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Although there were white fishes in the pool, he did not dare to eat them anymore. He lost control of himself not only due to the blood of the flood dragon, and the white fishes also played a role in it.

Soon he discovered he was different. The whole world became more vivid and lively in his eyes. His five senses and six consciousness became more sensitive, and even the sounds of ants crawling hundreds of meters away could not hide from his ears.

No, not his ear, it was his spiritual strength. Ding Ning felt refreshed and carefully experienced his changes.

The superpower s.p.a.ce still existed, but there was another s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows and the back of his brain, with a humanoid flame.

According to the information inexplicably coming from his mind, he knew that he had inadvertently opened another acupore and striven through another pa.s.s. The main acupore was connected with the Yang acupore. The main acupore was actually the upper dantian, not the superpower s.p.a.ce he thought.

The main acupore, also known as earth palace, was between two eyes. Its location was the center of "consciousness" as well as the source of True Qi, because spiritual consciousness was the master of life, and True Qi was the foundation of life. Only with consciousness in the center, one could sense the whole body. Only with True Qi as the foundation, one could run it in the body. This acupore was the core of life activities. Holding it could eliminate disease and prolong life, while losing it would accelerate one's age and death.

Consciousness carried out activities through this acupore which was the "entrance and exit" of consciousness. Exit led to death, while entrance led to life, so it was also known as the "gateway of life and death". Grasping it was equal to mastering one's own life.

According to the information coming from his mind, in fact, Ding Ning had opened two acupores. The jade pillow pa.s.s was also called celestial acupore.

The jade pillow pa.s.s was between the occipital bones on the back of the brain. It was parallel to the "upper Dantian" and was the center of "spirit". Its location was the root of life. If it was damaged slightly, one would be in a confused state of mind. If it was damaged severely, one would die.

Under this acupore, there was an indentation. If the indentation was deep, one's acupore would be closed and spirits would be drooping. If one could pay attention to "keep his head and neck straight", the indentation would be full, so his acupore would be opened and spirits would be high.

Consciousness was connected with this acupore. If consciousness integrated with spirit, one would be "settled in high spirits", and his spirit could be strengthened.

According to Ding Ning's understanding, the upper Dantian was the place where spiritual strength was stored as well as the source of the birth of True Qi. It directly affected the life of human.

The jade pillow pa.s.s was the location of the soul as well as the birthplace of spiritual power, or could be said to be the center of life which mastered the vitality.

Nine acupores were distributed in the front, back, top, bottom and middle of the body, forming the image of the nine houses and eight diagrams. It contained the Tai Chi theory of yin and yang, related to the eight extra meridians of the human body.

If the human body was regarded as a sophisticated machine, the meridians were the tracks that transported the power, while the essence, energy and spirit were the power output devices of this machine.

Ding Ning took out the stone man to form a three-dimensional pattern and ran True Qi according to the stone man's meridian route. The True Qi entered the brain from the middle of the eyebrows through the entryway, and then entered the nose, the glabellum and finally the earth palace to form a cycle. This was the method of cultivating spiritual strength, named the Sutra of Cultivating Spirit.

After a cycle, the humanoid flame in the upper Dantian was visibly larger, which made Ding Ning feel refreshed.

So far, Ding Ning had opened three acupores among his nine acupores, which made him energetic and his spirit contained in his soul with a smart brain, bright eyes and an extraordinary retentive memory.

As he continued cultivating according to the Sutra of Cultivating Spirit, his spirit could be strengthened and his five senses and six consciousness could be constantly enhanced. Besides, it could prolong his life.

It reminded him of Shen Muqing's illness. Although now he was able to exert the tenth needle of Nine Ghosts and 13-needle Technique, he was still uncertain about curing her.

After all, she was born with the illness. Congenital disease was a genetic disease caused by congenital deficiency. It would result in make her deficiency in Qi deficiency and weakness in spirit, and loss in vitality thus to cause immune system disorders.

