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Chapter 5841

The day flies by.

This day has been a bit torturous for Long Fei. Now everything is unclear. There are too many doubts floating in Long Fei's mind, making Long Fei unable to calm down at all.

So Long Fei almost stared at the system countdown.

There is only one minute left.

"It's so weird. I don't know what went wrong."

Long Fei muttered to himself, and then silently counted the time in his heart, his heart beating faster as the system changed.

In fact, this is no wonder Long Fei, from his perspective, his current experience also makes him feel horrible.

You must know that at this time, one thing has affected the whole body. If there is the slightest mistake, not only will he die, but his woman, son, everything related to him, and even the world he experiences will be destroyed. The smoke disappeared and was annihilated under the catastrophe of the apocalypse.

Even if he was unable to change, Long Fei didn't want to just be desolate in this world without any sense of partic.i.p.ation.

For a moment, Long Fei regretted a little and felt that he had made a wrong decision.

"I should have known better beforehand that I shouldn't have gone crazy. There might still be a chance to join forces with Dahai, but now it's no longer possible. Barbie Q." Long Fei's heart became increasingly bitter.

"Ding, the system reconstruction is about to be successful, countdown: 9"

“Countdown: 8…”

The sound of the system appeared again, and Long Fei became nervous.

His eyes were fixed on the system panel.

Finally, time cleared.

"Ding, congratulations players, the system remodeling has been completed."

"The current system is a self-derived version. The triggering reason is unknown. Players themselves will discover the name: True Invincible System."

Long Fei was silent as he listened to the sound coming into his ears.

Trigger unknown?

Just a few words made Long Fei feel terrified.

To put it simply, the reason why the system can be reshaped today must be because of external conditions. But it just so happens that even the system itself doesn't know this condition.

As for the name, Long Fei no longer cares.

#Every time verification appears, please do not use incognito mode!


Anyway, along the way, the system has been called all kinds of strange names.

"System, continue talking, what are the current system functions? What are the tasks?"

There was a bit of urgency in Long Fei's voice, and he was very concerned.

"Ding, don't worry, although the system is being reshaped now, it is still a.n.a.lyzing the current world."

The system voice responded.

The sound is extremely familiar, it still has the same taste, the same recipe, and even the service intelligence of the system has not changed.

For Long Fei, this may be the only place where he can still feel a little comfort.

"Ding, the system a.n.a.lysis is completed. The world the player is currently in is the real world."

Long Fei frowned.

Real world?

"System, does this mean that the world I experienced before was fake?" Long Fei couldn't help but ask.

What the system said is very interesting. The definition of true and false is no longer distinguishable in Long Fei's cognition.

It seems that as the cultivation level increases, one jumps out of a circle again and again. Looking back, it seems that the previous world is full of traces of manual operations.

Whether it is the power of the system or the cultivation of civilization, it seems that when the world reaches its extreme, it will break the world.

Well now, a real world appeared directly, and Long Fei couldn't help but have this idea.

"Ding, players can make their own judgment. The system cannot answer any questions for players right now."

Long Fei was silent, his expression stern.


Still the same dog!

As before, I will blame myself for everything. As for answering my questions in advance...

That's simply impossible.

For a moment, some of the excitement that the system's recovery brought to Long Fei disappeared.

It's okay not to have such a system.

"Ding, the purpose of this system reshaping is to help the host ascend to the true realm. There is only one mission, to see the true self!"

The system ignored Long Fei and continued to beep.

Long Fei's eyes moved.

True state!

The realm after the only one.

In other words, it is the one after the only one!

"Is the true self the one?" Long Fei muttered to himself.

Long Fei has no concept of this realm. This realm is completely unfamiliar. There is no such explanation in the known power system.

Because no one has ever reached this level.

Even if Dahai is so awesome, he is still not close to the top.

As for him, he is worse than the sea, so naturally he cannot perceive this realm.

Therefore, Long Fei was happy when he heard this prompt from the system.

I no longer dislike the old operation of the system.

Since the goal is to help myself get there, does that mean that I can get there before the sea?


Long Fei couldn't help but take a breath, and became excited when he thought of this possibility.

If one day I return to my true state and appear in front of the sea, I don't know what the expression of the sea will be.

At the thought of this possibility, Long Fei felt his blood begin to boil.

Oh s.h.i.+t!


Apart from anything else, Dahai has manipulated him as a chess piece all his life. Even though it was him who brought him to where he is now step by step, Long Fei is still unhappy.

But now he has not reached this state yet. If he can reach this state before him, the picture will be very beautiful.

"System, don't waste time, just talk about the mission."

Long Fei couldn't wait.

"What mission?" System voice

#Every time verification appears, please do not use incognito mode!

Voice response.

Long Fei:…

Long Fei was stunned!

There is nothing to say!

"You think you are very humorous?" Long Fei asked.

He suspected that the system was intentional. He said before that there was only one mission, to see the true self.

Now that he is denying it, why does he think he is a dragon?

"Ding, does the player have some misunderstanding about the system? Haven't I already told you the mission? Meet the real me."

The system responds.

"That's it? Where's the reward? Where's the clue? Just one sentence, how do I do it?"

Long Fei's face turned dark.

Now he understands that he thought of some things too early.

He originally had high expectations for the system, but now it seems that he was naive.

He's still himself, and even more doggy than before.

There used to be an explanation, but now I don't even bother to explain it.

"Ding, do you have any misunderstandings about yourself? What do you think I can give you with your current realm and strength? Although I don't know how I was activated and evolved, but now I can tell you Yes, that's all.”

The system explained.

"In other words, the purpose of your appearance is to tell me where this place is, and that's it?"

Long Fei's voice was a little depressed.

"I think this is enough. It's not like you don't know your current state. The power of the system is completely useless to you. It's incredible that it can evolve now and give you a little hint."

There was some helplessness in the system's voice.

Long Fei also fell silent.

Frankly, there is nothing wrong with the system saying this now. After all, the existence of the system was no longer a help to him before.

Even because of the robbery, the two almost parted ways.

"Then what are you doing now?" Long Fei continued to ask.

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