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The three people got together. They first exchanged ideas about what everyone needed. Nevertheless to say Lyu Liang needed that Qi Storage Pearl. What Zhang Ran wanted was a sword type of magic treasure at the Nascent Soul Stage, "Cloud Water Sword". As for Lyu Xinyun, she already spent everything, and she had made the necessary purchases. Thus, she could only accompany them to the auction and have a look at the treasures.

Lyu Liang was very curious. The generous way that Zhang Ran spent his money seemed to be from a big family, but he seemed to avoid these sensitive topics deliberately. Hence, Lyu Liang teased a few words and turned to something else. "Everyone can have their secrets, can't they?"

After yesterday's squandering, Lyu Liang had seven upper-grade Primordial Stones, and about one hundred mid-grade Primordial Stone left in his hand. He was considered wealthy. He had planned well. He would not buy anything unless he saw Qi Storage Pearl. "Who knows how many people will fight for this thing at the end! If my money is not enough, then it will be troublesome."

Later, the three people went back to the houses and continued to practice for a while. When it was noontime, they accompanied each other to the auction on the sixth floor of the Tianshui Pavilion.

When they handed in the invitation at the door, they happened to meet the Shangguan Ying who was brought over by Aunt Qing. Lyu Liang exchanged a glance with her and walked past, pretending to be strangers.

"Aunt Qing's ident.i.ty is dignified. There is a separate compartment, and we are in the second position on the right-hand side after entering the door." This was Shangguan Ying's special voice message to Lyu Liang. Then Qing Yi and she followed an usher, and slowly strolled to the separate compartment. And Lyu Liang, they went straight ahead and sat down on the scattered position below. Li Wuyi and the other two had already waited there early.

When they saw Lyu Liang's group of three coming over, especially when he saw that Lyu Xinyun was so close to Lyu Liang, Li Wuyi started to have a burning rage in his heart! No matter what, he was a cultivator with the special const.i.tution at the Early-stage of Gold Core, and was a named disciple of Immortal Tianyuan, one of the Eight Fairy Immortals. It was reasonable to say that he was also a nonnegligible existence in the Sword Character Immortal Palace.

But what about Lyu Liang? Not to mention that he had no masters, if he was not so lucky to have hooked up with the pro-disciple of the Xuan Nyu Sect, he might not even be alive to come out from the trial field!

After gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth and watching Lyu Liang's group of three sit down, Li Wuyi let out a silent sneer. "Let you get smug first. I will not spare you today!" He was well prepared today, and he had more than thousands of mid-grade Primordial Stones!

Just as he stared at Lyu Liang, in the hidden corner of the hall, two masked men were wearing blue Bagua robes. Now they were staring at Li Wuyi.

"Senior brother, we crossed a realm and finally found it!" One of the chunky blue-robed men whispered, and his only exposed eyes were sparkling with excitement.

"Junior Brother, calm down, your aura is not stable. Yes, for more than five hundred years, I finally met the cultivator with a Mysterious Soul Body. It seems that he is not awakened yet, what a G.o.d sent opportunity!" Another tall and thin blue-robed man was also very excited, but obviously calmer than his junior brother.

"Well, it is a disciple of the Sword Character Immortal Palace, and he should be a rather important disciple. After a while, when they're on the way back, we have to fight fast and end fast!" The voice of the chunky man was also calmer.

At this moment, Li Wuyi was still planning on how to deal with Lyu Liang. In fact, he had something to get, and he was determined to get it. However, he was still very confident about his net worth. "Even if I spent five hundred stones and left five hundred, I can still make the price exorbitant for you!"

As the melodious bell rang, the auction hall was quiet, and everyone knew that the auction had begun.

At this point, a red-bearded old man walked onto the stage and cupped his hand against the crowd below. He announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my Tianshui Pavilion to support. I would like to express my sincere grat.i.tude. Next, I shall not be nagging. Still the old rules. First, there will be an auction of 15 pieces of precious natural treasures, and finally, there will be an auction of three mysterious treasures not mentioned on the list."

Lyu Liang couldn't see the cultivation of this old man. It seemed that he was at the stage above the Nascent Soul, and he might be a Fairy Immortal! However, this was not what Lyu Liang cared about. He was more interested in when the Qi Storage Pearl would appear.

