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Yang Feng's limbs were stiff.

Just now, he said to the black-robed childe that swordsmen always violated the law by violence and that there wouldn't be vicious murder incidents in broad daylight, expect the Penglai Taoist sect that was very powerful and that even the Pinglu government couldn't control. But now, in his sight, Skinny Monkey was falling down with his life uncertain and the Big Master of the carriage gang fell on the ground, his right arm flying away from his shoulder.

"How could this happen?"

"Who wanted to fight against the carriage gang?"

"Are they the bandits coming for robbing the goods of the carriage gang?"

When Yang Feng saw the childe with a gloomy look, he understood.

He looked familiar.

He was the incapable childe who was beaten by Yang Feng because he injured a fellow of the carriage gang at the courier station yesterday and who said to destroy the carriage gang.

More than a dozen people rushed directly towards the fellows of the carriage gang and launched a.s.saults. With a sullen face, the incapable childe came over from the official road aggressively with another more than a dozen people. He looked at Yang Feng, his face full of revenge. "I've said that I will destroy your carriage gang. I will do what I have said! You dared to provoke me and our w.a.n.g family. You court death!"

Yang Feng felt chill and trembled all over. The Big Master, the only pract.i.tioner of Qi techniques in the carriage gang, had already fallen down with his arm broken. At this time, although he managed to get up with the help of the carriage, his face was pale and he was shaking all over. He was unable to fight back, let alone his fighting ability was greatly reduced.

The cultivation of the other side's fighter was surely higher than the Big Master's. It was possible that he was in Level 2 or Level 3 of Qi-refining.

And now, the fighter was standing on the top of a tree by the road with his hands clasped behind his back. After he injured the only one pract.i.tioner in the carriage gang seriously with one strike, he began to look on coldly at all directions. The common cultivator of Qi-refining couldn't have his manner and bearing, so he was a rare true master, probably in the middle-level Qi-refining!

A cultivator in Level 2 of Qi-refining was enough to make the carriage gang suffer a catastrophe, not to mention a rare master who was very likely in middle-level Qi-refining. There was no room for the twenty or thirty people of the carriage gang who delivered goods this time to escape.

Most of them were just Warrior Masters and Warrior Knights. They took their youth and health as a cost to work so hard to earn a little money in daily life. All their money was hard-earned money. Such conscientious ordinary people were like nothing more than fireflies in the crowd, and they weren't even qualified to call themselves cultivators in front of the pract.i.tioner like the sun and the moon. How could they fight against the pract.i.tioner? In front of the towering waves, how could they save the carriage gang and the people in it?

Yang Feng felt like falling into an ice cave and sinking into an abyss. Such a rare master had become the enemy of the carriage gang. He felt hopeless when he heard the childe in splendid clothes say out "the w.a.n.g family".

Only the w.a.n.g family, who was one of the four big families in Qing Prefecture and one of the two big families of the Pinglu Army, was able to dispatch the cultivator in middle-level Qi-refining! Now Yang Feng could understand why the other side could act so overbearingly and dared to hurt people in broad daylight.

The Va.s.sal State Army was always arrogant. The Penglai Taoist sect did everything as they pleased because they had many masters with their high status and because the world was so chaotic that the government and the Imperial Astronomical Observatory couldn't control them. Then, as the actual controller of Pinglu, the Pinglu Army acted with arrogance and lawlessness. They took charge of the army and dared to expel the commissioner who was appointed by the imperial court, so what about bullying their small carriage gang?

Yang Feng didn't expect that he would provoke them. Yesterday night, he made a fight in a rage as he saw the fellow of the carriage gang was beaten to break a leg by them outside the courier station. In fact, he had a scruple at the beginning. After all, the carriage gang only had a little force, so he got used to being careful and he was afraid to provoke the Big Shots.

He dared to beat the other side badly because he was aware that the other side wasn't a Big Shot with the cultivation of Warrior Master and that his two attendants had low cultivation. But who would have thought that this guy was from the w.a.n.g family and that he would bring such a master here today?

Yang Feng felt dizzy. If he knelt down and kowtowed to the childe of the w.a.n.g family, which could make him let go of the fellows of the carriage gang, and if he killed himself, which could save everyone's life, he wouldn't hesitate. But they rushed over to fight without saying a word, so they obviously didn't want to deal with the matter friendly and tried to throw their weight around. What could Yang Feng do?

