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Published at 26th of July 2019 08:34:29 AM Chapter 80

My Little Girl (72)

Before the slave came, Fourth Uncle had still cared her…

Sheng Gu didn’t know what sort of medicine she had fed her Fourth Uncle, but if it weren’t for the girl, how could he act like this?

Thinking of this matter, Sheng Gu’s eyes turned gloomier .


At the Yulin Academy .

After being tested by Master Gao for a whole day, cries of complaint filled the halls . n.o.body had time to gossip, and with their heart and soul, they decided to save their energy for the examination the day after .

Master Gao was quite satisfied with Shu Nuan’s mock test results . They were beyond his expectations .

Although there had been a lot of controversy since Shu Nuan had come to Cla.s.s 10, he appreciated how she had withstood the pressure and gotten such a score .

At the end of the cla.s.s, Master Gao summarized as a final preparation for the exam, and he took out Shu Nuan’s mock test paper in front of the cla.s.s .

Many people from the cla.s.s had to change their view of Shu Nuan .  

After all, not only was there no evidence for what Princess Gu had said, but Shu Nuan had depended on herself to enter the cla.s.s . No one could deny that she had the ability .

After cla.s.s, the person sitting in the back seat looked up and sighed . “I have a strong feeling that after tomorrow’s a.s.sessment, Shu Nuan is going to leave Cla.s.s 10…”

Qi Yue respond to his fellow cla.s.smate, “With Shu Nuan’s achievements, she might transfer to Cla.s.s 3 or 4 . ”

Su Hai half-heartedly looked toward her . “Shu Nuan, Shu Nuan, do you want to leave me?”

Shu Nuan didn’t even lift her head . She tidied up her table and said, “Give it up . ”

Several students who heard the dialogue burst out laughing, forgetting their tiredness from the cla.s.s .

Qi Yue clutched his chest and mourned, “You happy fellows, after the examination, this young man must also leave you far away!”

Su Hai looked at him and said, “There would be nothing better!”

Shu Nuan rarely mixed in their antics, but she responded to Su Hai’s words with a, “Hmm . ”

Even worse, the students around them laughed, even happier .

But after laughing, an uneasiness settled around them .

In the Yulin academy, who would be willing to stop for another, and who wouldn’t want to climb higher?

Shu Nuan, Su Hai, and the others went out of the Yulin Academy, chattering all the time, but they didn’t expect Sheng Qianmo waiting for her outside .

What stunned Shu Nuan was that Sheng Qian was holding two skewers of candied hawthorn in his hands…

Such a tall and upright man, having just come from the military camp and still wearing his armour, with a face as beautiful and sharp as ever, and eyes deep and indifferent that gazed straight ahead: this hard to approach man with lips like a thin knife was waiting for her with candy in his hand .  

 The contrast was significant .

The stunned Shu Nuan broke out in laughter .

Sheng Qianmo seemed to be able to tell that he was being watched . Turning his head, he saw Shu Nuan in her white school uniform standing on the stairs and looking at him with a smile on her beautiful lips . Two shallow dimples appeared for a moment, only to hide again .

Shu Nuan took the initiative to step down the academy stairs . The stairs were small and she began to jump down them . But she only pa.s.sed a few steps when the prince frowned and stepped forward, holding her little hand in his big one . He mumbled, “Walk carefully . ”

Shu Nuan frowned and didn’t answer him, but nonetheless began to walk down the stairs with him .  

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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapter 80 summary

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