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Chapter 30a: Ruthlessly Retaliate Against Him

"How is it, Mr. Yu. I put forth all of my effort on behalf of your Heavenly Dream Tower. I have not disappointed you, have I?" Luo Qing Luan smiled as she spoke. Her mood could be said to be not bad.

She used ice chunks during an extremely hot day so that the difference in temperature released vapors which condensed into tiny droplets of white mist. This method couldn't be any simpler viewed through her previous life. It's just a pity that she was unable to produce an even more splendid spectacle, just like a housewife who could not cook without proper ingredients. 

If she could have dry ice, how wonderful it would be. The effect created by the mist would have been even better. She guaranteed that the entire Heavenly Dream Tower would turn into a paradise. Those who wanted to come in could forget about coming without paying an entrance fee of ten taels of silver.

It's too bad, what a pity!

But she had no way of manufacturing something like dry ice. Therefore, she could only use ice chunks to barely serve as a replacement.

But as far as these people were concerned, a little bit of faint fog was already enough to make them pleasantly surprised. Added to that some bird sounds and running water sounds and so forth, nothing more than adding flowers to brocade, and that made the scene even more magical.

This was the trick to packaging!

In the main hall, after s.h.i.+meng finished her performance and disappeared into the big hole, Mama Du's voice disturbed the ear like rolls of thunder simply deafening everyone's ears.

But she was not the least bit impatient. On the contrary, she was similarly blus.h.i.+ng from excitement. She brandished the silk fabric in her hand intending to calm down everyone a bit, but she barely opened her mouth before someone shouted loudly. "Mama Du, I'll put forth two thousand taels. I want to be the first to see Miss s.h.i.+meng."

"Kiss my a.s.s! How can you meet with G.o.ddess s.h.i.+meng for just two thousand taels?" 

His soul already thoroughly hooked by s.h.i.+meng, the Fu family's young master stood up and shouted loudly. "I'll pay three thousand taels……"

He did not finish speaking when he was cut off by an even more ostentatious merchant. "I will pay five thousand taels. I only seek to meet G.o.ddess s.h.i.+meng."

"En~~five thousand taels and you want to look at a G.o.ddess' beautiful face? That's rather too cheap." This voice made Luo Qing Luan, who had been spectating, pay attention. It surprisingly was the fifth prince Nangong Chen!

He was sitting upright on a banquet seat, dressed in magnificent full length silver grey brocade. The corners of his mouth were curved into a faintly smiling expression. His whole body looked romantic and elegant. He swirled the wine cup in his hand and said arrogantly. "This prince will pay ten thousand taels!"

"Mama Du, on thousand taels of silver. Is it possible to let this prince meet with G.o.ddess s.h.i.+meng?" His voice rose up the stage, an appearance of not giving up if she would not agree and he even glanced at everyone, completely not placing anyone present in his eyes.

Once Luo Qing Luan saw this, she only felt that it was laughable. 

If her older sister were to see Nangong Chen visiting a courtesan house, she would probably be angry enough to die?

In not many more days, she will be getting married, yet her future husband unexpectedly did not take this matter to heart in the slightest and even ran over here to visit a courtesan house. Moreover, he's paying the sky high price of ten thousand taels of silver for a courtesan. This simply was……

Fortunately, she schemed to cancel her and Nangong Chen's engagement. Otherwise, this bad luck would be hers!

Laughing lightly, Luo Qing Luan said. "Mr. Yu, do you know this Fifth Prince well?"

Once Nangong Yu heard this, he immediately blushed with shame.

Actually, he's Nangong Chen's older brother. Even if they didn't share the same mother, in the end, they were still brothers. As a stately prince, Nangong Chen surprisingly visited a courtesan house openly and even appeared proud of himself. He truly felt embarra.s.sed.

"Uh……" After thinking about it, he finally replied to Luo Qing Luan's question. "Nangong Chen is the fifth prince after all. Even if I don't really know him, I've heard some things."

Clearly, Luo Qing Luan only wanted to know about the power of Nangong Chen's backers, but Nangong Yu thought that it was only because she wanted to inquire about whether Nangong Chen had enough money and how much benefit he could bring to Heavenly Dream Tower. Without doubting him at all, she continued. "I heard that this fifth prince will be marrying the Luo family's oldest daughter soon, but only as a concubine."

"Ordinarily, Fifth Prince is not valued much by His Majesty. Otherwise, how can he already be more than twenty years old and still have not received an official t.i.tle. He's merely a prince by birth, but Nangong Chen apparently also doesn't care much about this, as he's always been idling away. He likes lingering around places with fireworks, and all kinds of beautiful women. He's actually a big client of my Heavenly Dream Tower."


Luo Qing Luan gained insight into Nangong Chen's other face and could not help but be curious. "Is he so wealthy?"

"I heard that Nangong Chen's mother's family is quite influential and is even responsible for casting official silver currency. Therefore, it's enough to supply Nangong Chen with an unlimited degree of expenses. His Majesty seems to pay very little attention to these things. As long as his offsprings don't get involved in power struggles, he is also disinclined to care."
"So it's like that." Luo Qing Luan nodded.

Not only was this Nangong Chen shameless and a skirt chaser, he even visited courtesan houses? Seems he's made of the same stuff as Nalan Ye. No wonder the two of them visited the general's mansion together at that time!

Suddenly, Nalan Ye's name flashed through her mind. Luo Qing Luan couldn't help but took a glance downstairs, but the seat that Nalan Ye was previously sitting at was unexpectedly empty. Don't know when he had left.

He surprisingly left? 

Didn't he also like to visit courtesan houses, yet he was surprisingly not interested in s.h.i.+meng, who was like a G.o.ddess? Luo Qing Luan was suddenly baffled.

Soon, there was no longer any suspense downstairs. Even the highest official like the vice-minister of revenue, Yan Xushan, no longer competed with Nangong Chen, giving him the opportunity to be the first to see s.h.i.+meng.

Tonight, the lights at Heavenly Dream Tower were splendid, just like a night that won't sleep, but Luo Qing Luan was no longer interested and planned to depart.

She just turned around when her pupils constricted. Unexpectedly, the Nalan Ye that she was looking for, but could not find, was standing not very far away from her.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d surprisingly came up here?

What did he want?

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