However, if he could teach her the Sutra of Cultivating Spirit, everything would be different. She could regulate herself, conserve her energy and complement her vitality. Although her heart disease could not be cured, it could constantly strengthen her physique and give her a good body foundation.

Aplastic anemia was one of the important reasons why she couldn't have an operation.

Aplastic anemia was caused by immune dysfunction. Practicing the Sutra of Cultivating Spirit could completely help her regulate herself and adjust her disordered immune system.

The only problem was that he didn't know if Shen Muqing had a talent in practicing and could sense the existence of True Qi.

Nevertheless, considering her strong mind and open-mindedness, as well as her extraordinary cleverness, her spiritual strength was definitely stronger than that of ordinary people. This treatment plan was still very feasible.

Night Lone Ranger easily got rid of Yamada and Hanako who came here stealthily. She was increasingly satisfied with the state after the breakthrough, but the faint pain from her lower body still made her feel very uncomfortable.

She spat and cursed in anger, "The guy is a beast who has never touched a woman. He hurt me terribly. Humph, I'll leave him alone."

She quietly blended in the darkness and turned back in an attempt to steal a glance at what Ding Ning was doing.

When she saw him wear underpants made of leaves with nothing but a wooden bow on his back and look like a savage, she almost failed to hold back the laughter.

Perhaps a woman had a special feeling for the man to whom she had lost her virginity, or perhaps her task was to protect Ding Ning, so she finally couldn't bear to leave him alone.

Of course, she did not want to face Ding Ning again. She just secretly followed him, but had made up her mind. If this stinky man was not in danger, she would never reappear.

However, what she didn't know was that Ding Ning's current spiritual strength was not much weaker than her, but he just didn't know how to use it. His spiritual strength had enabled him to discover her trace.

At the beginning, Ding Ning was still quite nervous. He didn't know what to say to her. Later he found that she didn't want to show up, which made him feel relieved, slightly lost and somewhat inexplicably grateful.

He could tell that Night Lone Ranger was protecting him secretly. How good the girl was. She had been raped by him, but she still cared about his safety.

It was just that he had been wondering who Night Lone Ranger was and why she showed up in a vast forests where few people trod. Could she be a goblin?

Thinking of this possibility, he suddenly shuddered. He had mistakenly believed that he had eaten a dragon. Even the dragon existed, it was normal that there was a goblin.

Was she a fox goblin? A tree demon? A fish demon? A snake goblin? A mountain goblin or a water demon?

She had better be a fox goblin. Even if it was impossible, he could barely accept a snake goblin. Anyway, the predecessor Xu Xian had already had s.e.x with a snake goblin, and the fox goblin was widely circulated. He was more psychologically adaptable to it.

Nevertheless, he hoped that she wasn't a spider goblin or centipede goblin. Just thinking of them was enough to make him horrified. He couldn't accept it at all.

The predecessor Xu Xian could be very arrogant to show off that he had slept with a snake goblin.

What should he say? Could he say that he had slept with a spider goblin or centipede goblin a few days ago?

What the f.u.c.k, at the thought of the scene... It was so beautiful. Uh, no, it was too disgusting!

Ding Ning secretly muttered. After a comparison, he prayed that she had better be a fox goblin. It could warm his bed at night and be his pet during the day, and it was so fluffy that he would feel comfortable when touching it.

If Night Lone Ranger knew that Ding Ning had mistaken her for a goblin and chosen the race for her, no one knew if she would be mad to jump out and beat him a hundred times!

There came faint voices in front of him. Ding Ning, who had returned to the peak state and had a great breakthrough, was no longer afraid. Even if he was barefoot, he began to run like a nimble civet cat.

Night Lone Ranger was surprised to watch Ding Ning suddenly take an action. She secretly cursed that he was insane to rush up to fight with them.

It was naturally no problem for her to do that. However, in her eyes, Ding Ning's strength was at most equivalent to the level of a bronze warrior, while there were two bronze warriors on the other side.

