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Chapter 286 Mesmerized, Infatuated

Feng Yuran had never said anything with such clarity before, and thus Mo Xuetong could not decipher if he was being completely honest, hiding nothing behind his seductive features. However, she saw that his eyes were extremely beautiful in the dark night, s.h.i.+ning even more brightly than the most brilliant stars, more colorful than even the rosy clouds.

Mo Xuetong seemed to be mesmerized by the deep emotions hidden within his eyes. She was confused and yet nervous, unable to retract her hand away from him. She blinked and blinked again, with her brain ordering her to reject him but her heart telling another story.

She felt that she was like a moth who threw herself at the flames, worrying about him while voluntarily throwing herself to the burning flames of love that she longed for in both of her lives.

She had died in her previous life due to love herself. Having been reborn again, she could totally understand the sincerity in his eyes. The act of the usually composed man hugging her tight uncontrollably just now made her immensely touched. Her heart had become inexplicably tender, and any simple act of care could turn her protective layer of vigilance to mere smoke.

She liked him!

She liked him even though she knew that he would eliminate his mother's family cruelly and enter deep into the southern wilderness. Even though she knew that he was as cold-blooded and ruthless as Bai Yihao.

Even though she knew that he had too many secrets, and being together would mean trouble for her, and perhaps even crippling her own plans.

However, her rationality could not control her emotions. Unconsciously, he was no longer just the enchanting and devilish King Xuan, he had become a man who protected her and guarded her! He had entered her heart.

This man seemed to have a lazy demeanor, staring at her with his lips curved upwards in a smile. He seemed to be awaiting her response carelessly, but a tinge of caution lay within his eyes. His calm eyes could not hide his worry about her rejection. He was indeed nervous, perhaps he was afraid of being rejected!

Biting her lips, Mo Xuetong's cheeks turned red with embarra.s.sment. Her face was scorching with her heart, and she seemed to be unable to control her mouth. Unconsciously, she muttered an “erm”, as her jade-like cheeks turned even rosier, s.h.i.+ning like the pearl.

Feng Yuran had always been a touchy man. He controlled himself as he was afraid of scaring her. Hence, he chose the most appropriate way and melted her heart slowly through his actions. He knew that this girl was cruel enough to herself to jump into a water tank in winter.

However, her kindness made him care for her as she had done it for a mere servant. He had been attracted to her initially due to her strong emotions. However, as he saw her grow every step of the way, his playful att.i.tude became one of care. Thus, he helped her time after time, pleading to his father for him to marry her even though she was still serving her grievances. He even made a vow in front of his father.

Staring at her charming face now, his restrained affection finally exploded out.

He carried her soft body in his arms, kissing her tender cherry lips. He could only taste the sweetness of the soft lips as everything around them seemed to disappear. No longer satisfied by merely touching her lips, he swallowed her lips wholly, as if they were the most precious things in the world. His heart softened and became warm in the process as it filled itself up with satisfaction…

Mo Xuetong's body became incredibly stiff to the kiss. She looked into his eyes with a puzzling gaze as she felt his handsome lips on hers. It was a strange feeling that made her brain go blank. She could only smell the strong masculine aura of the man as her tender body was tightly hugged.

A numb feeling was transmitted from the tip of her tongue to her body, making it impossible for her to move her limbs. She could not push him aside and had allowed him to swallow her lips. Finally, she became sober from the confusion and wanted to push him aside. However, he grabbed her hand tight and pressed them beside her slender waist. His body then collapsed against her delicate body.

“Tong'er, you love me. You do love me.” He muttered into her ears, delighted. It seemed to be a hegemonic command, or perhaps an innocent way to express his infatuation. His lips and tongue intruded again, this time with a more fiery pa.s.sion.

Mo Xuetong had almost run out of breath because of his kisses. She breathed heavily, her eyelashes fluttering slightly. She had closed her eyes, hiding her clear pupils. Her body lay wasted on the ground as if she were water.

It was an indescribable feeling!

The pa.s.sionate involvement of the two seemed to have combined their souls.

In her previous life, even when she liked Sima Lingyun, she had never felt anything like this before. It seemed that the two had completely merged together, be it in the body or in the soul. That mesmerizing feeling of drunkenness made the two unwilling to turn sober. She did not expect that it would be so satisfying to be with the one that she loved.

For the first time, she discovered that she had fallen in love with Feng Yuran. He had inexplicably entered her heart. At that moment, all her worries and concerns were blown away with the wind. She did not care for his secrets or the difficulties in the future, and she would be willing to accompany him wherever he went, simply because he was Feng Yuran.

No one could replace him.

She opened her eyes slightly and looked at Feng Yuran. Long eyelashes grew on her chubby white face, making her seductive face even more beautiful as if she were the moon devil. The corner of her eyes sent out an inexplicable charm that would be able to attract any man.

“Tong'er, Tong'er…” Feng Yuran murmured to himself as he breathed more heavily. His seductive gaze was burning with pa.s.sion as if he had wanted to swallow this girl whole. He wanted to taste her entire body, wis.h.i.+ng to hug her tightly, obtaining her completely.

He wanted her to be completely his.

Mo Xuetong became completely mesmerized by him. With that handsome face in front of his face, she discovered that his beauty was unparalleled. She felt her body trapped in flames of pa.s.sion, and suddenly understood what she was doing as she looked at his frantic face.

