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Chapter 900: The 90s (10)

“The first place for the midterms came from our cla.s.s.”


“I overheard the teachers talking about it…”

“I heard that Li Le came from a village…”

On the first day of school, Ming Shu heard people talking about Li Le the moment she entered the cla.s.sroom.

At the last minute before lesson started, Li Le entered the cla.s.sroom with her bag.

The only seat left in the cla.s.sroom was the one on the second last row.

Coincidentally, Ming Shu was sitting beside her.

Ye West Wind was sitting behind Ming Shu and his sidekicks were seated around him.

A few people in the cla.s.s came from the junior high, too, so they knew Ye West Wind. They introduced him to the new students and after a while, everyone learned who Ye West Wind was.

However, they were not sure who Ming Shu was.

Ye West Wind and his sidekicks treated her nicely so her background must be powerful.

Li Le didn’t expect to be in the same cla.s.s as Ming Shu. She didn’t know if she should greet her.

In the end, she didn’t greet her. She went to sit in her seat.

Their homeroom teacher was a young woman. She was wearing the most popular style of dress now and had her hair in a ponytail. She looked amiable.

“Students, from today onwards, I will be your homeroom teacher. I hope to have a good time interacting with all of you for these three years. I also wish that you all will learn useful knowledge in school…”

The teacher didn’t say much. After she introduced herself, she let everyone do a self-introduction.

They started from the first row.

People who studied in this school were either rich or came from normal families but had good results.

Hence, after the self-introduction, the cla.s.s was divided in two factions… no, three factions.

Ye West Wind and his sidekicks were considered one faction. They were different from the other rich kids in the room.

“Sister, what do you want to eat for lunch?”

“What good food is there?” The moment she talked about food, Ming Shu’s eyes s.h.i.+mmered.

After they came back from the village, Jian Shu kept an even tighter watch on her. If Mother Jian didn’t buy snacks for her secretly, she would starve to death.

“Hey, what good food is there around here?”

Ye West Wind kicked the sidekick beside him.

The sidekick scratched his head. “I know where the fun places are around here, but I don’t know what good restaurants there are. The girls over there might know.”

“Go and ask after cla.s.s.”

The sidekick wanted to ask why but when he saw Ming Shu’s smile, he bowed. “I will make sure I complete this task.”

The sidekick managed to get a list of all the good restaurants and shops from the group of girls.

During the short time that she spent in school, Li Le managed to become the thorn in everyone’s eyes. It was expected from a female protagonist.

Her books would get vandalized, her table would be stuffed with weird things, people would chang her timetable so she would miss lessons, etc.

Whatever situations the female protagonist in a story would meet, Li Le got to enjoy them too.

If she didn’t, she would not be the female protagonist.

That day, Ye West Wind was called to have a talk with the teacher because of his att.i.tude in school. Ming Shu was also called to listen since she always hung around Ye West Wind.

By the time they finished, all the students were gone.

“Sister, wait for me. I’ll go and get the bicycle.” Recently, Ye West Wind had a sudden impulse and got himself a bicycle.

“Country b.u.mpkin… even a b.u.mpkin is too high cla.s.s for you. Anyway, did you complain to the teacher about us?”

“I didn’t complain about you all. It has nothing to do with me.”

“Nothing to do with you? If you didn’t lodge a complaint, why were we called to the office?”

“What do you want?”

“b.u.mpkin, finish all our homework today. We’ll take it from you tomorrow. If you don’t do it, you’re dead!”

The girls turned a corner and saw someone standing there. They were stunned for a moment.

“What are you looking at?” the leader of the gang said to her fiercely. “Why are you always following Ye West Wind around. How shameless are you?”

Ming Shu: “…”

I am just… waiting for my snacks ATM.

Why am I getting scolded?!

The leader was still angry so she walked over and made to push Ming Shu.

Ming Shu tilted her body and hooked her feet. The girl slammed into the ground.

“Be careful.” Ming Shu smiled as she regarded her.

The girl’s face turned red. Her companions came to help her up. She pointed at Ming Shu. “Jian Xi, that’s your name, right?”


The girl was furious when she saw Ming Shu’s nonchalant att.i.tude. “What is your relations.h.i.+p with Ye West Wind?!”

Ming Shu shrugged and replied in a lighthearted tone, “We have no relations.h.i.+p.”

The girl didn’t believe her. “If you have no relations.h.i.+p with him, why is he sticking by you every day?”

“I’m pretty.”


The girl’s finger shook as she pointed at Ming Shu.

How could there be someone so shameless?

“Leave Ye West Wind alone. If not, you better watch out.”

Ming Shu said sincerely, “Watch out for my beauty?”

“…” Is this person an idiot?

The girl looked at Ming Shu’s face and got even more furious.

She didn’t want to admit it, but the girl was really pretty. The only thing that seemed out of place was the color of her face. It was too pale.

“Where is your face value!’ The girl was so angry she didn’t know how to continue the conversation.

“Why do I want it? Can it be eaten?” I have to drop my face value when the situation calls for it. For instance, now.


Why am I angering her? There are no Hatred Points to be gained.

Ming Shu patted her forehead. “Mistake. This is a mistake. Miss, Ye West Wind is coming back soon. If he sees you all surrounding me, he might be angry.”

The girl: “…”


She is showing off!

Just as they were talking about him, Ye West Wind arrived with his beloved bicycle. He rang his bell as he rode over from the other side.

His uniform fluttered in the wind. The evening glow shone through the maidenhair trees and formed patches of light on his body. The boy seemed to be glowing.

“What are you all doing?”

The boy stopped his bicycle beside them.

“Ye… we are saying hi to her.”

The girl blushed. She didn’t dare to look at the boy. She placed her hands in front of her and clutched her hands together tightly. Her voice got really soft too.

Ye West Wind took the schoolbag in Ming Shu’s hand. “Sister, let’s go.”

The girl looked at Ming Shu strangely. Why did Ye West Wind call her “Sister”?

Speaking of which… Ye West Wind always called her like this…

Is she his cousin?

Even after Ye West Wind left with Ming Shu, the girl was still in a daze.

“She likes you.”

Ye West Wind peddled steadily. “How do you know?”

The girl’s voice was light and soft. It floated in the sunset glow. “When she spoke to you, she almost stuffed her entire head into her chest. How can she not like you?”

“…” Stuffed her entire head into her chest? Who taught you this? Does Jian Shu know about it? He will not think that I was the one who taught her, right?

“I don’t like the way she talks. She seems too shy.”

“Tsk, that’s unfortunate.”

“What is unfortunate about it?”

“Her chest is big.”

“…” Jian Shu, your sister is going crazy!

“Little ancestor, can you hold me tightly? If you fall down, your brother will kill me!”

Ming Shu didn’t hold him, but she still sat behind him stably.

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