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Published at 18th of July 2019 02:15:06 PM Chapter 106: 106

Yang Jingxian smiled and said, “Okay, you can all wait for the result here . I'll go back to make some soup . ” Then she told Xiao Jing and Xiao Sa to take good care of Xiao Rou and Xiao Yao .

The two brothers nodded in response and Yang Jingxian left . The crowd cornered the two brothers, while Yang Mukun smirked, urging, “Little Cousin, are you going to tell us or not?”

The two brothers put on a look that said 'I'd rather die than submit' .

Xiao Yao's cold voice rang out from his ward . “Get your in!”

Xiao Sa and Xiao Jing shrugged, shoved Yang Mukun away and entered Xiao Yao's ward . Although Yang Mukun excelled in martial arts, he was no match for Yao in this aspect! Now that Yao had asked them to get in, they would not be afraid .

Xiao Yao looked at the crowd standing in front of his sickbed and said seriously, “I'm a lieutenant colonel and captain of the action team, special division of the National Anti-Terrorism Special Forces . ”

The crowd was stunned .

Xiao Sa and Xiao Jing couldn't help but snicker . The two brothers had expected them to be deeply shocked upon finding out about Yao's real ident.i.ty . Look how stunned they were…

But when had he become a lieutenant colonel?

Did General Hao come to announce this? Oh my gos.h.!.+ He was promoted way too quickly!

Yang Mukun blinked, looked at Xiao Yao, who was lying on his bed and staring coldly at them, and muttered, “Cousin Yao, who did you say you were just now? The name was too long for me to remember . ”

“I'm a captain of the Counter-Terrorism Action Team, a lieutenant colonel . ”

He Wanzhou looked at Xiao Yao lying in the bed, the corners of his mouth twitching as he asked, “Really?” It would be terrible if it was true!

Yang Mukun's father was only a major general right now! Even though he was in his sixties! If Xiao Yao had already become a lieutenant colonel, wouldn't it be shocking?

Xiao Yao nodded expressionlessly . “Yes . ”

The crowd widened their eyes in shock . He Wanyi couldn't believe it . She had always known Xiao Yao's job was special, but she didn't know he was such a hero and that his job was so dangerous . She asked softly, “So you didn't have a car accident, right?”

Xiao Yao responded with a nod . “I was shot during a mission, but the criminal was killed so it was worth it . ”

Ning Yan blew a whistle, saying, “So you're a hero! No wonder your sister was so shocked that she fell down the stairs . May big fortune follow a narrow escape . ”

Xiao Yao remained expressionless . “Yeah, so I just got promoted to lieutenant colonel . ”

Xiao Jing and Xiao Sa exchanged a glance . As they had expected, the general had come to notify Yao of his promotion!

But winning a promotion with his life was not a good deal .

As the corners of Yang Mukun's mouth twitched, the sound of footsteps could be heard at that moment and then the door of Xiao Yao's ward was pushed open . Yang Jingchao appeared . He looked around at the people in the ward before frowning and looking back at his guard . He asked, “You didn't make a mistake?”

The guard shook his head and replied, “The intel can't be wrong . General Hao did come to this ward of Lin'an Hospital to visit a patient . ”

Yang Jingchao frowned and looked around at the ward again only to find that the patient lying in the sickbed was Xiao Yao, following which he strode over to take a look at the latter . His aura was so majestic that no one dared say anything; even his son Yang Mukun gulped and took a step back . Only Xiao Yao looked calm with a smile . He said “Uncle, did you come to visit me?”

“What happened to you?” Yang Jingchao asked, staring at his nephew who was never afraid of him since his childhood . “What's your real ident.i.ty?”

The crowd: “…” Oh, he was really direct!

Xiao Yao didn't find this strange at all . This was the boldness and straightforwardness characteristic of soldiers . He said, “I'm Lieutenant Colonel Xiao Yao of the Counter-Terrorism Force!”

His voice was cold and unemotional . Although he sounded a bit weak, it didn't affect his imposing air at all .

The corner of Yang Jingchao's eyes twitched and as if he hadn't heard him clearly, he asked again, “What did you say?”

Xiao Yao repeated his previous words, following which Yang Jingchao immediately glared at his son, wondering why he was so much worse than Xiao Yao . He had previously boasted all day long about how excellent his son was, who was already a senior captain in his twenties, but he never expected that the son of his brother-in-law whom he despised had become a lieutenant colonel!

What a disgrace!

He suddenly wanted to exchange sons with his brother-in-law! Somebody come stop him!

“Did General Hao come to visit you?” It took a long time for Yang Jingchao to calm down and remember why he had come here .

Xiao Yao nodded and answered, “Yes . ”

“Why?” Yang Jingchao frowned . Even if his nephew was a lieutenant colonel, a big shot like General Hao wouldn't come to visit him just because he was sick .

“I'm under the direct command of General Hao . ”

“Which army division are you under?”

“The Counter-Terrorism Special Forces . ” Xiao Yao certainly wouldn't go into that much detail .

Yang Jingchao sighed, looked at his nephew and asked, “When did you join the army?”

“I went to the capital to receive training after graduating from junior high school and finished training there . ” Xiao Yao had no intention to keep this a secret . He knew that Uncle would investigate it since he had found out . This being the case, it was better that he just tell him .

Yang Jingchao nodded and looked at Xiao Yao with sharp eyes . “You're really a tight-lipped one . When did your mom and dad find out?”

“Today . ”

Yang Jingchao praised him with narrowed eyes . “Not bad, boy . ”

Xiao Yao remained straight-faced . “As my ident.i.ty is special, the fewer the people who know about it, the better . And I don't think there would be many people willing to discover my ident.i.ty . After all, they may put themselves in danger by prying into this . ”

The crowd: “…” Why do we suddenly not want to know about his ident.i.ty? Is it too late for us to leave now?

Yang Jingchao squinted and didn't ask anymore . He said with great seriousness, “When you recover, come over to my home and personally explain this to your grandpa . ”

Xiao Yao nodded . “Okay!”

Yang Jingchao turned around to shoot a look at Yang Mukun and snapped, “You, get out of here!” Then without looking back, he stepped out .

The crowd cast a sympathetic glance at Yang Mukun, while He Wanzhou patted him on the shoulder, saying, “Take care, Mukun!”

Yang Mukun walked out with a sad face, wondering why he was so unlucky that he happened to find out his cousin's ident.i.ty and happened to meet his father here who hated him most!

Oh, how I want to go back to my mom's belly!

Xiao Yao looked at the crowd and asked, “Any questions?”

Ning Yan shook his head . “No, I'm not curious at all . I think my life is more important . ”

Xiao Yao snorted . “Then why did you come back? It's too late for you to regret . ”

He Wanning asked, “Were the doctors next door invited here by you?” He was more concerned about Xiao Rou .

Xiao Yao nodded and looked at Xiao Sa, saying, “Go and see the results . ”

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