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In the sky at the moment, five people and four puppets were divided into three groups.

"You junior, how can you go directly up nearly two levels! Is it because you were hiding cultivation in the past?" The chunky blue-robed man held a grey snake-shaped machete and was fighting confoundedly against numerous grey sword flowers.

Lyu Liang had no time to talk nonsense for he knew about his real strength. When the thirty minutes was over, the Ghost Devil Head and the Soul-raising Pill would lose their effects at the same time. By then, if the other party were yet to be dead, he would die!

"Things that happened to me is none of your business! I am not interested in exploring your origins too, and you'd better get dying!" Lyu Liang had already stimulated the Shadow-devil Domain, and the aura of his whole body had completely changed into a mixture of Primordial Qi and Devil Qi. At the same time, his two hands were holding Feiling sword and the blue-light sword respectively. He waved the first three styles of the Xuanyuan Swordsmans.h.i.+p and the two moves of Heart Swordsmans.h.i.+p lashed out at the same time.

The short blue-robed man just resisted the ten sword flowers and found that he was already in a grey Sword Qi area. Lyu Liang, who was in front of him, had disappeared. Instead, he was replaced by an endless Sword Qi with dazzling cold light and gloomy killing spirit.

In the eyes of the chunky blue-robed man, the color of fear became great, and the voice changed, "Domain! The domain of Sword Essence! No! Senior brother! Save me..." Unfortunately, everything was too late. By the time all the parties noticed this situation, the chunky blue-robed man was entirely covered by the grey Sword Qi domain.

After a while, the domain dissipated, and Lyu Liang's figure emerged. There was a grey storage bag in his hand, and the aura of the chunky blue-robed man could no longer be felt. At the same time, Lyu Liang's aura quickly weakened, and directly fell back to the Middle-stage of Foundation Establishment.

For the other two parties who were fighting, their eyes were full of astonishment. However, the eyes of Xu Mubai and Li Wuyi flashed with excitement. As for the remaining lanky blue-robed men, after the shock, his eyes were showing a decisive color.

At Li Wuyi's side, the winner had quickly emerged. When Lyu Liang was killing the chunky blue-robed man, the four puppets at Late-stage of Gold Core was smashed into pieces by Li Wuyi. Subsequently, he rushed to the battle group on the side of Xu Mubai, even if he resumed the Early-stage of Gold Core on the way, there weren't any traces of hesitation and retreat.

At this time, the situation of the battle on Xu Mubai's side was pessimistic. The lanky man seemed to have used a secret method at the beginning of the battle, which directly upgraded his cultivation to the Peak of Nascent Soul! Fortunately, Xu Mubai's strength was brutal. Although he was a stage lower, there were no losing signs.

Lyu Liang was following right after Li Wuyi, and also came to Xu Mubai. Here, the battlefield had basically no visible figures, only left with yellow and silver sword lights filling up the sky. Before he arrived at the battlefield, Lyu Liang saw Xu Mubai being hit by a yellow light. Although he released a tortoisesh.e.l.l magic treasure used for s.h.i.+elding, Xu Mubai was still lashed to the ground. The s.h.i.+eld was broken into pieces after the yellow light was offset.

Lyu Liang narrowed his eyes and secretly worried in his mind. Obviously, the efficacy of Soul-raising Pill had pa.s.sed! Although he still had two more pills in his hand, even if he ate it now, the cultivation would not change! King of Medicine had warned him that the more advanced the pill was, the more time antibodies would last after having the pill, which meant even if he ate it again in a short time, it would not work. Among them, the antibody time of the Soul-raising Pill was twelve hours!

Lyu Liang and Li Wuyi, one left and one right, helped Xu Mubai, who fell to the ground, to stand up. At the same time, Zhang Youshan and Li Xiaobai also rushed to meet.

A trace of blood flowed down along Xu Mubai's mouth. Apparently, he was suffering a certain internal injury. Li Wuyi raised a hand. The long silver sword turned into a round plate again and continued to scatter a light curtain that shrouded these people inside. It was just in time to block the subsequent attack by the lanky blue-robed man.

"Brother Xu! How are you! If you are fine, just go! Anyway, it is not a matter of yours here, and it is the predestined fate of us from Sword Character Immortal Palace!" Lyu Liang really did not want Xu Mubai to help for the Taoism peer had done so much already and did everything by humanity and duty!

"Oh, nothing! I felt so embarra.s.sed to two Taoism peers, you all cut the knot out of the mess and fixed everything. But with me... Alas! Such a shame!" Xu Mubai shook his head with a bitter smile. He looked at the two people in front of him, face full with apologies.

Lyu Liang felt so guilty as well! Li Wuyi did not feel good either. His face that was originally black was almost purple.

"This Taoism peer! Leave now! They are coming to me alone! And Lyu Liang, I think your speed seems to be quite fast. Here is not far from Immortal Palace. If you go now, you should have time to ask for help! " Li Wuyi got anxious. At this moment, the little grudge he had with Lyu Liang had vanished entirely. On the contrary, an immense guilty feeling filled his whole heart.

"Two Taoism peers, say no more! If I must die here, it is also destined. But if I run away without fighting, then I will be the first to look down on myself! I will not have the face to go out again. It is better for me to be reclusive, and to be a mortal for the rest of my life!" Xu Mubai smiled, and even more fighting spirit rose in his eyes!

"Forget it, by the time I go back and ask for help, it is estimated that you both would die early. It seems that I still have to rely on my big move!" Lyu Liang pondered for a moment, and a decisive color was shown in his eyes.

