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Chapter 1443: He is My Son (16)

After saying that, she walked in front of Madam Mo and pa.s.sed him a pen. She pointed at Li Shu and said, “Do you know? I have been indebted to Madam for my whole life. She’s a good woman. She has always been really good to you. She’s already really kind and benevolent for not kicking us out. I’ve always felt indebted to her, so how can we betray her and let her down?”

“You cannot take a single cent from the Mo family.”

After saying her resolute words, she looked at Mo Xicheng.

She knew that Mo Xicheng had a special grat.i.tude to Li Shu. Now that she was saying this to him in front of Li Shu, there was a high possibility that Mo Xicheng would not reject her.

Indeed, Mo Xicheng frowned.

Ever since the incident with Mo Zhi, Mo Xicheng’s heart had been significantly stronger and determined. He had refused to pick up Yao Lili’s call and thus, her efforts of trying to convince him had never succeeded.

That moment was her only chance.

Yao Lili wanted to put in more effort to convince him, however, when she was about to speak, Li Shu suddenly spoke, “I know that you have always felt indebted to me. You have always stooped down in my presence.”

Her words stunned Yao Lili. Yao Lili turned her head to look at her with confusion.

Li Shu’s words were extremely complex. It was as if she had spilled a bottle of seasoning. She stared at Yao Lili and wanted badly to tear her fake mask off.

Her stare instantly made Yao Lili really happy. She thought that for once, Li Shu was going to work with her. That she was also going to make a lot of effort for Mo Zhi’s sake.

Hence, Yao Lili immediately lowered her head and her eyes reddened as she acted. “Yes, Madam, I have done you wrong. I know that it has all been my fault. I shouldn’t have given birth to Mo Xicheng then. If I hadn’t, you’d be leading such a blissful life with Mo Hai. I’m in the wrong. If I could return to the past, I would definitely not repeat the same mistake.”

After she said so, she lowered her head and covered her face as she continued, “So, Mo Xicheng, you have also done Mo Zhi wrong. Your birth has negatively affected Mo Zhi’s life. The more we shouldn’t be taking the Mo family’s shares, you—”

Before she could finish speaking, she heard Li Shu speak again, “Do you really want me to forgive you?”

After hearing her words, Yao Lili choked again. She lifted her head up with confusion. However, after seeing the red and swollen eyes of Li Shu, she stammered, “I- I- Yes, Madam, can you forgive me? Is it that you will forgive me if Mo Xicheng signs the contract?”

Li Shu tightened her chin and stared at Yao Lili. “Do you really really want me to forgive you so badly?”

Yao Lili nodded. “Yes, I have always felt guilty these years. I’ve always felt sorry for you, but I really love Mo Hai. As long as you’re willing to forgive me, I will do anything for you! I—”


Li Shu directly interrupted her words, walked to the side and took out the thermos she had brought.

She opened the thermos.

Everyone’s gazes landed on her. They all stared at her, with completely no idea what she was doing.

They saw her open thermos and steaming hot vapor instantly floated out of it.

She poured the chicken soup into a bowl and then pointed at the bowl as she said, “If you can finish this bowl of chicken soup, I will forgive you.”

s.h.i.+ Nianyao: …!!

Mo Xicheng: …

Yao Lili: …!!?

Yao Lili stared at her in disbelief, confused by her words.

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