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Chapter 3316: Mixed Doubles

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

However, it was still difficult for her to make a purchase on some online shopping website.

Usually, if she wanted to buy something, someone would do it for her.

There had never been a need for Old Mrs. Wei to buy anything on her own.

If she heard from someone about something new and wanted to buy something, she would just tell the helper in the house, and the helper in the house would just buy it for her.

However, this time, seeing the netizens’ recommendation, Old Mrs. Wei thought that she would need to choose a suitable one by herself.


Fortunately, Dong Muping was there, and she just asked Dong Muping.

After she had that phone call with Dong Muping, Dong Muping came over.

It was because of this happy news—Wei Wucai finally lost his status as a single man.

Dong Muping was so happy and wanted to share this joy with someone.

But Wei Hezhang was still working and had yet to come home.

Dong Muping gave Wei Hezhang a phone call and told him the good news of Wei Wucai getting out of that single life.

Wei Hezhang was so happy when he heard about it on the phone and expressed that he would finish work as soon as possible and come back to chat with her about the life they would enjoy after Wei Wucai got married.

But before Wei Hezhang’s return, Dong Muping was bored.

So, she went to see Old Mrs. Wei.

She often visited Old Mrs. Wei to chat with her.

Old Mrs. Wei was very good at chatting.

There was no communication gap between them.

And because of what had happened, Dong Muping felt that sharing the joy through the phone wasn’t satisfying enough.

It was still early, so she came over in a hurry.

When she arrived, it was still 8:40 PM.

And now, it was only 9 PM at night.

Old Mrs. Wei asked Dong Muping, “Muping, do you know how to buy things on this online shopping website called something… bao?”

“I do. Why?” Dong Muping asked Old Mrs. Wei.

“Help me search for it. I heard from the netizens that it’s something-bao. What is this bao? They even said that the newest feather duster could retract and extend to about a meter,” Old Mrs. Wei said excitedly.

“…” The corner of Dong Muping’s mouth twitched as she asked, “Aunty, why would you want to buy that?”

She couldn’t possibly be using it to beat up Wei Zhiqian, right?

“Look a look at it.” Old Mrs. Wei just showed the netizens’ comments to Dong Muping.

When Dong Muping read it, the corner of her mouth twitched.

As expected, it was to hit Wei Zhiqian.

Wei Zhiqian had gotten involved because of Wei Wucai.

Otherwise, there would be no need to beat Wei Zhiqian up.

Dong Muping felt so sorry for Wei Zhiqian.

Of course, even if she had the choice, she would still feel sorry and choose to let Wei Zhiqian be beaten up.

After all, she couldn’t allow Wei Wucai to continue being single, right?

Dong Muping had no idea what to do, so she could only ask, “This… Are you going to beat Zhiqian?”

“Xiao Cai is younger than him, but Xiao Cai is already in a relations.h.i.+p. Zhiqian is still single, so I have to beat him up. If I don’t give him a beating, he won’t know how to worry for himself! There’s a need to threaten him,” Old Mrs. Wei said.

Dong Muping quickly said, “Then… isn’t it better to ask elder sister-in-law? If not, wouldn’t I be an accomplice to beating up her son?”

Old Mrs. Wei immediately said, “Of course, you can’t tell her! I’m going to beat her son up! If I asked her to help me buy the feather duster, wouldn’t she be the one helping me beat up her own son? She wouldn’t be able to mentally accept that.”

Although Old Mrs. Wei felt that her daughter-in-law wanted to beat up Wei Wucai as well…

If she really asked her daughter-in-law for help, her daughter-in-law wouldn’t even teach her. Her daughter-in-law would just search for the best one on that online shopping website called something-bao and buy it for her.

However, Old Mrs. Wei thought that it would be good not to push Wei Zhiqian too much.

If it were her and her daughter-in-law, they would beat up Wei Zhiqian together like they were in a mixed double match.

They wouldn’t let him live at all.

By then, Wei Zhiqian wouldn’t even dare to go home.

If they couldn’t beat him up in the future, what were they going to do?

Old Mrs. Wei wanted to continue beating him up, so she made sure her actions were conducive to that.

The corner of Dong Muping’s mouth twitched as she said, “Take out your phone, and I will download the app for you.”

Old Mrs. Wei opened her phone. Dong Muping looked at her phone and saw that she didn’t have the app.

So, she downloaded the app and registered an account for Old Mrs. Wei.

She thought to herself. As someone so modern with a Weibo account, Old Mrs. Wei actually didn’t have an account for a popular online shopping website.

After the registration was completed, Dong Muping started teaching Old Mrs. Wei every single step. “Take a look at this. It’s very simple. Just write the recipient address first.”

She saved the address and allowed Old Mrs. Wei to play with the app herself.

“You can search for the feather duster in this search bar,” Dong Muping said.

Old Mrs. Wei was old. She was wearing her reading, but she still found it hard to see the small s.p.a.cebar on the smartphone’s keyboard.

So, she would usually type words by gestures.

She clicked search.

So many styles and many updated versions of the feather duster appeared on the screen.

The feather duster that Old Mrs. Wei owned was still the old traditional feather duster.

Old Mrs. Wei immediately clicked one of them.

After checking a few shops…

Eventually, she chose the one that could retract and extend.

Some of the feather dusters had very thick feathers and were known to never shed any feathers.

Old Mrs. Wei didn’t need something like that.

She wanted to use the feather duster to beat Wei Zhiqian up. If the feathers were so thick, it wouldn’t hurt him.

There were some feather dusters that could dust at a 360-degree angle and autonomously at that. Old Mrs. Wei didn’t want any feather dusters that could actually get rid of dust.

She just chose the feather duster with the thickest and strongest rod and the one that could extend the furthest.

This would be more useful to Old Mrs. Wei.

And with Dong Muping’s help, she ordered the item and waited for the delivery.

Old Mrs. Wei was confused as she asked Dong Muping, “I didn’t expect you to be so familiar with this.”

She thought that Dong Muping was someone who usually visited high-end shopping malls.

If there was anything they needed in their daily life, they could ask the house helper to buy it.

She didn’t expect Dong Muping to be so advanced in doing these things.

Dong Muping smiled and said, “It’s really convenient to just shop online. I’m really lazy to leave the house nowadays. The traffic jam is horrible when I need to go to the mall.”

“The brands of the skincare products that I often use have set up official shops in this online shopping app. As for the brands without shops on this online shopping app, I will just buy them at the shopping mall. This will save me the trouble of going out so often,” Dong Muping said with a smile.

As for clothes, bags, and jewels…

As the VVIP at many shops, she would regularly get an invitation to their private events.

She could just go to these events.

“Is it that good?” Old Mrs. Wei asked in surprise.

“Yes. Some of the brands that I wear have set up their official online shops,” Dong Muping smiled and said, “However, some online shops might claim that theirs are the official shop, but the official brand hadn’t actually set those shops up, and the owners do not have the right to set up the online shop. As such, it’s hard to tell what’s real.”

“Someone from the younger generation in my friend’s house had told me that. If you aren’t sure if the shop was actually set up by the official brand itself, you can search up its business license.”

“Look here. Take this shop as an example…”

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