Something was about to happen…

Suddenly, from deep within her body, a memory was unleashed. Her mind suddenly became clear as she s.h.i.+vered, biting her lips unconsciously. However, she bit his lips accidentally, and could only see him squinting his eyes on top of her. He looked at her dangerously. “Stunned from the bite?” Mo Xuetong thought to herself but decided to lower her head and close her eyes due to embarra.s.sment.

However, she felt that he stood up suddenly. Mo Xuetong was confused as she did not understand what he meant. Red with embarra.s.sment, she opened her eyes to peek. He stood up and was tidying his clothes and tightening his belt. He then opened the golden hook and opened the bed curtain embroidered with floral silk with one hand, all flexible.

“What is happening…?

“How can he be so calm?”

A wave of fury swept up Mo Xuetong's head as she became angry and embarra.s.sed. As she was confused about his strange behavior, she didn't know what to say and what to do.

Feng Yuran did not care about her. Walking to the window, he asked solemnly. “What happened? Give me a proper reason.”

“Your Royal Highness, we found the whereabouts of King Chu.” Someone outside the window replied timidly.

The reply outside made Mo Xuetong understand Feng Yuran's actions. She pulled the quilt on top of her, wrapping herself up completely. She could not hear the replies of the man outside but there seemed to be many men. Then, what she did with him… could be heard by many.

Mo Xuetong would want to hide in a hole right now! She was completely oblivious to the conversation outside, wis.h.i.+ng only for no one to discover who she was…

“Where is he?” A simmer of intellect flashed across Feng Yuran's eyes as he composed himself completely. He smiled devilishly as he flicked his finger on the table.

“He is staying in a courtyard. There are many guards there and we dared not approach carelessly.” Feng Yue replied properly.

“Is Qin Yufeng inside?” With his hands behind his back, Feng Yuran asked.

“He is not. Our men saw him outside King Yan's palace, but we haven't caught sight of him after the incident at King Yan's Manor.” Feng Yue did not understand why Qin Yufeng would visit the place after setting the trap. He figured that a smart adviser would be hiding in the safest place, watching his plan work out. Hence, he did not understand why the intelligent Qin Yufeng would be dumb enough to arrive at the scene, trying to save his own bait.

“Unless Qin Yufeng does care about his bait!” Such a guess seemed ridiculous and Feng Yue did not mention his hypothesis in front of the prince for fear of ruining the prince's mood, which could make their life more difficult.

“My brother is really too free so as to set up such a conspiracy. It's time to show everyone our investigations on the previous matter. Let's see how much time my good brother has to care about his women.” Feng Yuran sat composed in his chair and slowly gave his commands. Chilly gazes flashed across his eyes as he shone devilishly under the light.

“Prince, but… we haven't discovered the entire truth yet. We should wait before striking, this is not good timing yet…” Feng Yue was stunned and hesitated before he fully understood what Feng Yuran meant. Immediately, he advised.

“The opportunity is right in front of us. It will be a pity not to strike. My father would love to use this as the opportunity for his plans.” Feng Yuran looked at Feng Yue with his enchanting and determined gaze.

Feng Yue, being familiar with Feng Yuran's temperaments, knew that his master had his ideas set. He thought for a moment before bowing. “Yes, I'll do it right away.”

“Let Shen Kun do it. Just take care of my safety. Many things have been happening in the capital these days, especially concerning the other few princes. I got to take care of myself too.” Feng Yuran raised his handsome eyebrows and smiled.

“Yes, I'll get to it immediately.” Feng Yue understood the order and retreated from the window. He then ordered the guards to have heightened vigilance in protecting the Emperor before leaving.

Feng Yuran closed the window and walked to his bed. Lifting the curtain aside, he attempted to pull away Mo Xuetong's quilt. However, she hugged it tightly, making it difficult for him to pull it away. He thought it was funny and sat on the bed, patting her quilt. “Do you want me to stay so much that you don't even want to say goodbye to me?”

Mo Xuetong could hear his words clearly and thus she bit her lips and slowly peeped out from the corner of the quilt.

Immediately, Feng Yuran enlarged the opening and pulled the quilt away, putting her in his arms, his handsome face caressing against her delicate one. As if he were a rouge, he said shamelessly, “Tong'er, I promise not to do it again. Don't push me away, I will control myself next time.”

He was explaining his previous actions…

Mo Xuetong's face was burning again. She did not know what to say and pushed him aside, signaling for him to let her go.

“I will only let go if Tong'er forgives me. If not, I will always be here.” This man became even more shameless as he tried to seduce her with his innocent puppy eyes, charming her and melting her heart. Her anger immediately dissipated, especially since she realized that she was also mesmerized by him. However, Mo Xuetong was not satisfied with just letting him go as he might behave even more outlandishly next time.

“Don't worry, Tong'er. I won't be so outrageous next time, I am still waiting for the night of our marriage…” His soft seductive murmur resounded beside her ears, making her heart tender with love.

“You…” This man was always so uncouth.

“We still have a long way to go. I won't let my Tong'er's reputation be tarnished.” He promised her with full sincerity in his eyes. Mo Xuetong understood that as she comprehended what he meant. If she really did something with him now and did not bleed during their marriage night, her reputation would be completely tarnished!

Living in the royal family meant more rules and restrictions than in normal families. He would not let anyone look down on her…

Such a promise was due to the guilt of his outlandish behavior just now!

There are many men who lied about loving but were unwilling to shoulder responsibilities. But he was guilty of his l.u.s.t and was worried about her fear, promising her in advance. Mo Xuetong felt as if her heart were brushed by a feather, making it sore and tender. Tears were welling up in her eyes as she was touched!

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