"Idiot, it seems that I've made you lose your mind. Without knowing the level of their strength, you dare to rush up."

"Humph, you are just seeking death. You won't know the complexities of the world if I don't let you endure a hards.h.i.+p. I hope that you will be beaten to half death, and it can make me cool down."

Thus, Night Lone Ranger leisurely watched them.

Perhaps he wanted to tell the goblin that he was actually not that weak. Perhaps his male chauvinism made him unwilling to perform badly in front of his own woman.

Therefore, Ding Ning began to pull the bow and shoot even without watching them while running. "Puff! Puff! Puff!" Three consecutive arrows were shot at the forest almost at the same time.

"Ah!" Three screams were issued almost at the same time, and there was a chaos in the forest.

"Don't panic. Disperse, disperse!"

"f.u.c.k, the arrows are poisonous. Kameoka died."

"The detestable Chinese guy, I will avenge Yumiko."

"Disperse to outflank him. Don't let him escape."

"Puff! Puff! Puff!"

Dozens of arrows were shot at the place where Ding Ning shot arrows. But unfortunately Ding Ning had gone. The arrows missed the target, densely inserted into the ground.

Night Lone Ranger opened her pretty eyes wide in astonishment. She didn't expect that Ding Ning was so skilled in archery.

However, it surprised her later that Ding Ning came and went like a ghost in her sight. He pulled the bow and shot the arrows so quickly that his speed was barely detectable to the naked eye, and he didn't miss any target.

If the inferior leaves underpants blown up by the wind had not made him look funny, he actually looked a little like Robin Hood.

"f.u.c.k, do you dare to come out and fight with me? Shame on you to make a sniping attack!"

Watanabe Nomura roared with rage.

Onitsuka looked at him speechlessly, very anxious for his intelligence, "If you are besieged by a group of people and able to get rid of them one by one, will you come out and fight with them one by one?"

Night Lone Ranger laughed wildly. The j.a.panese guy obviously had a brain circuit different from that of ordinary people.

"Okay, let me fight with you one by one!"

What surprised everyone was that with a "puff", the last black iron warrior was shot in the throat and fell to the ground, and Ding Ning came out directly.

Night Lone Ranger supported her forehead with her hand, once again determined that the guy were fascinated by her beauty so that his intelligence completely fell to the level of Watanabe Nomura.

With a fierce light in his eyes, Watanabe Nomura held the knife handle with both hands to pull out the warrior's long knife, "f.u.c.k, let's fight."

"Let's fight in one time. You are far away from being skilled in playing with the knife."

Ding Ning lifted up a warrior's long knife from the body of a black iron warrior with his tiptoes. He flourished the knife with one hand, which made his momentum change.

He was radiating brilliant light like an unsheathed long knife, aloof from the world like a peerless swordsman, full of arbitrariness and arrogance, which made a fascinating sparkle flash across Night Lone Ranger's eyes.

"Arrogant Chinese guy, go to h.e.l.l."

Watanabe Nomura stamped on the ground with the tiptoe, leaped up in the air and raised his long knife with his hands to chop the top of Ding Ning's head.

"Since you said, I will do as you asked. Watanabe, be careful to catch him alive."

There was cold sparkle flas.h.i.+ng through Onitsuka's eyes. From the moment Ding Ning picked up the knife, his horrifying momentum made him feel strongly uneasy.

He had no time to care about the Bus.h.i.+do spirit. The long knife was unsheathed from his waist. As the bright knife flashed, it transversely chopped Ding Ning's waist.

Night Lone Ranger subconsciously wanted to take action, but heard Ding Ning's calm voice, "You should not play with the knife like this."

Before he finished his words, as if the darkness ushered in the light, countless gorgeous knife flashes s.h.i.+ned through the entire forest at the moment.

Even Night Lone Ranger who had a good eyesight couldn't see clearly whether Ding Ning had wield the knife once or countless times at this moment.


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