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The Yulin Academy was the first ever college of the Beiguo Kingdom. Most of the students who could enroll were children of n.o.bility, officials, etc. who got in with their own academic abilities.

This was the same as Shu Nuan. However, there were also some who relied solely on a strong background to enroll. After all, Yulin Academy was not an ordinary school in Beiguo Kingdom.

But the person who had brought Shu Nuan there was Sheng Qianmo. It wasn’t long ago that he had won against the Qing Kingdom. It was said that among the Emperor’s sons, his prestige was unmatched. With his many achievements, he was worthy of respect from virtually anyone, let alone some naive students.

The head dean of the Yulin Academy, addressed respectfully as Head Master Chen, greeted Sheng Qianmo. He mentioned how Sheng Qianmo’s visit was a rare one. Head Master Chen naturally had to entertain his guest properly.

After listening to the purpose of his visit, he glanced at the girl sitting beside Sheng Qianmo. He looked at the delicate and pretty girl, who looked clever sitting there. Head Master Chen asked cheerfully, “It’s not difficult to enter the school, but does this little girl know how to read?”

Shu Nuan nodded, a little nervous.

The dean continued, “That is good. After a while, I will take the little girl to see Teacher Li so she can take the entrance test.”

“Good,” said Sheng Qianmo.

He looked down and rubbed her hair, “Will you be okay by yourself?”

Shu Nuan calmly respond, “Yes.”

Upon seeing this scene, Head Master could not help but laugh, “Oh, I really can’t help but dare to ask. Just whose little girl is this?”

It was said that Fourth Prince’s temper had always been indifferent, and he had never been seen with a woman. He just spent a plain life in the military camp. Yet he would personally run a trip for a little girl to Yulin Academy. This made Head Master Chen unable to resist his curiosity.

Sheng Qianmo gently answered, “She’s my little girl.”

Shu Nuan bowed her head, her face red with embarra.s.sment.

Sheng Qianmo naturally saw her blush and thinking of her pale skin, didn’t tease her again. He looked at Chen Lao, and said, “This little girl is still young and not very sensible. I request you to bear with her.”

Head Master Chen was startled by Sheng Qianmo’s att.i.tude, and hurriedly said, “Yes, Prince Sheng. This old man could see that the girl is very clever!”

When school was going go start, Chen Lao explained to Sheng Qianmo where she would be going to take the test. The prince handed a bag of sweets to Shu Nuan, and said, “Goodluck with your test. When school is over, I will send someone to pick you up.”

Shu Nuan has been holding a bag of sugar in her small hand, she nodded, “Thank you, Lord.”
Holding the bag of sweets in her hand, Shu Nuan replied, “Thank you, Lord.”

After Sheng Qianmo left, Head Master Chen led the little girl to meet with Teacher Li and gave her some advice.

“Teacher Lu is a highly respected individual. He has a relatively high profile and is not very easy to talk with. His att.i.tude will still be fine since you were recommended by the Fourth Prince. However, he is a man who treats according to merit. So you should study hard if you want Teacher Li to look at you favourably in the future.”

It was something that was easily said, but not easily done. Head Master Chen didn’t want the little girl to be under too much pressure.

Shu Nuan nodded, and replied promptly, “Thank you, Head Master, for mentioning it. I will remember your advice.”

Head Master Chen laughed, and praised her, “Good girl.”

However, Shu Nuan’s innocent smile that could move the heart wouldn’t work on Teacher Li. Teacher Li sat inside his room and listened to the entire matter from Chen Lao himself. He thought about it for a while, and in context of the recent rumors, he probably guessed Shu Nuan’s ident.i.ty. But instead of resorting to sarcasm or mocking her, he simply pulled out a test paper from the grid behind him and threw it on the table.

“Let her solve this entrance exam paper first.”

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