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Chapter 689: A Woman’s Heart Is the Most Vicious

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It was indeed very scary when a woman became ruthless.

Lu Zhanbei was at a loss and could only look on as the naked girl stepped into the bath.

Lin Wanwan didn’t know her place while showering as well. She lifted her leg sometimes and touched here and there at times. Every move exuded seductiveness.

Lu Zhanbei wanted to carry out the execution on the spot but lost to her ice-cold stare, which spelled “if you have the guts, come and try.”

Although staying was pure torment, Lu Zhanbei chose to self-abuse and refused to leave.

It was good to take a few more looks.

Lin Wanwan felt playful in her heart.

Heh. He could still endure it quite well.

She made up her mind. Without taking a bath towel, she walked out of the bathtub.

The extremely stimulating image made Lu Zhanbei extremely tense. Suddenly, he took a deep breath, turned around, and walked out. His back actually looked a little sorry.

Lin Wanwan was puzzled. She put on her bathrobe and chased after him.

Lu Zhanbei was seated on the bed, his two long legs overlapping each other. Based on his facial expression alone, nothing was amiss.

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly. “Why did you suddenly choose to not look at me?”

Lu Zhanbei said plainly, “Your figure is really just average. I don’t want to continue abusing my eyes.”


Lin Wanwan found a pair of gloves and put them on. Then, she squatted down and picked up two paper towels with blood stains from the rubbish bin next to Lu Zhanbei’s foot. She half-laughed.

“What is this? Could it be that you were having your period?”

Lu Zhanbei rubbed his temples, feeling a headache.

He was probably the first man in this world to have a nosebleed after seeing his girlfriend’s figure.

After such a long time, he was really suffering from internal injuries.

“Lin Wanwan. A woman’s heart is the most vicious.”

Lin Wanwan curved her lips. “Then remember this. No matter who, don’t ever offend women. I’m going to sleep now. You can go out.”

Lu Zhanbei’s heart was full of reluctance. However, on the surface, he appeared to be considering something for her sake. “Isn’t it better to keep me by your side to continue tormenting me?”


Lin Wanwan nearly laughed out loud. The depressed feelings in her heart finally decreased a little.

She didn’t say anything and just looked at him coldly.

“Ok.” Lu Zhanbei raised his arms up in surrender. “I’ll leave.”

He moved forward slowly, not forgetting to turn around and glance at Lin Wanwan. His black phoenixes carried with them a slight trace of grievances.

Lin Wanwan didn’t move at all.

Trying to imitate a cute little puppy to gain sympathy points? It wasn’t working!

Lu Zhanbei sighed and went to the guest room next door with heavy footsteps.

Lin Wanwan closed the door. She lay on the bed and watched TV.

It was likely that she’d been shocked too many times tonight. She actually couldn’t fall asleep.

After tossing and turning for a long time, she had to admit she was already used to Lu Zhanbei’s hugs.

Just at this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Lin Wanwan put on her poker face and pulled open the door. She saw Lu Zhanbei handing her a gla.s.s of milk. “Drink this. It helps you to sleep.”

Lin Wanwan felt that someone saw through her thoughts and she became stubborn. “I don’t need it.”

Lu Zhanbei forced the milk into her hands and said meaningfully, “I know without me accompanying you, you can’t fall asleep.”

Lin Wanwan’s eyelids jumped and she laughed. “You’re overthinking. You don’t know how happy I am to be sleeping alone.”

“However, without you accompanying me, I can’t sleep.”

Lin Wanwan looked into his rarely gentle eyes and smiled. “Is that so?”


Looking at her smile, Lu Zhanbei felt that there was a chance and wanted to try harder. The next second, Lin Wanwan waved her hands and closed the door.


“Go and die! Serves you right to suffer from insomnia!”

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