Subsequently, the first treasure was served by a waiter, and it was a colorful s.h.i.+eld gleaming vibrantly. "The Magic treasure at Void Return Stage, Five-element s.h.i.+eld. It can resist all five elements of the magic, until the Primordial Qi of its user is exhausted. Starting from 200 mid-grade Primordial Stones, ten stones per increase," the red-bearded old man slowly said.

"Two hundred!"

"Two hundred and five!"

"Two hundred and eight!"

The incessant bidding sounded through the hall, but Lyu Liang and his other two friends were not interested. Finally, a man in the Late-stage of Gold Core paid 560 mid-grade Primordial Stones to win the auction.

The second item was the Cloud Water Sword that Zhang Ran needed. The base price was directly started at 300 mid-grade Primordial Stones. Finally, Zhang Ran took it down at the cost of 700 mid-grade Primordial Stones. When paying the money, Lyu Liang saw that Zhang Ran actually took out seven upper-grade Primordial Stones, and he became interested in Zhang Ran's ident.i.ty once again.

The third item was a Soul Fixation Pearl.

Unexpectedly, Li Wuyi who had been waiting to oppose Lyu Liang actually started to bid! The compet.i.tion was fierce indeed. After some intense compet.i.tion, Li Wuyi eventually paid 820 mid-grade Primordial Stones for his victory. Judging from his slightly painful expression, it was apparent that this price was too high!

The fourth item was actually the Qi Storage Pearl. It started with a base price of 100 mid-grade Primordial Stones. But in a short while, it rose to 300 mid-grade Primordial Stones. During this period, Lyu Liang did not make his bid. He knew that whenever he started to bid, Li Wuyi behind him would raise the price for sure. In this case, he could simply wait first.

When the price was called at 420 mid-grade Primordial Stones, the hall quietened down. "Anyone else, one!" The red-bearded old man waited for a while and began to read. If no one bid before the "three", it would be a deal.

"500 mid-grade Primordial Stones!"

A calm voice suddenly sounded, and everyone turned to look at it. It was Lyu Liang who had not said a word before.

"Mother f.u.c.ker! How many Primordial Stones do you both have? Lend me first! I have about 400 left only, who knew this guy still had so much money!" Li Wuyi was a bit depressed. "Why didn't these two treasures come out in a different sequence?" However, he also thought about it. It would have been troublesome if the sequence had been changed. His Master had long told him to get a Soul Fixation Pearl back as soon as possible so that he could awake his special const.i.tution. For a Soul Fixation Pearl, he had been to the auctions for eight times!

"Boss, there are a total of 300 mid-grade Primordial Stones on both of us. We will give you all!" The two followers discussed, and then the thievish-looking youth handed over a bulging bag.

"Hey! Good brother! Once my special const.i.tution is awakened, I will beg for five Foundation Establishment Pills for each of you!" Li Wuyi was so happy that he turned his face and shouted, "600!"

This time it was Lyu Liang's turn to get dumbfounded. Although he expected this ending, he really didn't know what to do when it really happened.

"Heng, he was on purpose! Aii, boss, I have less than a hundred mid-grade Primordial Stones left, I want to help, but I am unable to!" Zhang Ran was also very depressed. Though he had the intention to scold Li Wuyi and the others, there wasn't any reason. After all, the rule of the auction was that the one with the highest price won!

"Heng, I knew his three peers are up to something bad! So they are waiting for now to raise the price!" In the compartment, Shangguan Ying, who had not been moving, began to get angry. Then she turned her head pitifully and said to Aunt Qing, "Aunt Qing, can you help him this time, please? The money he owed shall be counted on me. When we go back to the sect, I will return you, okay?"

Aunt Qing grinned, she did not look at Shangguan Ying, and two words directly came out of her mouth. "Seven hundred!"

Suddenly, the whole hall echoed with these two words. Li Wuyi frowned first, and then he let out a sigh of relief. "In any case, as long as it is not for the stinky boy to get it, it's okay. I have even saved the money for it!" Li Wuyi was a bit happy on the contrary since the purpose of raising the price had also been reached.

