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Chapter 609: Entering the Lion’s Den

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ring! Ring! Ring!

The ear-piercing alarm resounded throughout the s.p.a.ce.

Lin Wanwan’s heart skipped a beat, and she wanted to run.

It was a pity it was too late.

Bodyguards with loaded guns rushed out from all sides, surrounding Lin Wanwan so closely that it was impossible for her to break out.

With numerous guns aimed at her, Lin Wanwan’s body stiffened. However, she revealed an innocent smile on her face.

“Do you need me to raise my hands up to say that I’m willing to surrender?”

“Everyone, hold your guns.”

The butler walked over slowly with a smile on his face.

“Ms. Lin, you have belittled the Lu family. This is the main residence. Whether it’s the defense measures or the armed forces, you could never have been able to imagine them. As early as that second you entered, our infrared scanner had already detected you.”

Lin Wanwan was annoyed but didn’t show it on the surface.

“All of you are overcautious. According to what Lu Zhanbei said, your old master wouldn’t be able to live for long. n.o.body should be so bored as to come and him.”

Upon hearing this, the butler’s face sank. “What a sharp-tongued girl!”

“I’m flattered.”

The butler revealed murderous intent in his eyes at Lin Wanwan’s rogue gesture. In the end, he could only tolerate it and wave his hands.

“Bring her to Old Master.”


Lin Wanwan flung away the two bodyguards’ hands in disdain. “Don’t touch me. I know how to walk on my own.”

She placed both hands behind her back and admired the surrounding scenery as if she were taking a stroll.

“Hey, it’s so big here. It must be comparable to the presidential palace, eh?”

“What flowers are planted in that flower field? They’re so colorful and pretty.”

“Eh? Why is there a newly cultivated vegetable field here? It doesn’t fit in nicely with the rest of the scenery. It couldn’t be that your old master is feeling so bored that he wanted to experience the feeling of being a farmer, right?”

On the way, Lin Wanwan was like a b.u.mpkin who’d just entered the city. She talked non-stop. The butler was in the mood to strangle her to death.

He was seriously doubting the young master’s taste now. What exactly did he fancy about this ignorant b.u.mpkin and bimbo?

After walking for over ten minutes, they finally reached the front of two carved iron gates.

The gate opened automatically. Lin Wanwan took the lead and walked in.

The living room’s decorations were similar to Yun Mansion’s. It was simple yet luxurious. Expensive ornaments could be seen everywhere, displaying the Lu family’s rich financial resources.

Lin Wanwan didn’t notice these. Instead, her gaze first fell on a calligraphy painting hung on the wall.

The two words, “Heavenly Palace,” were written powerfully and majestically.

Lin Wanwan ignored Lu Zhengyu, who was sitting on the sofa, drinking tea. She stood under the calligraphy painting.

“These words were written well.” She started the conversation with a compliment.

Lu Zhengyu drank a sip of tea. Him sitting there alone gave people the feeling that he had everything under control.

“Lin Wanwan, I admire both your taste and your guts.”

This old man had improved the way he spoke. He had accepted praise and delved straight into the topic.

Lin Wanwan sat on the sofa and smiled extremely brightly. “If I’m not gusty enough, how am I qualified to be your daughter-in-law?”

Lu Zhengyu smiled slightly. Then, his eyes turned cold. “It’s a pity that regardless of how gutsy you are, I would never agree to you entering the Lu family.”

“Oh, that’s fine too. It’s all the same if I enter the Fu family.”


Lu Zhengyu placed the teacup hard on the table, letting out a loud bang. His cold gaze swept past Lin Wanwan’s casual look, and a strange anger surged up in his heart.

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Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! Chapter 609 - Entering the Lion’s Den summary

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