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Chapter 496 This Isn’t Over

“Hi, Mrs. Xia.” Feeling quite embarra.s.sed, He Yuan stretched out a hand and said that just as acting on stage.

Xia Ning was kind of amused and thought to herself, “If He Yuan were shy, she wouldn’t be like what she was today. The behavior caught the attention of Huo Zhanpeng. It seemed that she was a wise woman.”

“Hi, Miss He.”

“Mrs. Xia, there are some misunderstandings between us due to an oversight by my agent. I’m to blame. Will you forgive me?”

Xia Ning kept smiling and said, “Don’t mention it. Have fun at Mr. Huo’s ball.”

With a quick glance of cunning in her big eyes, He Yuan nodded and proposed a toast, “This is for you. May I just make an apology with this?”

Xia Ning sneered, “Much trouble has been made on Weibo. She’s gonna cover all what she did with a gla.s.s of wine?”

Followed by tipsiness, He Yuan frowned a bit and behaved as if she had been overwhelmed by the drink. Huo Zhanpeng said immediately in a stressful voice, “Yuan, just forget it if you’re not used to it. Mrs. Xia, I am so sorry about that. I hope you don’t mind that He Yuan is not adept at drinking.”

“Not at all.” Xia Ning replied but she thought, “I would eat my hat if it’s true.”

He Yuan sat next to Huo Zhanpeng before the ball officially kicked off. Throughout the ball, He Yuan stayed together with Huo Zhanpeng most of the time, being quite weak and vulnerable. No wonder Huo Zhanpeng gave unprincipled protection to her. Almost all men like such tender girls as He Yuan.

Right at the time, a familiar aroma wafted by, and then a pair of large hands wrapped around the waist, and a deep kiss fell to the forehead of Xia Ning.

“Dear, I’m coming.”

Listening to the magnetic, soul-destroying sound, Xia Ning was suddenly drunk. She couldn’t help kissing her husband, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

With a faint smile on his face, Yi Yunrui was to sit down but found that there was no place for him on the table.

Seeing that, Zhang Hai asked the waiter to take a stool in a hurry. Yi Yunrui sat beside Xia Ning.

Yi Yunrui had just sat down when he felt a pair of greedy eyes looking towards them. He looked up a bit and found He Yuan was casting her eyes on him.

In an instant, He Yuan’s face turned red.

All this fell into Huo Zhanpeng’s eyes. A sense of envy rose in his heart and the smile on his face melt away a bit.

“Is the man Xia Ning’s husband? It’s said that he is among those people who are influential.”

But it was annoying to Huo Zhanpeng.

“Mrs. Xia, is this your husband?”

Xia Ning nodded, “Yes. Rui, let me have an introduction for you. This is Mr. Huo, the board chairman of Tianyu Entertainment Company. And this is my husband, Yi Yunrui.”

Huo Zhanpeng held out his hand towards Yi Yunrui and said, “Hi, Mr. Yi.”

Yi Yunrui nodded but did not shake hands with Huo Zhanpeng.

It was totally out of Huo Zhanpeng’s expectation and he felt quite embarra.s.sed with his hand out.

Xia Ning pretended as if nothing had happened and drank the red wine in her hand.

Huo Zhanpeng scolded a few words in his heart. And after a clear cough, he withdrew his hand and said, “Mr. Yi, where do you work now?”

Yi Yunrui looked at him with a funny face, “Just a loafer.”

When holding a large-scale ball, the hosts must do a good job of “homework” for the invited guests, otherwise, they would make stupid mistakes or even offend people. Huo Zhanpeng didn’t even think about that in advance. So, it could be easily imagined how this young talent worked things out.

He accompanied his young wife to this commercial ball in his personal name so his ident.i.ty of the Command shouldn’t be exposed to the public. For these business celebrities, he was absolutely a loafer.

Hearing the word “loafer”, Huo Zhanpeng glanced at him with disdain. But he still kept calm and said, “Mr. Yi, you must be kidding. To be able to marry such an outstanding woman as Mrs. Xia, you must be above the general mediocrity. Mr. Yi, you are willing to tell the truth just because you look down upon me?”

“Sorry. I’ve never been engaged in any business activities. So, I guess you do me too much honor. There is no business in my name.”

Huo Zhanpeng froze with a smile. After coughing a few more times, he raised his gla.s.s and finished the drink.

He Yuan, who was beside him, kept staring at Yi Yunrui. Knowing that Xia Ning, sitting next to her husband, was Yi Yunrui’s wife, He Yuan didn’t even care about that.

Yi Yunrui suddenly felt out of place and turned to Xia Ning.

“Dear, is it fun here?”

Xia Ning shook her head and said, “I feel a little depressed.”

“Well, let’s go back home. We can go out for a walk and find something to eat.”

Xia Ning’s eyes lit up, “Good!”

Yi Yunrui and Xia Ning’s voices were not loud, but what they talked about was clearly heard by Huo Zhanpeng. When they were about to leave, Huo Zhanpeng said to them, “Mrs. Xia and Mr. Yi, don’t go please.”

Xia Ning said, “We are so sorry, but we really need to go now.”

“Mrs. Xia, Yuan told me that she missed several invitations with World Era Weekly because of her rehearsal problems. She’s been sorry for a long time. Shall we make an appointment later on?”

