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Chapter 999 54,000 Kilograms

No one expected the young man in white to suddenly lose his temper and shout at them provocatively. Even though he only scolded the two leaders of the Not Missing Home House, almost everyone present felt as if they were all cursed.

The second leader was stunned and didn’t react quickly.

He couldn’t believe that someone would dare to insult him here.

The bald big leader was also a little confused.

Only when an uproar broke out like boiling magma did the second leader and the big leader react and stand up with red faces and sharp eyes.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are courting death.” The big leader’s killing intent burst out.

Li Mu almost laughed out loud. “Don’t talk nonsense. Make a move if you can.”

At that moment, the big master almost couldn’t control himself and took action directly. However, the second leader quickly pulled his sleeve. It was no different from courting death to take action in the auction of the Dragon King Society.

“If you don’t dare to make a move or continue to raise the price, withdraw your head and continue to be a coward.” Li Mu said sarcastically, “Don’t think that your Not Missing Home House is very famous. Once you go out of the underground city of the Constellation Demon Mountain, you are nothing serious. Now, you are just two cowards afraid of death. Don’t show off!”

The faces of the two leaders of the Not Missing Home House changed without stopping. They were so angry that they almost exploded on the spot. They had never been scolded like this before.

The others around were also a little scared.

Li Mu’s words showed he did not take the two members of the Not Missing Home House seriously.

The experts of the Dragon King Society on the scene in charge of maintaining order issued a warning to Li Mu and the two leaders of the Not Missing Home House and let them be quiet. Therefore, the disturbance caused by the two sides subsided on the surface.

“Hey! Brat, you have the guts. This magic weapon Heavenly Exclamation will belong to you. I hope you can have the guts all the time.” The big leader laughed, glanced at Li Mu, and sat back. His anger disappeared.

“d.a.m.n it! You are so good at tolerating.

“Are you two turtles?”

Seeing the two of them sit down, Li Mu also sat down.

He wanted to provoke these two people to take action and get rid of them. Anyway, he had already become enemies with the Not Missing Home House because of the death of the fat man. Their att.i.tude didn’t seem to be kind, so Li Mu wasn’t soft-hearted to them.

However, these devils had lived in Jianghu for a long time and were good at tolerating others.

In the end, the divine weapon, the Heavenly Exclamation, was bought by Li Mu.

The members of the Dragon King Society personally sent the golden stick to Li Mu’s seat, and Li Mu paid the fairy crystals on the spot. Then, the Heavenly Exclamation officially belonged to him.

Green Ox Taoist knew Li Mu had 100,000 fairy crystals given by the First Sword of the Liuyuns, so he didn’t care about such a huge sum of money. To be honest, as the second-in-command of the Sanctuary of the Way on the surface, he didn’t know much about money and treasures. Therefore, he couldn’t understand the shock of the others at present.

A divine weapon with a starting price of 10,000 fairy crystals was finally sold for 80,000. It was crazy.

The divine weapon Heavenly Exclamation had the highest price increase tonight. The problem was that many people knew Heavenly Exclamation was from the devil races. It was said to be invincible but not worth 80,000 fairy crystals.

In the eyes of the beholders, Li Mu was a lunatic.

Many people looked at Li Mu with awe, contempt, ridicule, confusion, and other emotions.

“Let’s go.”

Li Mu got up directly and walked out of the hall.

Green Ox Taoist said, “Don’t you want to watch the fun for a while?”

Li Mu said, “No, I’ve run out of money.”

Green Ox Taoist said frankly, “I can lend some to you.”

Li Mu shook his head and said, “No need.”

Green Ox Taoist said, “Well, I have something to bid on. I’ll leave later.”

Li Mu said, “Okay! See you at the inn.”

Now that he had obtained the Heavenly Exclamation, Li Mu couldn’t wait to go back to the inn and find w.a.n.g s.h.i.+yu’s soul inside it. If there were two souls inside, he would complete all the tasks in the Battlefield of Chaos this time. He would be completely relieved.

Li Mu’s departure caused many people to be stunned.

Many people thought the lunatic would continue to go crazy and waste a lot of money to bid, but it turned out that he only came for the Heavenly Exclamation. Many people wondered if there was some secret hidden in the Heavenly Exclamation so that the mysterious young man had taken it at all costs.

“Send someone to keep an eye on him,” the bald big leader of the Not Missing Home House said. “Tell the third brother not to take action in a hurry. Let’s wait until he leaves the underground city of the Constellation Demon Mountain.”

The second leader gnashed his teeth and said, “I’ll do it myself with the third brother.”

The big leader said, “Okay. When I get that thing, I’ll meet you. Humph! He is just a fake disciple of the Sword Savant. How dare he be so arrogant? I’ll make him regret being born in this world.”

In another VIP seat not far away, a purple-robed young man said, “Brother, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is going to slip away.”

Another purple-robed young man said, “Old Mu, please follow him.”

The grey-haired elder, who had been standing behind the young man with his eyes closed, opened his eyes. There was still a trace of drowsiness in his turbid pupils. He asked blankly, “Do you want him to be dead or alive?”

