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Chapter 4950

The world is vast, the endless void is ups and downs, like a collapse.

This kind of power is too horrible. The fierce emperor fights with Hong Jun and Luo Yan. Any kind of power is enough to destroy the world of myth.

As the Tao world collapses today, all restrictions have disappeared.

The next collision is very likely to destroy the entire world.

It is because of this, that Emperor Emperor let Nezha take everyone away.

Because, she could not guarantee that under the sole strength of the fusion of heaven and magic, she would still be able to guarantee that the dragon court was perfect.

At this moment, the power of heaven and magic is merged, and the endless magic flame directly falls on the heaven gear.

Creak, creak.

Above the gears of heaven, a creak erupted instantly.

This is the sound of gears turning.

However, the heavenly gear at this time is no better than before.

There is a big difference between the two.

The heavenly gears, which are just the power of heavenly power, can hardly make any suppression on the Emperor.

But now, the magic path is integrated into the heavenly path, which makes the gear of this heavenly path also undergo qualitative change.

The fusion of the two powers is extremely powerful, far exceeding the power of heaven.

It was the fierce emperor. At this moment, a very dignified expression appeared on his face.

Obviously, even if she had cut me down, facing this kind of power, she didn't have the certainty to win.

"Ha ha ha, cruel emperor, even if you are great.

Neither heaven nor magic are your opponents, what can you do?

Now in the Tao of Heaven, the magic road has been merged. The two forces are combined, and I don't believe you can still carry it. "

Tiandao Hongjun laughed wildly, with a bit of contempt in his concubine.

The voice was still his own, but his temperament seemed to change.

"Tiandao Hongjun, originally, at least I think you are useful to Long Fei.

How is also the ancestor of heaven, even if he is not the emperor's opponent, he should be able to uphold his heart.

However, I did not expect that in order to deal with me, I was willing to merge with the magic road.

However, do you think that after the fusion, are you heaven or magic?

Or are they the same? "

Emperor Emperor said coldly, his words were full of loss.

She spoke several times and would not kill Hongjun just to leave it to Long Fei for disposal.

But now the other party is choosing to merge with Luo Yi in order to survive, so that Emperor Di has been disappointed in his heart.

"Don't say anything high-profile.

If it weren't for Long Fei, how could this road be where it is today.

This mythical world is under my control. Long Fei wants to overthrow my heavenly path, and it is a very avenue of life. From this perspective, as long as you can die, everything else is not important. "

Hong Jun said fiercely.

"You are too confident. Before you two were not my opponents, even if they were merged into one, Bendi was not afraid."

The Emperor said faintly, his momentum rose again.

"Hahaha, different.

Anyway, this world is no longer a heavenly world.

But are you willing?

If you dare to take the shot, the whole world will be buried. "

Tiandao Hongjun laughed.

There is no fear, and it is extremely mad.

On hearing that, Emperor Di's eyes darkened.

Hong Jun is right. At this time, once the shot is taken, the whole world will be wiped out.

For a moment, the emperor's heart was full of helplessness and bitterness: "Long Fei, Long Fei, why don't you come back? Is this time I want to disappear?

The emperor reluctantly thought.

What she didn't know was that Long Fei, who was waiting anxiously, had opened her eyes suddenly.

"Two thousand two hundred and seventy-two, after all, they cannot be fulfilled."

Long Fei sighed.

By now, the light of any door is getting darker and fades away.

"It's okay for Long Fei, and it has never been possible to do that.

The first few masters of the eternal coffin did not even have the qualification to enter the three thousand realms.

It can only be said that you are the only husband in your life who sees you most likely to be the Lord of Eternal Life. "

Said the eternal life.

This result has made him startled.

Three thousand worlds behind the Temple of Immortality.

With his avatar, Long Fei directly reached the limit, and there were even more than 2,970. This number is extremely scary.

"Lord of eternal life?

Yes, it won't be long. "

There are only seven trial tasks for the Lord of Eternal Life.

And he, somehow, has completed five.

It can only be said that, as the name deserves, this eternal Lord is made for him.

As for the immortal body, as well as the Pangu heart, it will not take long to complete it. At that time, it will become the eternal life directly.

"Well, Long Fei, the seven days mentioned earlier have come.

The projection of the temple of eternal life has also reached its limit.

Also, staying here for too long will not be good for you. "

Eternal life said, any door closed.

Then the temple of eternal life began to dissipate into the darkness.


The next moment, the coffin of eternal life shook, and Dragon Fei went back to knowing the sea.

However, at this moment, Long Fei could clearly feel that the connection between himself and the coffin of eternal life had become closer and closer.

He has a feeling that if the coffin of eternal life is used now, it will not work as hard as before, and the eternal power that can erupt will be even more violent and more terrifying.

"It's time to go back.

Emperor, I hope you can handle it. "

Long Fei must have a soul, step back and return to the flesh.

In the world of mythology, Long Fei opened his eyes and felt the horror from above the void, his eyes must be.

"The power of heaven?

No, there is another breath of magic, and there is also a fierce emperor! "

Today, Long Fei is the master of the Cangsheng Avenue, and once the spirit returns, he can clearly see the situation between the world and the earth.

"f.u.c.k, it seems to be two dozens and one. Lao Tzu wants to see who it is and dare to stand with Hong Jun."

As soon as Long Fei's heart was fierce, he would rush to Jiuxiao.

But at this moment, a crisp sound appeared in my mind: "Ding, congratulations to the player for completing the task of shaping Dantian."

"Mission evaluation: ss level."

"Ding, congratulations to players for getting rewards, level +1 props. May I use them now?"

A system tone appears.

"No need to."

Long Fei said quickly, and at the same time there was a surprise in his heart.

If this reward is cast directly, he can directly enter the detachment level 2.

However, it's useless.

Although he can greatly improve his strength, level +1 means that all states directly return to the peak, which is equivalent to a direct extra life.

It would be a waste if it were used now.

"Ding, congratulations to players for their power of Pangu.

The system detects that Pangu's power to open the sky can become the last power to open the blade of the king of the king. Does the player choose to devour it? "

The system sound prompts.

Long Fei's pupils shrank with surprise.

"Lost, the last blade of the King's Blade?"

Long Fei was surprised, feeling that his heartbeat had missed a half-beat, and his brain had fallen into the ethereal.

In the whole person's ears, only the sentence was convoluted.

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