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Chapter 902: Xiao Qiao, where are you? (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After Shen Zihao heard her words, he hurriedly spoke, “I’ll go with you.”

Xia Nuannuan nodded.

On their way to the hospital, Shen Zihao suddenly gave Xia Nuannuan a key.

She froze.

Shen Zihao said, “I have bought a house in Hainan, it is very suitable for Dad and Mom to stay in.”

Xia Nuannuan widened her eyes.

Shen Zihao looked ahead and said, “I feel that Aunty Mei was too insistent on keeping your dowry and it was inappropriate of her. I also know that you definitely wouldn’t accept it if I gave you money, so I chose to act first before letting you know. You can send the keys back to Dad and Mom and let them move into the new house.”

Xia Nuannuan bit her lips and nodded.

She wasn’t an adamant person.

Especially when she recalled that her parents had to rent an apartment, she would feel bad.

Since she now had a new house, she thought that she should give it to her parents.

At most, she just did not want the 9990 thousand dollars of dowry anymore.

As she thought so, she nodded and grasped the key in her palm.

When they reached the hospital, Shen Liangchuan and Xia Yehua were both in the hospital ward.

Shen Liangchuan’s leg injury had already recovered, but as they say, hurting your bones and ligaments affects you for a hundred days, so he still had to rest to recover.

When the couple entered the room, Shen Liangchuan’s eyes suddenly brightened up. However, after he realized that it was them, he immediately furrowed his brows in disappointment.

Shen Zihao raised an eyebrow and said, “What? What kind of expression is this? Are we not welcome here?”

Although the brothers had patched up, as they were both proud men, they were unwilling to give in.

Thus, every time they met each other, there was always a hint of tension.

Xia Yehua immediately laughed. “How is this not welcoming you? Xiao Qiao said that she had to go settle some matters, so she can’t come and this is making someone miss his wife a lot.”

Shen Zihao sneered coldly and said, “If you miss your wife, you should think of your own safety and not rush towards a car stupidly. Only you would do such things!”

Although his tone was laced with sarcasm, it couldn’t hide his thick and glorious concern.

Shen Liangchuan raised his eyebrows and asked, “What did you two come for?”

They couldn’t have come just to mock at the patient.

Shen Zihao immediately replied, “We obviously didn’t come to see you, we came to visit Mom!”

After hearing his words, Xia Yehua’s eyes immediately brightened and she spoke with excitement, “I’m ok! My body is really strong and healthy!”

Seeing the genuine care that Xia Yehua had shown, Shen Zihao kept silent.

He had increased his interactions with her in this period of time.

The more they interacted, the more Shen Zihao felt like Xia Yehua wasn’t the kind of woman who will leave her husband and ditch her son.

As he thought so, he suddenly felt a kick on his calf. He was slightly stunned and when he turned his head around, he saw Xia Nuannuan glancing at him. She placed the breakfast she was holding in his hands.

He walked to Xia Yehua and suddenly spoke, “Mom, have you eaten breakfast? If you haven’t, then you should quickly eat.”

It was already quite late, who wouldn’t have eaten breakfast?

But Xia Yehua still replied, “Nope, I’m really hungry now!!”

She hurriedly took the breakfast from Shen Zihao and started eating.

The hospital room was filled with happiness, but Shen Liangchuan’s gaze was dark and sunken.

Ever since Qiao Lian had left last night, she still hadn’t returned.

She had said that she had some things to settle, but what was she busy with?

He didn’t know why, but a bad thought suddenly emerged in him. He sat up suddenly and said, “Mom, please help me apply for discharge now. I want to be discharged from the hospital.”

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You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 902 - Xiao Qiao, where are you? (1) summary

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