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### Chapter 42 - dragon salyer, come out!

The sound of explosions grew further and further away.

Liu Luoxi and the other two escaped from the Fire Wolf Valley, saying: "You are all familiar with the way back, go look for Elder Xiao in the city now."

"Senior, what about you?"

Liu Luoxi said: "I promised Pavillion Master Fu, I will definitely guarantee his safety. Even if I die, I will protect him."

"Senior sister, I'll go too."

"I'll go too!"

Liu Luoxi immediately shouted, "Are you listening to what Senior Sister has to say? Hurry up and go, the cultivation of the two of you will only implicate me, my power can only take Long Fei away, if the two of you follow me, it will only implicate me. If you don't want to go back and find Clan Elder Xiao, then wait for me here, I will definitely bring Long Fei out. "

"Senior Sister!"

"Be good!"

Liu Luoxi frowned, then her figure blurred, releasing her battle qi, quickly rus.h.i.+ng into the forest.

The safety belt Long Fei escaped from?

She wasn't sure at all.

However …

For Long Fei to give up his life for her, she could as well.

… ….

From morning until night.

He immediately escaped from Fire Wolf Valley and entered the Fire Gla.s.s Mountain Range.

At night.

Long Fei could not take it anymore. He checked the pellets and only had a few left. He said: "Xiao Bai, is it still not enough?"

Xiao Bai finally said, "Enough."

Long Fei's entire body relaxed. If Xiao Bai still could not say it, he would really go crazy.


Xiao Bai jumped out of the war pet s.p.a.ce, and after a few leaps, he arrived at the top of a withered tree.

A wolf's howl resounded, spreading over a distance of thousands of km.


The forest began to stir up, wolf howls came from afar, and the Fire Wolves that had escaped from Fire Wolf Valley rushed back like madmen.

Wu wu wu …

"Roar... Roar... Roar..."

There were more and more of them, slowly gathering into a pack of wolves, a thousand of them.

They all surrounded the dead tree trunk and raised their heads to look at Xiao Bai quietly. Their eyes were filled with respect and reverence, as if they were looking at their G.o.d.

Even Long Fei and the other wolves did not take a glance.

Long Fei was shocked, and immediately thought of Xiao Bai's Divine Beast Attribute, "Possessing the power of an unmatched Wolf King, able to summon a herd of wolves and use them."

Xiao Bai was the Wolf G.o.d!

"So that's how it is!"

Long Fei was excited.


Xiao Bai glared at the Large Power King Kong Ape and from his throat came a vicious roar, "You dare to bully my boss, small ones, bite it to death!"

He was incomparably domineering.


The thousand wolves roared together and started to rush towards the Large Power King Kong Ape like a flood.


Xiao Bai jumped to Long Fei's feet and said: "Master, with my current strength, I can only summon a Level 1 Wolf Demon."

Long Fei watched as over a thousand wolves tore apart the Large Power King Kong Ape. The scene was simply too shocking, and said: "That's enough, even if we can't kill it, we can't use up half of its blood."

He heaved a sigh of relief.

With the help of over a thousand wolves, it would be much easier to deal with the Large Power King Kong Ape.

And then …

Long Fei asked: "Xiao Bai, can you help me sense if there are humans around?"

Xiao Bai's brows twitched, and after a moment of pause, he said: "No."


"It's good that no one is here." Long Fei looked at the dragon salyer among the s.p.a.ce Ring and muttered in his heart: "It's time for you to display your might."



The Large Power King Kong Ape was furious, it swept its palms across and slapped each wolf down, following that, another large group of wolves rushed forward.

Its attack power was not high, but its quant.i.ty was great.

For a moment, the Large Power King Kong Ape could not do anything.

Long Fei stood at a high place and laughed wildly: "F * ck, you want to kill me? Come, come kill me. "Come kill me."

When the Large Power King Kong Ape saw Long Fei's bloodshot eyes, it moved its palms and released Mountain-hit Fist.


With a violent shake, dozens of wolves' brains burst out from the shockwave.


The Large Power King Kong Ape roared towards the sky and released a sonic wave attack. The hundreds of wolves around it were stunned senseless for a moment.

"So freaking abnormal!"

Long Fei was extremely shocked and furious for an entire day. To still be able to unleash such power, this Large Power King Kong Ape was truly abnormal.

And then …

Long Fei said to Xiao Bai: "Wait for my order, when I tell you to retreat, tell those wolves to retreat, otherwise, you will harm them."

Xiao Bai asked doubtfully: "Boss, what are you planning to do?"

"Heh heh …"

"You'll know soon enough." Long Fei jumped down from the high ground as his body moved like lightning, continuously rus.h.i.+ng towards the Large Power King Kong Ape.

The Large Power King Kong Ape was also continuously looking at Long Fei's charge with a sweeping gaze as it charged forward.

Xiao Bai said in a loud voice: "Stop it, stop it."

The group of wolves counterattacked.

Suddenly, Long Fei's right hand moved, "dragon salyer, come out!"

As soon as his voice faded …

The incomplete dragon salyer landed in Long Fei's hands. Long Fei's arm sank as his speed obviously slowed down.

The dragon salyer was too heavy!

Even if Long Fei was a Level 9 Battle-Master, he could only use two hands to pick it up.

In a place called the dragon salyer.

As the long blade dragged on the ground, sparks flew along with lightning as Long Fei's arms fiercely moved, and heavily leaped up.

"dragon salyer technique!"

"Open the skin!"

The dragon salyer slashed down.

Xiao Bai immediately roared: "Don't let it move."


The blade came down, striking the Large Power King Kong Ape's chest, lacerating its skin and flesh.

"— 29800"

It dealt nearly 30,000 points of damage!

"Hahaha …"

"The dragon salyer can even break the dragon's defense, how can a mere gorilla like you withstand it?"

The dragon salyer felt great.

Combined with the dragon salyer technique, the damage was simply outrageous.

Both of the Large Power King Kong Ape's palms slapped onto Long Fei's body, causing Long Fei to heavily fall onto the ground.

"Tendon Break!"

With the same wound, Long Fei slashed down once again.


"— 48000"

Extremely high damage.

"Break the bones!"

"Blood Severing!"

"Opening the spirit, Spirit Stunning, slay …"

One slash was stronger than another, and one slash was fiercer than the last.

Every time he slashed out, Long Fei would feel as if all the energy in his body had been hollowed out, and was unable to endure the powerful force being released.

The seven blades slashed out.

The dragon salyer was trembling.

The saber Qi roared and released an aura of death.

It was also at this time.

Long Fei suddenly shouted at Xiao Bai, "This is the moment!"

Xiao Bai shouted at the same time, "Little ones, retreat!"

The pack of wolves quickly retreated, allowing the Large Power King Kong Ape to regain its freedom. It was not looking at Xiang Longfei, its eyes staring at the dragon salyer in Long Fei's hand, its body trembling.

The Large Power King Kong Ape was afraid!

The five level monster was actually afraid.


The Large Power King Kong Ape suddenly turned and escaped.


And it was also at this moment that Long Fei grinned sinisterly and laughed, "You want to escape, let me see where you can flee to!"

"dragon chop!"


Long Fei leaped into the air and the dragon salyer slashed downwards. Like a hurricane, the blade energy struck the Large Power King Kong Ape's body and sent it flying into the air with one slash.

His hill-like body was actually sent flying.

The scene was hard to imagine.

In an instant.

The saber qi raged as it slashed out crazily, continuously and violently.

"One hundred and thirty cuts!"

"Explode for me!"

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