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Chapter 5838

Mr. Da was stunned and looked at Long Cheng in disbelief.

Did he jump out just to show off in front of him?

Little Lord?

He said this as if he was Long Fei's lackey.

No, he's not, he doesn't admit it.

On the side, Long Batian's eyes were filled with anger. He naturally knew what Long Cheng meant when he said this, just to make him feel disgusted.

If Mr. Da really calls him Young Master, then this guy will definitely have to show off in front of him. .??.??

When he thought of this, he couldn't help but say: "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are more shameless than your father. You really think you've got me, right?"

Long Batian's eyes were red, feeling that the world was against him.

Long Cheng didn't care: "Long Batian, have you not seen your position clearly yet? Do you think you are still qualified to say such things now? Do you want to see who you are facing?"

"I, Long Cheng, the son of Long Fei."

Long Cheng was very proud, especially knowing that his father was on the same level as Long Batian's backer, the arrogance in his heart could not be suppressed.

I have no choice. I have an invincible father. Is there anything I can do?

If Long Fei knew what Long Cheng was thinking at this time, he would definitely throw him away with a big blow.

Who gave birth to it?

Why do you like to show off so much?

Forget it, just pretend to be cool. You have no strength, so you still use your own name to show off.

Mr. Da was silent at this time, but he understood. This Long Cheng is a show-off. He may have the ability, but he can't suppress Long Batian. Now he just wants to use himself to give Long Batian a show of strength.

But Mr. Big was not prepared to obey.


After all, he is one of the four categories in the heavens. Logically speaking, he is on par with Long Fei and Dahai, but those two people are too perverted, and he has no sense of existence in front of them.

But you can't really be a dog.

Still young master, I don't

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Do you want to save face?

When he thought of this, he said: "Shut up. Long Fei is Long Fei, and you are you. Besides, Long Fei and I are in a cooperative relations.h.i.+p, and I am not his lackey."

Long Cheng was stunned.

This result was something he had never thought of.

Are you so disrespectful?

Didn't you agree to hang out with your father? Now what does this mean? Is he also a rebel?

"Old sir, you heard me clearly, I am Long Fei's son."

Long Cheng refused to give up and continued.

Mr. Da ignored it and snorted: "I know, you have the blood of Long Fei. But let me say it again, I have a cooperative relations.h.i.+p with him, I am not his lackey!"

Long Cheng's face gradually stiffened, not out of anger, but out of embarra.s.sment.

I originally wanted to use Mr. Da to show off, but I didn't expect it would be such a result.

"Ahem, old man, don't be angry, I'm just joking. As we all know, I, Long Cheng, am today, not only because of my parents, but also not because of my background. I am doing it step by step..."

Long Cheng changed the subject and wanted to forcefully regain his respect.

But before he finished speaking, he was directly interrupted by Long Batian: "Step by step, I relied on the system provided by Dahai to achieve what I am today."

The contempt in Long Batian's eyes was even greater.

Originally, he was a little worried. If Mr. Da really dared to call Long Cheng a young master, then he would not be able to lose face today.

But after listening to Mr. Da's answer, he suddenly felt that the old man was kind-hearted and cute.

Long Cheng's face darkened: "Shut up. You were born countless generations earlier than my father. Tell me about you. You were a powerful figure in the world back then. You couldn't beat my father, and you couldn't **** us. Now, You can just show off in front of an old gentleman, what else do you have?

Face speaks. "Long Cheng will naturally not stand guard.

"No, he can't pretend." Mr. Da interrupted.

"I don't care what he does in front of others, but if he shows off in front of me, I can crush him to death with one hand."

Mr. Big said coldly.

Long Batian's face was as gloomy as water.

This is not saving any face at all, it is rubbing your own face on the ground.

But soon, the gloom in his heart was swept away, and Mr. Da continued to say: "The same goes for you. Your strength is also created by the system. If I want to, I can format your strength with just one thought. , without the system, you don't have the right to show off in front of me.”??.

At this moment, Long Batian looked at Long Cheng, who looked as if he had eaten coptis, and his heart suddenly felt happy.

It's just embarra.s.sing, it doesn't matter, there are still people with me.

Long Cheng also fell silent now. He felt that he couldn't accept these words!

He really wanted to say something, didn't you just follow my dad?

Then we are our own people!

It's hard for me to do this...

Of course, Long Fei didn't know all this.

Of course, if you knew it, you wouldn't care.

At this time, he had followed the breath of the sea to the end of the endless void.

For their level, it only takes a moment to cross the void, and the endless time and s.p.a.ce are all under his thoughts.

With one thought of eternity, they can transcend immortality, travel across time and s.p.a.ce, and reach any point in this void.

Of course, areas outside this original world are not included.

After all, the original world is a core. Compared with this, any other world can be said to be just a small world, not on the same level and dimension.

If they leave the original world, there will be no obstacles in other regions and they will arrive in a matter of seconds. But that means nothing to Long Fei, after all

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Unexpectedly, the problems he is facing now are all in this core world.

Dahai's figure was right in front, looking at a looming portal at the end of the void, his eyes solemn as never before.

"he came!"

Said the sea softly.

"Who?" Long Fei asked.

He already had a guess in his mind, but he still couldn't believe it.

The one who can make Dahai show such an expression must be someone outside the four categories of the heavens, and one who is qualified to occupy the first cla.s.s.

It's just that he expected that this kind of existence would not show up so easily. After all, he and Dahai also planned to hunt this existence in their plan.

But now that he has appeared, doesn't this mean that their previous plan has been aborted?

"Who are you talking about? The one above the only." Dahai said.

Long Fei was silent and thoughtful.

Since Dahai said this, he would naturally not doubt it. Although he was a little surprised, Dahai would not deceive himself on such a matter.

"What should we do? If he appears, does that mean that your previous plan has gone bankrupt?" Long Fei said.

Dahai suddenly turned around and looked at Long Fei, with a flash of disgust in his eyes.

"Can you be a human being and start scheming against me before we even start? What do you mean by my plan? You know our plan." Dahai looked helpless and was very unhappy with Long Fei's reaction.

How did he manage to remove himself so naturally?

When would Long Fei, with his thick eyebrows and big eyes, be able to say such shameless words?

Long Fei responded with a speechless look.

Sure enough, the sea is the sea after all, and it always counts itself in the calculation.

"Don't talk nonsense. This has nothing to do with me. It's clearly your own plan. Don't forget, my parents are in a hostile relations.h.i.+p now. It's impossible for me to join forces with you." Long Fei vowed.

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