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The basic information about the guild was told to Leo and Leah as soon as they stepped through the warp portal . Beowulf , the man who came to invite them was a member of the recruitment department of Adventurer's Guild .

The information include simple things like how the benefits increase the higher ranked you are in the Adventurer's guild and about the unique ranking system of Adventurer's Guild which was totally based on how many monsters one could kill .

The higher ranked you were the services in the a.s.sociation became more cheaper . it went from 10% off to 50% off between the ranks S,A,B,C,D,E .

The higher the tier of the monster you killed , the more points you got . These points could either be saved up till the end of the month , when they would be reset and used for the internal ranking or exchanged for currency , each point equalling one Gold .

The tower had a total of hundred floors excluding the ground floor . The 1st through 4th floors were for A shop , Training ground , Library and guest rooms respectively . The 5th through 28th floor were occupied by the warrior's fields guild . The 29th through 52nd floor were occupied by the Support Clinic guild . The 53rd through 76th floor were occupied by the Magic Tower guild . The rest of the 24 floors were occupied by the Adventurer's Guild and the thief guild , which was a part of Adventurer's guild .

Leo and Leah were given rooms on the 80th floor which the member called 3rd floor because they had no consideration for the rest of the building . Leo had room 324 while Leah had room 325 .

Leo was surprised to know the jungle outside was infested with monsters . it had 4 layers of barriers which stooped stronger monsters from coming towards the building , while stopping weaker ones to go far away . It was not much efficient but it was the best they had .

Leo and Leah parted ways before their rooms as Leah said . " I need to get stronger " to herself as she pumped her fist and went in her room . Leo just smiled and shook his head at her cute behaviour .

Leo wanted to go out right now , but without the identification card which the guild provided , he wouldn't be allowed reentry through the warp portal and Leo wasn't going to climb 80 levels of escalators just because it was boring .

As soon as he went in his room and lay on his bed an alert appeared in front of his eyes .

[ Ready to compile training guide !]

[User Leo's attributes :

[ Choose training path !]

Leo was first surprised but soon calmed down and looked over the information presented .

He said in his mind ' Show possible paths according to difficulty of practice .'

He knew if it was for strengthening him , the system wouldn't disagree . And just as he though he was presented the possible paths .

[ Perception , Vitality and Stamina can be trained while training the remaining 3 attributes .]

[ Perfect training path combinations are :

He thought over the list for a long tim e and the conclusion he came to was : ' Strength and Agility are intriguing but I suppose my gift is dependent on Mana to work . I would love to go Strength and Mana but I almost died in the game because of low agility .'

He though over what to do and at last asked the system ' Can all attributes be trained together ?'

[ Initiating Custom Training Path !]

[ The system will approve of a Training path which perfectly increases user Leo's strength !]

[ The guide will be compiled according to the path user Leo chooses !]

' Hmm...' He thought for a while then told the system ' Make my Strength the main focus . Agility should be close to or more than Strength . Make mana around 3/4 to 3/5 of strength minimum . '

[ Calculating ...]

[ Calculating ...]

[ Compiling ...]

[ User Leo's body has no foundation . We will start by forming a proper foundation with the body .]

[ Simple exercises will be recommended to user Leo everyday on a systematic basis .]

[ Running for at least 10km is advised .]

[ Using Mana increases the Mana capacity .]

[ Obtaining fighting experience helps in growth of all attributes .]

[ Fighting monsters is advised .]

He thought over everything in front of his eyes and asked the system ' That's fine and all but I need more information . Calculate the Mana capacity of my body in units . Give a proper description of all abilities and their mana consumption and how they improve when my gift's tier increases . I need simple explainations only . '

[ Calculating ...]

[ Calculating ...]

[ Mana capacity is 100 times the mana attribute . Current Mana capacity : 520 units .]

[ Dragon fear induces fear in all hostile organisms in a 10 meter radius around you . Activation uses 90 mana . Every time . Increases radius by 5 meters , increase strength of fear effect and reduces mana consumption by 10 units every tier increase .]

[ Dragon breath uses 45 mana to activate anywhere on the body . Heat decreases by 40% if activated anywhere except at the mouth . Can continuously produce more by using 5 mana every second . Reduce initial mana cost by 5 and heat decrease by 5% every tier increase and mana to continue produce by 1 every 2 tier increase .]

[ The Dragon eyes have fused with the body , thus require no extra mana consumption. ]

[ Mana restoration increases by 1% every tier increase till 7 . After tier 7 Mana restoration increases by 2% every tier till tier 4 . After tier 4 , increases every tier by 5% .]

[ Rapid regeneration absorbs mana from the air to heal your body . The effect increases when Vitality and Stamina attribute increases .]

[ Manifesting any part of the dragon body consumes 2% mana every minute . Reduces cost to 1% at tier 5 .]

[ When any part of the Dragon body , except eyes , is manifested , Mana does not restore .]

[ Parts of the dragon body improve when the amount of mana increases, even the eyes .]

He looked over the list and imagined the end result of all this growth . 'What sort of monster would this gift create at Tier -1' He thought to himself . But before his thoughts could go on anymore of a tangent he reminded himself ' But without a strong body I wouldn't be able to use that monster properly . I need to get stronger . Stronger than all the heroes . '

He thought about how to do all that in the morning and finally said " Remind me early in the morning to do everything according to the guide . Use whatever means you have but make me do it all ."

[ Acknowledged !]

He ignored the alert in front of his eyes and slowly closed them as he though of the future . ' Its only my third day and I already have a plan in place . I will get stronger and kill to my heart's content .' He thought as he slept a sweet dream of his own volition in the last 10 years .

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