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Chapter 561: 561

Chapter 561: Nan Shan District’s biggest troublemaker!

Afternoon, 1 pm.

Work Party Secretary Office.

Dong Xuebing called Li Lu upstairs but did not allow him to enter his office. He made Li Lu stand outside while he continued with his work.

Li Lu would be furious if he were treated so disrespectfully in the past, but his restaurant’s fate lies in Dong Xuebing’s hands. He stood outside the office and waited. He had wanted to light a cigarette but gave up this thought after some considerations.

Ten minutes….

Half an hour….

One hour….

Li Lu’s legs are aching, but Dong Xuebing did not ask him to enter. He is worried and wonders what will Dong Xuebing do to him.

At this time, Party Secretary Office Director, Zhou Yanru, walks over with a stack of doc.u.ments.

Li Lu quickly stops her. “Director Zhou, Director Zhou.”

Zhou Yanru pulled a long face as Li Lu had disrespected her yesterday. “Are you calling me?”

“I want to apologize for yesterday. I was wrong, and I hope you can forgive me.”

Zhou Yanru looked at him and nodded. She is talkative with people she knows, and everyone can hear her voice in the Subdistrict Office every day. But she doesn’t say much to people like Li Lu.

Li Lu saw Zhou Yanru nodding and quickly pa.s.sed her the car keys. “The paperwork for the Santana is in the car, and this is the keys. You must accept it.”

“I cannot accept it without the Director’s approval.”

“Director Zhou, Sister Zhou… can you put in a few good words for me in front of Director Dong?”

Zhou Yanru reprimanded Li Lu. “You should have known better.”

“I was ignorant!” Li Lu slapped himself. “Please forgive me. It’s all my fault!”

Zhou Yanru nodded. “I will help you ask Director Dong.”

“Thank you, Sister Zhou!”

Zhou Yanru is looking forward to that Santana. The Subdistrict Office has a shortage of cars even with Dong Xuebing’s Pa.s.sat. She needs this Santana. Subdistrict Office cannot collect taxes like those village towns. Their funds are from the District Government. That’s why she needs this car.

Knock, knock…

“Come in, please.” Dong Xuebing said.

Zhou Yanru enters the office. “Director, these are the doc.u.ments you requested.”

“Thank you. Just leave them here.” Dong Xuebing looks up. “Where is Mr. Li?”

“He is standing outside for more than an hour.” Zhou Yanru looks at Dong Xuebing. “Errr…. Should we accept that, Santana?”

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and felt it should be enough. “Alright. Ask him to come in.”

Zhou Yanru nodded and told Li Lu to enter on her way out.

Li Lu entered Dong Xuebing’s office cautiously and closed the door behind him.

Dong Xuebing looked at him and did not allow him to sit. “You should know you had caused disturbances to the surrounding residences. Ping An Subdistrict Office did not take any action against you, but that does not mean you can do whatever you want. Do you know how many people are residing here? Everyone can hear you all shouting yesterday. Going against the residents means you are going against the Government!”

Li Lu replied: “Director, I am wrong. I hope you can give me a chance to repent. I promise I will not cause any disturbances to you or the residents.”

This is the right att.i.tude.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “I am not an unforgiving person as long as you are willing to change. I can see your sincerity today.”

Li Lu quickly agrees.

Dong Xuebing continues. “But I still want you to tell me what happened during yesterday’s banquet.”

“Errr…” Li Lu is troubled.

Dong Xuebing raised his voice. “Who asked you to serve that dish?!”

Li Lu does not know how to answer as he did not expect Dong Xuebing to ask him directly. He is different from the other leaders he met in the past and dares to say anything he wants. For example, other Leaders will cut off his electricity secretly and hint to him they are behind it. But Dong Xuebing patted his shoulder and made it known that he was the one who cut his electricity. Li Lu knows Dong Xuebing is not someone he can go against.

Li Lu clenched his teeth and replied. “I know that dish was not suitable to be served, and I asked Director Chu Qinghua whether if we should serve it. But Director Chu hinted me to serve it, and I had no choice.”

It’s that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Dong Xuebing confirmed his suspicions, and he will get back at Chu Qinghua a few days later. “Alright. You can go now.”

“Err…” Li Lu took out the car keys. “The keys…”

Dong Xuebing did not reply.

Li Lu understood and placed the keys on the desk before he left. He was relieved after he stepped out of the office.


Li Lu did not drive the Santana when he left, and all the staff members knew this issue was settled.

Everyone is awed. Their new Director is ruthless.

Although Dong Xuebing had come to Nan Shan District for a week, everyone knew his temper. He sent the District Mayor’s brother into the hospital for overdrinking, scolded the District Party Secretary’s niece to tears, embarra.s.sed the District Organization Department, taught Nan Qi Morning Papers a lesson, beat up twenty-six civilians, arrested the District Organization Department Chief’s relative, and cut the electricity of a restaurant that offended him!

All these happened within a few days.

There’s an incident almost every day!

A troublemaker is called a troublemaker because he is always creating trouble. Guang Ming Subdistrict Office Director is worthy of being called a troublemaker. No Leader in Nan Shan District has ever created so many problems within a few days!

The biggest troublemaker in Nan Shan District!

This is Dong Xuebing’s newest nickname!

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