw the fish bone in his hand and looked at the stream, "This Chinese guy is too cunning. He went along the stream to eliminate all his scent and make my nose lose its effect."

"Where will he escape?"

Hanako took off the mask, revealing a delicate face, but there was grievance flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes.

The superpower she activated only enhanced her speed, but wasn't helpful in tracking and making judgments. Thus, she could only follow Yamada's lead.

"We should chase him upstream. The fish bones were left by human not long ago and drifted down the stream. It must be him."

Yamada stood up and said with a.s.surance.

"Okay. Let's chase him. I must kill him."

Hanako gnashed her teeth and said. It was obvious the traps set by Ding Ning in a hurry had a deep psychological impact on her.

Yamada smiled bitterly, touched the broken s.h.i.+rt in front of his chest and said with a lingering fear, "The Chinese guy is not simple. Just the traps he set in a hurry made us suffer a big loss. If he had sufficient time, I can guarantee that he can make them even more terrifying. We must not take him lightly."

Hanako became anxious and quickly walked upstream, "Let's hurry to chase him. We should not leave him sufficient time. Otherwise, if he set the trap elaborately, both of us will be killed."

"Yeah, this insidious Chinese guy frightens me. We must not leave him sufficient time."

Yamada caught up quickly and agreed with a lingering fear.

As soon as they left, the graceful black figure quietly showed up and whispered, "This little devil has a sensitive nose as well as a smart brain. He can give me directions, otherwise I still don't know where the guy has gone."

The black shadow flashed and disappeared in the same place, as if it had never appeared before.

Pa.s.sing by Yamada and Hanako, Night Lone Ranger went straight to the source of the stream. As the white fog in front of her became increasingly dense, she took a deep breath and said with delight.

"The spiritual aura is so dense, even denser than that in the cave paradises of those sequestered schools. Is there a spiritual aura vein here? I'm so lucky. With the support of enough spiritual aura, maybe I can break through and become a spiritual master."

She walked idly towards the dense fog. As she went inside, she frowned and whispered with a trace of suspicion on her face.

"There is something wrong with the spiritual aura. It contained both Yin and Yang, both ice and fire which are incompatible, and the spiritual fog is illusory. It is impossible to absorb it and nurture the soul with it. Is it a fantasy? Ding Ning, I'm most afraid of pain, but I have to hurt myself once for you. You should compensate me later, humph."

Night Lone Ranger muttered incantations, stretched out her white index finger and bit it with fear on her face. After biting it three times, she finally bit through her fingertip. She squeezed a drop of red blood and applied it to the middle of her eyebrows, "Celestial eye, open!"

As soon as her eyes were dazzle, the environment changed greatly. The dense fog that seemed to have covered the sky and the sun disappeared in her celestial eye. There was only a clear pool as large as about ten feet in front of her. A white snake coiled on a big bluestone on the side of the pool. It raised its head like human, staring at Night Lone Ranger with fear and anger in its smart scorpions. It swallowed and spat its bright red tongue and hissed, seeming to warn her not to spoil her affair.


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