The purple-robed young man said, “It’s better to be half-dead.”

The grey-haired elder nodded, turned around, and went out.

“He’s gone.” Sister Jianing from the Holy Land of Delirious Voices felt a sense of loss. She felt a little disappointed for some reason.

Sister Shu Ying didn’t say anything and looked at her thoughtfully.

“This young man is an upright gentleman, but he has a murderous aura, related to his great cause. You two had better stay away from him,” the middle-aged beautiful woman said.

The two young disciples were far inferior to her in Jianghu. She could see many people clearly with her eyes.

“I will stay away far from this rude fellow who only cares about his money,” Sister Jianing hurriedly said.

At this time, on the central stone platform, the valiant female auctioneer said, “The next auction item is called Purple Pole Thunder Liquid. There is only one bottle of it. It is the ultimate thunder liquid refined by the Cosmic Emperor Deathless from the tribulation thunder. It is very beneficial to the pract.i.tioners of the Way of Thunder. It is said once you absorb it, you can be on the way to being a great emperor in your body. The starting price is 50,000 fairy crystals, and the price should be increased by no less than 5,000 fairy crystals each time.”

The crowd burst into an uproar.

The starting price was 50,000 fairy crystals, and each increase was no less than 5,000.

This terrifying number caused many people present to feel dizzy and poor.

In the quietest VIP seat on the scene, a tall figure, who had been closing his eyes and pretending to be asleep, slowly opened his eyes. He curled up the corners of his mouth slightly, revealing a trace of a smile. He said, “It finally shows up. The Purple Pole Thunder Liquid can be the foundation of a great emperor. Once I refine it, I can even get rid of the fragments of the Legend of Deification. Ha… It’s too suitable for me.”

Inside the inn’s room, Li Mu placed the Heavenly Exclamation in the center. Then he nervously took out the rusted sword. He injected his True Energy into it and slowly activated it.

The silver radiance of the sword flashed between every two traces of rust on the sword.

The vibration frequency of the sword was extremely high.

However, none of w.a.n.g s.h.i.+yu’s souls appeared in the Heavenly Exclamation.

Li Mu frowned slightly.

What was going on?

“Could it be that the news from the Sanctuary of the Way was wrong?

“That’s impossible. The rusted sword has the same reaction as the last time I found w.a.n.g s.h.i.+yu’s souls and psyches. Logically speaking, there must be at least a soul of w.a.n.g s.h.i.+yu in the Heavenly Exclamation. How could there be no soul?”

Li Mu put the rusted sword aside and observed the Heavenly Exclamation carefully.

The long golden stick seemed to be made of gold, but it was not. It was not heavy and weighed about 500 kilograms. There were vivid coiling dragon patterns on it. The two golden dragons with five claws were separated from the middle of the stick, each winding to the other side of the golden stick. The whole stick was thin in the middle and thick in two ends. It gave people a perfect sense of touching and attacking.

Li Mu waved his stick casually.

The shadows of the stick were everywhere, and the faint roars of dragons could be heard in the air.

The two coiling dragon carvings on the sticks seemed to come to life.

It seemed he could use the stick perfectly.

When Li Mu tried to inject his True Energy into the stick, he found that it was impossible. It was like a wooden stick could not be electrocuted. This strange golden stick could not accept any infusion of True Energy at all.

Li Mu was stunned.

Could it be that this stick could only be used for physical attacks and didn’t accept any inner strength of its user?

If it was the case, how could it become a famous weapon of the devil races?

Wait! The devil races?

Li Mu suddenly realized a point that he had been ignoring.

The golden stick, the Heavenly Exclamation, was a famous weapon of the devil races. Did it mean that only the demonic power of the devil races could activate it? Therefore, the power of the Human Clan’s True Energy could not activate it.

“You can give it a try.”

Back then, when Li Mu activated the primitive bloodline of the Green Fox, Bi Yan, his right hand was branded with the bloodline runes of the Green Fox Tribe. They were layered on top of each other and could activate his demonic power. However, he had not used them these years.

He injected his True Energy into his right hand and activated the blood-colored bloodline runes on his finger bones.

A layer of faint cyan and red blood light came out of Li Mu’s palm.

It was demonic power.

Li Mu held the Heavenly Exclamation with his mutated hand. The next moment, the famous weapon of the devil races buzzed. Something incredible happened. The two golden coiling dragons seemed to be alive, winding and rotating on the stick like two rotating drills. Moreover, their rotation did not affect the touch of the Heavenly Exclamation at all. The stick gave Li Mu a feeling of smoothness and coldness. He held it firmly.

“It’s getting heavier.”

Li Mu felt as the two coiling dragons twisted and rotated, the weight of the Heavenly Exclamation increased several times. In the blink of an eye, the weight had exceeded 5,000 kilograms and was still growing wildly.

“It’s interesting. Is this the true form of the Heavenly Exclamation?”

In a few seconds, the weight of the golden long stick had reached 54,000 kilograms.

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