Looking at the other side's fighters rushed towards the Big Master and the fellows of the carriage gang, Yang Feng was full of remorse. He thought that he got the carriage gang into trouble and that everyone would suffer today. They might not actually kill all the twenty or thirty people, but it wasn't that hard to cripple them all.

Yang Feng was furious. He hated himself and got angry with himself, and he also hated the other side and the unfair world. He pulled out his long knife and was going to fight against them. He wasn't afraid of death. If he didn't die, he couldn't make amends. A true man wasn't afraid of death. After reincarnation, he would be a hero again!

Before the fight, Yang Feng said to the black-robed childe behind him, "Childe Li, you leave quickly. This matter has nothing to do with you. Don't get involved in it! The other side is from the w.a.n.g family of Qing Prefecture, so even if you are the distinguished guest of the Cui family, you can't provoke them. Leave quickly!"

While saying this, Yang Feng jumped out.

But as soon as he stepped off the ground, he was pulled back. He turned his head in surprise and saw the calm face of the black-robed childe. The other side shook his head. "Calm down."

Yang Feng wanted to cry. "Childe, I'm calm. You are the one who should calm down! They are from the w.a.n.g family of Qing Prefecture and the Pinglu Army! I asked you to leave, so why don't you leave? You stay here to hold me back, showing that you're with me. I'm very touched by your kindness, but you are impulsive and you will suffer!"

"Childe, run away quickly! What are you doing here?"

Yang Feng waved his hand. "My fellows are going to get chopped off. Why did you pull me back? Don't pull me. If you don't leave, your attendants will suffer, too. Can you imagine the scene that the beautiful fairy Taoist is caught by the bad guys? Won't you be heartbroken? Why don't you leave now? The childe of the rich family isn't sensible." "This is my private resentment and I'm going to fight them. You take..."

Yang Feng wanted to say a "You take the fairy Taoist to leave quickly". He turned his head to run again, but his foot stopped in the air and didn't come down for a long time as he took his first step. He opened his mouth so wide that his throat could be seen. He couldn't close his mouth.

The fairy Taoist flew again like an immortal. In the air, she pulled out her long sword to chop down with her robes fluttering. Her movement was accomplished in one breath, natural and smooth. With her outstretched arms and broad robes, she looked like a wing-spreading crane!

The cultivator, who was standing on the top of the tree by the road with a demeanor of a master and whom Yang Feng thought was very likely a rare master in Level 3 or Level 4 of Qi-refining, was. .h.i.t directly by the Sword Qi from the fairy Taoist. He vomited blood and flew backward from the treetop like a man of wood. Under the Sword Qi, the leaves were fluttering all over the sky and falling like heavy snow.

Yang Feng opened his eyes wide, his eyeb.a.l.l.s almost falling out. "This Taoist is not only beautiful and rare but also she has the strength comparable to the immortal? Is such a woman really a fairy from heaven? Am I dreaming?"

Just now, Yang Feng's mood changed too much. And now, he remembered that she had flown away more than 30 meters in an instant when she blushed. She was like an immortal at that time.

At the same time, the chubby guy, who was inconspicuous in Yang Feng's eyes, also jumped up in the air. His round body in the air was like a rubber ball being kicked away, which looked funny.

But Yang Feng dared not to think so because the chubby guy moved very fast. Pulling out the peach wood sword, he jumped into the carriage team. Before the cultivators of the w.a.n.g family, who looked murderously, could touch the clothes of the fellows of the carriage gang, they flew away howling one after another, like fish thrown from a river with no room for resistance!

And the chubby guy's fighting was so cautious that he didn't let them fall down on the farmland by the road to destroy the crops and that he let them fall down behind the carriages, piling up one by one like a hill very soon!

The two Taoists responded too fast and their cultivation was too high!

Yang Feng, who was in Warrior Mentor Realm, didn't see clearly how the chubby Taoist fought and he could only see vague shadows.

Yang Feng felt absurd that the people of the w.a.n.g family could be defeated so easily. Although the other side wasn't the home lord of the w.a.n.g family and couldn't dispatch the outstanding masters, he couldn't bring a bunch of good-for-nothings to come here for revenge. Why were they defeated so easily?

