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Chapter 1104: Preparations


Inside Dong Xuebing’s room.

Dong Xuebing was on the phone with Xu Yan.

“You want an air ticket to where?” Xu Yan asked curiously.

Dong Xuebing replied. “To the US. I hope to catch a flight tomorrow morning. It’s urgent.”

Xu Yan hesitated. “What happened? Tell me first.”

Dong Xuebing replied helplessly. “I cannot say, and it’s hard to tell you over the phone. I know what I am doing. Just help me arrange a flight to the US.”

“Know your head!” Xu Yan scolded and laughed. “You get into all sorts of messes when you go overseas.”

“Ah? I promise it will not happen this time.”

“Alright. Other than an air ticket, what else do you need?”

“Err…. I need a fake ident.i.ty for my and visa. I don’t want anyone else to know.”

“What are you up to? Why do you need a fake ident.i.ty? Why are you going there?”

“Please don’t ask, Sister Xu. I cannot tell you. Anyway, I am not doing anything bad. Trust me.”

Xu Yan frowned. “You are making me worried. Are you trying to create trouble over there? Xuebing, you had created a lot of trouble overseas, and the higher-ups have their eyes on you. I believe the military has your records now.”

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Yes.”

“Are you sure you want to go?”

“Yes, and I must go. This is urgent.”

“Alright. I will not ask anymore. It’s easy to get an air ticket and tourist visa. I can get someone to send it to you in the morning. But you want a fake ident.i.ty. This is not easy.” Xu Yan paused for a second. “I use my connections to help. I have some relatives in the State Security.”

“Can it be done by tomorrow?”

“I will try my best. Do you need return tickets too?”

“Yes. I hope to depart tomorrow and return two days later.”

“Alright. I will try to get it for you.”

“Thank you, Sister Xu.”

“Don’t need to thank me. Be careful and come back in one piece.”

“Yes. Don’t worry.”

“Ok. I will call you when I get news.”

Getting a fake ident.i.ty is difficult if one is not working in State Security. Xu Yan has to bear responsibility if anything goes wrong. However, she agreed to help without asking, and Dong Xuebing was touched. He did not want to trouble her, but he got no choice. She is from State Security and is the only one who can help. Although he can ask Xie Guojian, he does not want the Xie Family and Huilan to know. He cannot even tell anyone else.

Dong Xuebing did not stay in his hotel room and waited for Xu Yan’s call. He grabbed his bag and left the room. He got to make preparations for this trip.

Dong Xuebing did not plan to bring luggage and wanted to travel light.

As for weapons…. He will not bring anything.

It would be difficult to get past airport security; his biggest weapon is himself. There’s no need to bring anything else.

Yes. Everything is prepared.

Dong Xuebing returned to his room and opened a map he had bought. He marked the location he remembered from Xie Guojian and made a few calls to ask about the situation there. He drew a few more circles on the map and frowned. He thought for a while and could not come up with any plans. He does not know about the conditions there and doesn’t know where to start.

The route was marked out, and he will act accordingly there.

Dong Xuebing kept the map and turned on his PC to search for Zhong Lizhen.

Dong Xuebing was surprised to see Zhong Lizhen’s particulars online. It was a small technology convention, but the particulars should be accurate. She is Professor Chen Xuekai’s best student and is famous in their circle.

Zhong Lizhen.


Graduate from Liberation Army National Defence University.


Dong Xuebing also found Zhong Lizhen’s photo. This picture should have been taken recently; she was wearing gold-rimmed spectacles. She looked studious but was very attractive.

This woman is Xie Huilan’s youngest Aunt, Zhong Lizhen.

Dong Xuebing looked at the photograph and remembered her face. He needs to recognize her first before he can save her. 

Everything is prepared.

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath and closed his eyes. MENU!

One hour and thirty-two minutes.

Dong Xuebing seldom used his powers in the past few months and acc.u.mulated over an hour.

An hour and a half should be enough if everything goes smoothly.

Dong Xuebing stood up and did some stretches. It will be a tough battle, and it’s been a while since he fought. He must maintain his body in top condition.

Around 1 am.

Ring… ring… ring…. Dong Xuebing’s phone rang.

Xu Yan said. “I have gotten someone to prepare the things you need. They are preparing your and making the necessary arrangements. I will get someone to pa.s.s you the doc.u.ments tomorrow morning. Memorize your new ident.i.ty.”

“Ok. Thank you, Sister Xu.”

“I will give you another phone number. She is my best friend at university and works in the US. We had been in touch all these years, and I had told her about you. Look for her when you get there. She will arrange your accommodation and food. She has business over there and knows lots of people.”

“Is she from the State Security?”

“No. You should not tell her what you plan to do there. I don’t want you to drag my friend into your troubles.”

“I know. I will not implicate her.”

“Alright. That’s it.”

“Thank you. I will thank you properly when I am back.”

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