Xia Ning was just about to speak, but Yi Yunrui said, “As far as I know, when Miss He refused the invitation of World Era Weekly, there were not many things on her.”

Unexpectedly, Yi Yunrui spoke so directly and Huo Zhanpeng felt a bit embarra.s.sed. He said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Yi. You just said that you had not engaged in any business activities and might not understand some things in the business community very well. Some things are not as simple as they seem to be. Let alone these are some small contradictions between Mrs. Xia and Yuan. It is better to have a friend than have an enemy. Just hope you can understand.”

Yi Yunrui’s tone had turned slightly cold, “I’m a narrow-minded person, so I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

After the conversation, Yi Yunrui put his arms around his little wife and was about to turn away…

Right at the time, He Yuan stood up and cried out loudly, “Mrs. Xia.”

That cry made quite a few people stop what they were doing.

“Mrs. Xia, I am to blame for not knowing how to treat people and things. It turns out that my misstep really offends you. So sorry about that.” As she spoke, He Yuan bowed deeply towards Xia Ning and said, “This is all my fault. Please don’t blame Mr. Huo! Could you tell me what I should do to earn your forgiveness?”

He Yuan’s voice was very loud and this apology was also very “sincere”, making many people whisper.

Huo Zhanpeng was heartbroken and said to He Yuan, “Forget it if you’re not forgiven. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

He Yuan shook her head. She was about to speak when the tears ran down her face. With her hands covering the face, she sobbed and turned away.

“Yuan!” Before Huo Zhanpeng followed right after He Yuan, he turned and said to Yi Yunrui and Xia Ning, “See you guys around.”

Leaving these words, Huo Zhanpeng left the scene angrily.

Looking at this scene, the guests burst into gossips. Somewhere in a corner, a sinister gaze was revealed. A silhouette faded into the darkness.

Sitting in the car, Xia Ning sighed, “Dear, it seems that there will be headlines again tomorrow.”

“There are headlines every day.” It was not known why He Yuan and Huo Zhanpeng were crude and rash, or whether they were pampered and treated well since childhood without even caring about the rules.

Whoever dared to bully his wife, He would not let go of whoever dared to bully his wife.

“Boss, there are new updates on Weibo. I’m not sure who uploaded the video about the party and He Yuan’s fans are now complaining.”

“Zhang Hai, have you finished the things I told you just now?”

“It’s all done. Rest a.s.sured”

Xia Ning was at a loss and said to her husband, “Dear, what did you tell Zhang Hai to do?”

“Nothing serious. I just want to teach Huo Zhanpeng and He Yuan a lesson.”

Right, it wouldn’t be a big deal. It was totally dependent on Huo Zhanpeng. If he still didn’t feel sorry for what he did, Yi Yunrui would show him no mercy.

A VIP private room in a nightclub.

With resentment in his heart, Huo Zhanpeng coaxed He Yuan, “Don’t feel sorry for that. Just as I said before, it’s none of your business. I am gonna work things out.”

“That b*st*rd with the surname Yi, how dared he make He Yuan angry? Just wait and see who will laugh best.”

He Yuan cried bitterly, gasping for breath and falling into Huo Zhanpeng’s arms, and said, “Even so, Mrs. Xia would be mad due to my leaving… I…”

Halfway through, He Yuan’s tears surged out again.

Huo Zhanpeng gritted and said, “Just a board chairman of Junhao International Group. What a big deal! I’ll lay my hands on him sooner or later.”

When Huo Zhanpeng was shouting, his a.s.sistant came in hurriedly and said, “Something’s come up, Mr. Huo.”

“You b*st*rd. It’s evident that something really goes wrong. Just shut up or go out of here.”

The a.s.sistant took a breath of cold air and explained hurriedly, “I’m sorry, Mr. Huo. I was wrong. Here’s the thing. We just got a call from the investors and they said they were going to divest and not fund our films. What should we do?”

“What?” Huo Zhanpeng was shocked and said, “Divestment? Since when?”

“Just now. The call was received from the secretaries of Mr. Shen and Mr. Hou. They said directly about that without offering a reason.”

“Divestment without a reason?” How come! Mr. Shen and Mr. Hou had always been the largest partners of Tianyu Entertainment Company. It had been a decade since their cooperation started and it was the first time that such an unforeseen divestment really happened.

Suddenly, Huo Zhanpeng’s eyes were full of anger and his fists were clenched, “Xia Ning, you and I are gonna have a fight. And I will take on you to the end.”

The a.s.sistant asked in a terrified voice, “Mr. Huo, what are we going to do now?”

“Just have a check. Are there any other sponsors who want to divest? And then I will inform the media from all walks of life in C City that I’m going to hold a press conference tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir.”

The next morning.

“Sister Xia. Trouble has been made in Tianyu Entertainment Company.” Putting down the phone, Jing Shu shouted out in a hurry, “Just now, the interview department received a notice that Tianyu Entertainment Company was going to hold a press conference at the XX Hotel and all the media in C City were invited.”

“So?” Clearly, Xia Ning had made some preparations for that. She said to Jing Shu, “The press conference is probably just for the sake of publicity for new films. Don’t make a fuss.”

“Not likely. They didn’t even tell the public what would be about. Sister Xia, I still remember what Mr. Huo said last night. It’s likely that you will be the target. Should we take actions in advance?”

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