Yang Feng's foot finally stepped on the ground firmly. He turned to stare at the black-robed childe who still looked calm. His mouth moved slightly, not saying a word, because he really didn't know what to say.

"What can I say? Childe, you are so lucky. There is a fairy Taoist with a beautiful appearance and an otherworldly temperament admiring you secretly and there is also a rare master solving problems at any time. What's more, they are the same person. This is the treatment for a person who has done good things for ten generations."

"No wonder you didn't leave, it turns out that you have reliance..."

Yang Feng admired the black-robed childe that he always looked as usual and that he didn't take the incident in front of him seriously. "Even if the rich childe with low cultivation in the front is unable to fight when in trouble and he relies on others to protect him and solve problems, I have to admire his unflappable bearing. Good self-restraint. Good self-restraint."

The black-robed childe smiled without saying anything. He suddenly looked behind Yang Feng, so Yang Feng looked back and felt shocked. A short cultivator suddenly ran out from behind the childe of the w.a.n.g family as fast as a flash of lightning. When Yang Feng noticed the other side's movement, the other side had already arrived in front of him, and then a strong wind blew.

He looked inconspicuous with an ordinary appearance and a short figure, so it wasn't easy to notice him in the crowd behind the childe of the w.a.n.g family. His sudden attack was totally unpredictable and made people impossible to defend effectively!

What made Yang Feng terrified more was that the speed of the other side's attack was so fast that there was no trace at all? He was obviously a great master and a rarer outstanding master than the master on the treetop by the road! Yang Feng had never seen such a master before. If he heard the other side's fighting deeds in daily life, he would admire him and felt excited for half a day, and then he would cultivate seriously for the other half a day!

But now, such a master suddenly attack the black-robed childe behind Yang Feng!

Yang Feng wasn't stupid, so he immediately understood. The fairy Taoist and the chubby Taoist defeated their men effortlessly, so if they didn't want to run away, they had to find a way to fight back. But the people of the carriage gang definitely couldn't invite such masters. Standing beside Yang Feng, the rich childe with nice clothes and elegant bearing was obviously the other side's man, so the fight would have a turnaround if they captured him.

"It is over!"

"All is over!"

This was all the thoughts in Yang Feng's mind. He didn't expect that the men of the w.a.n.g family would react so swiftly and make a response so quickly. It was a brilliant idea to capture the chief first to beat his force. Obviously, the fairy Taoist and the chubby Taoist, who just fought, didn't have enough time to help and he himself didn't even see clearly the shape of the man, therefore, the black-robed childe completely lost protection and he was exposed to the other side's master. He would suffer.

"A blunder!"

"A blunder!"

"The fairy Taoist and the chubby Taoist have made a mistake! Why didn't they leave one person to protect the black-robed childe? The fellows of the carriage gang were going to be killed, so they had no choice but to fight rashly? Alas, they are good people, good people! But what about now? If the black-robed childe is captured, they will stop fighting for fear of the childe's getting hurting. Once the black-robed childe is coerced by the other side, the fairy Taoist and the chubby Taoist have to step backward or even retreat. By that time, will the fellows of the carriage gang suffer again?"

"It's in vain!"

"Bang." A loud sound suddenly sounded in Yang Feng's ear and he drew back his neck. He didn't know how badly the black-robed childe would be beaten. Then Yang Feng heard a fit of coughing and a cry of distress. It seemed that someone was grabbed by the neck.

Yang Feng held his long knife firmly and was ready to fight. In any case, he couldn't let the black-robed childe suffer because he was a good person. Yang Feng turned around, raised his knife, used enough strength, and chopped down!


Yang Feng was scared to gasp and took back his knife as he saw the scene in front of him. Fortunately, he responded quickly and he could control his strength as he wanted, otherwise, he would really chop down his sword.

"That will be really over."

Because in front of Yang Feng, the person, who was grabbed by the neck to lift in the air, was not the black-robed childe whom he thought of, but the outstanding master who launched a sudden attack!

Yang Feng blankly stared at the black-robed childe who was holding the other side's neck with one hand in a calm look and didn't come to his sense for a long time. These two guys were in the opposite position...