Lyu Liang was shocked first when hearing the sound. Then he seemed to feel something, and he quickly lowered his head. But his heart was full of joy. However, Lyu Xinyun, who was on the side, did not know what was going on. She thought that others s.n.a.t.c.hed the treasure that her brother was bound to get! When she was about to advise her brother to beg the seniors in that compartment, the voice of Lyu Liang came to her. "It's fine, it's our peer, Shangguan Ying!"

On the other side, Zhang Ran also stopped on what he wanted to. Obviously, he got the same voice.

In fact, there were people at the scene who could pay a higher price. However, at the same time when Aunt Qing made the quotation, she spread out some traces of aura belonging to a Xuan Immortal. This had shut up whoever with the second thoughts. The Qi Storage Pearl was good, but it was not worth making a grudge with a powerful Xuan Immortal...

Therefore, in the case of Lyu Liang and Li Wuyi, both of them were happy. The Qi Storage Pearl was taken away by the powerful figure in the compartment.

The treasures behind were also good, and there were some that made Lu Liang tempted. But after all, he did not have many stones left, and those treasures were not necessary, so he endured the temptation. At the same time, Lyu Liang was also sighing about how he still had some wealth before. Now he was in complete poverty. The Primordial Stone was really a wonderful thing!

After an hour, the first fifteen magic treasures were auctioned, and there was no failed auction. It could be seen that the quality of Tianshui Pavilion's auction treasures were all good.

"Okay, below, is one of the three mysterious treasures, one ultimate grade Bottleneck-breaking Pill! Starting price, 2000 mid-grade Primordial Stones!" The voice of the red-bearded old man sounded again, and then there was a burst of exclamation below the scene.

Lyu Liang was also amazed! It should be known that the higher the stage of cultivation, the worse the effect of Bottleneck-breaking Pill. For example, if a Peak Qi Refining cultivator ate a mid-grade Bottleneck-breaking pill, he could almost make a breakthrough with a 100% success rate. However, if a cultivator reached the Peak of Foundation Establishment Stage and wanted to break through to the Gold Core Stage, even if it was an upper-grade Bottleneck-breaking Pill, there was only a 50% success rate.

The ultimate grade Bottleneck-breaking Pill itself was an unusually rare existence. The reason was straightforward. The refining of the pill required a powerful figure of Pill Tao to use an immortal standard furnace! It was said that a Bottleneck-breaking Pill with this quality can make the success rate of the breakthrough from Peak of Gold Core Stage to the Nascent Soul Stage increase by 50%!

It should be known that when the cultivation had reached the Nascent Soul Stage, it was a quality change to a whole new phase. Most cultivators at Nascent Soul Stage were considered the top strength existence in each sect. In some smaller sect, such a cultivator was qualified to be a grand master or chief of the sect.



Almost instantaneously, the entire auction site was detonated, and the bidding sounded one after another. Even Lyu Liang had to admire that, no wonder it was the largest store in the largest country of the Wudang Territory. Their foundation was not so simple!

In the end, the dealing price was 8900 mid-grade Primordial Stones, and the winner was actually in the compartment where Shangguan Ying was located!

After that, it was a piece of "Qingyun Iron" used to create and cast a magic treasure. According to Black, if Feiling Sword were equipped with this material, then with a master of the treasure refiner, it would directly upgrade to the quality of immortal standard!

Qingyun Iron's last transaction price was only higher, 11,500 mid-grade Primordial Stones!

The last piece of the treasure was not strange to Lyu Liang. It was the mask shown by the black-robed fat man who was killed by the strike of the devil thunder, the Thousand Silk Mask. It could perfectly imitate the appearance and cultivation of the people it had seen. As long as the person did not make the initiative to attack, even an Almighty Immortal couldn't identify it.

Lyu Liang clearly remembered that the black-robed fat man was directly bombarded into flying ash, and nothing was left. It seemed that the Thousand Silk Mask should be more than one. The final transaction price was still very high, 11,000 mid-grade Primordial Stones.

The winner of this magic treasure was an imposing, tall and handsome young man who looked less than thirty years old. When Lyu Liang habitually looked at the winner of the magic treasure, the man seemed to have a mutual affinity with him and happened to turn his head and greeted his gaze. Then he nodded slightly and smiled, making Lyu Liang's heart rate miss a beat. "There is actually a man with such beauty in the world! If a smile of Xuan Nyu Fairy overthrows a city, then a smile of this man allures everyone!"

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