Li Wuyi looked at the two people with a firm att.i.tude and suddenly made a deep bow. He then said word by word, "You two, if we are fortunate not to die! If you do not dislike me, I would like to be a life and death brother with you two in the future! If you have anything that requires my help, as long as I am alive, even if I will be killed, I will not hesitate!" After that, Li Wuyi even made a life-bonded vow.

Lyu Liang looked up at the lanky blue-robed man who madly bombarded at everything. He then glanced at Xu Mubai and Li Wuyi, smiled suddenly and said, "I didn't expect that the two of us hated each other and we could become life and death brothers. Fate is really inexplicable yet mysterious! You two, it's now my showtime!"

Li Wuyi made a bitter smile too. "Brother, do you really have an ace card left, or are you just losing all the hopes and acting recklessly? It's okay, so what I had a special const.i.tution, it's just a cheap life! I can blow myself up! Don't court death!"

After Lyu Liang made an "I shot, rest a.s.sured" expression, he suddenly said solemnly to everyone, including Li Wuyi's two followers, "Since we are both life and death brothers, I also ask you to keep the secret for me for whatever happened next. Otherwise, it is very likely to bring me a fatal disaster!"

After saying that, Lyu Liang rushed out of the light curtain. The next moment, two "Lyu Liangs", exactly the same as himself, emerged beside him. They rushed to the lanky blue-robed man in air one by one. That two "Lyu Liangs" were the strange things that Lyu Liang chose in the Virtual Land before, the "Life-saving Puppet"! Lyu Liang followed tightly and rushed out.

The first Life-saving Puppet that rushed out, quickly upgraded its cultivation at Early-stage of Foundation Establishment

to the early-stage of Nascent Soul. It emitted an aura that was very unstable and yet devastating, hitting directly towards the lanky blue-robed man!

The irises of the lanky blue-robed man, who was attacking the light curtain, shrunk. He immediately raised a golden s.h.i.+eld in front of him, locking all his Divine Senses in guarding himself. The self-destruction of an Early stage of Nascent Soul would not make him dead, but it would not make him good! Of course, at this moment, he was also shocked by the endless means of Lyu Liang.

Initially, he was prepared to greet a blast of earth-shattering self-blow. However, when this "Lyu Liang" rushed over, he did make a blow, but it was not as violent as expected. Instead, it was like a breeze, but no harm at all!

"Life-saving Puppet!" The lanky blue-robed man instantly thought of this heaven and earth treasure that was almost impossible to attain. His eyes then turned into fanaticism. "I can actually encounter this legendary top-notch puppet treasure, the legend says it's a set of six! I don't know how many this kid still had, but I must get it! Even if the mission of the Mysterious Soul Body fails, the master will not blame me!"

The second Life-saving Puppet also rushed up at this moment. The lanky blue-robed man kept his s.h.i.+eld and directly went up. His eyes actually revealed the color of mourning, then roared, "You kid stop! Do not waste such a precious treasure again!"

After the second Life-saving Puppet disappeared in smog, another "Lyu Liang" rushed up. At this time, the lanky blue-robed man's eyes were full of fanaticism, and the mourning look got more intense. "Three! You actually used three!" But then, he found that something was wrong! Then he was shocked. "No! This is not a puppet! Early-stage of Foundation Establishment, this is his true-self!"

When he wanted to react again, it was already late. At the moment, Lyu Liang, suddenly burst out heaven and earth demolish aura. Then, the people on the ground saw a bolt of silver lightning that exuded the power of the Fairy Immortal and instantly slashed in the position between the lanky blue-robed man and Lyu Liang.

In the twinkling of an eye, s.p.a.ce seemed to be tore, and it began to vibrate violently. The first time he applied this move, it was within the powerful Bounded Domain of the stone hall. The Bounded Domain offset the majority of the power of this move, so the chaos triggered by the movement in the outside world was not too big.

But this time, there was no more Bounded Domain. After a while, the smoke on the field was exhausted. The bare land formerly at the foot of the lanky blue-robed man had already been blasted out of a vast pit measuring up to thirty-three feet!

Not far away, Li Wuyi was dying to maintain the silver light curtain, and Xu Mubai put a hand on his shoulder, both of their eyes were full of incredibility!

"Brother Xu, thanks for your help! If it is not for you to pa.s.s me Primordial Qi, I am not sure if I can withstand this pressure!" Li Wuyi felt so relieved. At the same time, deep from his heart rose the respect towards Lyu Liang. At the bottom of the ma.s.sive pit at this time, Lyu Liang showed his head from a soiled mess, and then he climbed out, smiling bitterly.

Lyu Liang was a little depressed because the impact slightly hurt him. Still, he was thankful that he had practiced the Devil Reshaping Technique to the fourth tier. If he were still in the third tier, he would probably have a more serious injury than this!

"The lower your cultivation, the greater the impact of this move. Fortunately, your body is hard enough. It is estimated that when you reach the Middle or Late-stage of Gold Core, you should not be hurt." Black's teasing voice pa.s.sed to Lyu Liang's mind.

Lyu Liang shook his head helplessly and flew to the people on the ground. Li Wuyi had withdrawn the silver light curtain and wors.h.i.+pped at the Lyu Liang who was flying over.

At this point, a few strong auras from the front and rear directions were approaching here at a very fast speed. After Lyu Liang sensed that, he heaved a sigh of relief and then said to the four people behind him, "Attention to confidentiality!"

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