For the first time, Yang Feng felt that he was so young that he couldn't understand Jianghu or people. "Isn't the black-robed childe a guy with low cultivation? Is he different from the childe of the w.a.n.g family?"

"He doesn't need protection at all?"

"Is he the outstanding master who hides deepest, who has the highest cultivation, and who is the most powerful?"

Yang Feng's expression changed a lot. He remembered what he had said to the black-robed childe and immediately felt ashamed. "He is so powerful, but I asked him not to go to Penglai to avoid being beaten. I also advised him to run away and not to provoke the w.a.n.g family. He has been so calm and he has no impulse at all. It's clear that he doesn't take these people seriously!"

"Childe Li, why don't you tell me that you have such high cultivation? You make me worry for a long time..." Yang Feng looked at the black-robed childe bitterly and felt wronged.

The black-robed childe smiled. "But you don't ask."

Yang Feng was stunned for a while and almost bit his tongue. He, indeed, didn't ask. From the very beginning, he thought that the other side was the same as the childe of the w.a.n.g family. After all, he didn't like these rich childes at first...

"Who are you? Do you know who we are? You dared to provoke our w.a.n.g family in Pinglu. How many heads do you have? I have to tell my..." the childe of the w.a.n.g family scolded in anger, pointing at the black-robed childe far away.

Before he could finish his words, he was carried away hurriedly by the cultivators behind him.

"We have to run away. The master is held in his hand. If we don't run away so that the childe is beaten again, we will be killed by the general when going back."

"Running away is the best choice. We can call in reinforcements to deal with these guys later because they can't run away in Pinglu..."

"Childe Li, thank you for your help. All the people in the carriage gang and I are very grateful to you!" Yang Feng cleaned up his various moods and hurriedly expressed his appreciation. Then he sighed again. "Alas, the people of the w.a.n.g family. Childe Li, the matter is serious."

After he said this, the black-robed childe surnamed Li made a strange gesture. He raised his right arm to move forward.

Yang Feng didn't understand who he was doing it for because the fairy Taoist and the chubby Taoist had already come back and they didn't move. However, obviously, his gesture was an order with the meaning of making people take action. According to the current situation, he was ordering people to chase the childe of the w.a.n.g family. But Yang Feng didn't see anyone make a move.

"Is the childe deliberately mystifying?" Yang Feng shook his head to deny it.

The black-robed childe was Li Ye. He threw the cultivator in his hand on the ground. He smiled as he heard Yang Feng's words, but he didn't care. "No matter the matter is serious or not, I wanted to meet with the w.a.n.g family long ago."

Yang Feng was clear-minded now. He asked Li Ye curiously, "Childe Li, who are you actually?"

Li Ye smiled, but he didn't make an explanation.

"Okay! I don't ask!" Yang Feng didn't force him. If he didn't want to talk, he would have his reason. Yang Feng turned his head and wanted to run over to check on the Big Master's injuries. Li Ye suddenly called him and threw him a bottle of Dan Pills. "It's the Cultivation Pill which is useful to the Big Master."

"The Cultivation Pill?" Yang Feng's hand trembled, and he almost didn't catch it. The Cultivation Pill was the panacea, and each one was worth a lot of money. He had never seen it before and just heard about it. "Childe Li is so generous?" Yang Feng quickly uncorked the bottle and prepared to pour out one.

"You needn't pour out the pill. I'll give you all of them." Li Ye smiled. "One pill isn't enough for the Big Master to recover his injuries thoroughly."

Yang Feng looked at Li Ye in disbelief. If he hadn't seen Li Ye's strength, he would have thought the pills were fake. No one would give away a bottle of Cultivation Pills casually. There were at least five pills in it.

"Is Childe Li the luck star of the carriage gang? The carriage gang will be over without the help of Childe Li, today!"

"Don't stand here. Go over there. The Big Master's injuries should be treated immediately." Li Ye smiled gently.

"Yes, okay! Thank you, Childe Li..." Yang Feng nodded hurriedly. At this moment, Childe Li was tall and powerful in his eyes.

Cui Keli went out of the carriage and glanced at the cultivator lying on the ground. He said to Li Ye, "I didn't expect to meet the men of the w.a.n.g family here. Since we have already had a conflict with each other, what are you going to do next?"

Li Ye smiled. "You go first. I'll go to meet them, and then I'll join you later."

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