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Chapter 813: Bring it on


Everyone could hear the frightful sound of the Divine Bird screeching. It flapped its huge wings and dived toward the ring. So violent was the gust of wind from its wings, the Baiyue Nation citizens gathered there found their bodies being forced to the side.

A pair of scarlet eyes shone with a cold light, and its two enormous claws were terrifying weapons, flas.h.i.+ng like swords. It headed straight for Xiao Luo.

“I’m in a hurry, so I’ll finish you with a single punch!” Xiao Luo said.

After saying that, Xiao Luo channeled a vast amount of energy to his fist, and a tremendous power built up. The Divine Bird was streaking toward him and suddenly sensed danger. It instinctively reduced its speed in caution.

Xiao Luo didn’t even bother to think and sent his punch forward…


A thunderous sound resounded across the sky. The power force that was unleashed distorted the air and a mighty wave of pressure spread across the surroundings. This turbulence forced the Baiyue Nation citizens backward, causing them to stagger back, unable to withstand it. Their hearts thumped in fear and even Grand Master, up in the spectator’s grandstand, was no exception.

The Divine Bird let out a miserable wail and soared up into the sky with its immense body, disappearing into the clouds. After a while, it reappeared and fell out of the sky, cras.h.i.+ng into a mountain in the distance with a loud boom. That mountain shook and crumbled into a small mound as the ground trembled violently. The Divine Bird struggled briefly before it stopped moving.

The sky rained golden feathers. They all came from that Divine Bird!

Xiao Luo stood resolutely in the ring. It was as if his body was nailed firmly to the floor with an iron stake. At that moment, he emanated a formidable aura, like a heavenly sovereign who had descended into this world. He looked high and mighty.

The Baiyue Nation citizens stared at him with their eyes and mouths wide open. With just one punch, this man defeated Baiyue Nation’s Divine Bird. How was that possible? No one could believe what they saw, and it was as if they were dreaming.

“My G.o.d, he knocked out our Baiyue Nation’s Divine Bird with one punch!” a Baiyue Nation citizen shrieked out in fear.

It took but a single panicked scream to send the entire arena into chaos. Everyone stared at Xiao Luo in abject fear, mumbling to themselves how unbelievable that man in the ring was.

Grand Master stared at Xiao Luo in shock. Defeating the Divine Bird with one punch was nothing like what she had expected. She found it hard to believe that this jerk, only at the level of a Martial Master, had such explosive power. But she was clear of one thing, and it was the fact that she had underestimated Xiao Luo’s skills.

“He’s so strong!”

Funing was shocked at first, then amazed. To defeat the Divine Bird meant that Xiao Luo’s ability was not beneath that of a Martial Guru. It might seem like Grand Master Mother might not even pose any threat to him at all.

“It’s just a simple test… Sit down, all of you, please sit down!”

Duck Emperor coughed a little. He made his presence felt by addressing the crowd of Baiyue Nation citizens.

Ghost glanced at the fat, heavy-set officer who was so shocked that her mouth was agape. “See, I told you I’m not daydreaming.”

The heavy-set officer stared at Xiao Luo in terror. She wasn’t paying any attention to Ghost at all. In the beginning, she thought that Xiao Luo was merely at the cultivation level of a Martial Emperor, but looking at it now, Xiao Luo was definitely above that of a Martial Emperor. Martial Guru? Or a Martial Venerable? But he looked very young, so how was it possible for him to have such a high and deep cultivation level?

Xiao Luo turned around and took a step forward as he looked into the grandstand.


His body sent out an invisible force that rippled through the surroundings. The phoenix feathers falling from the sky vanished instantly and everyone gasped in shock.

With his eyes fixed icily on Grand Master Mother, he said, “What’s the third test?”


Everyone couldn’t help but gasp. This man arrived in Baiyue Nation and it turned out he had such an incredibly strong cultivation level. It was just too shocking.

Grand Master was stunned briefly but quickly came back to her senses. Gritting her teeth, she said, “The third test will be to defeat me!”

After saying that, she emitted an ominous aura from her body. She instantly teleported from the grandstand to where Xiao Luo stood. With her white jade-like claws, she aimed them right into Xiao Luo’s eyes.

Xiao Luo tried to counter it with his palm. Even with no physical contact, the True Inner Force channeling from their bodies clashed fiercely.


The arena, constructed of stacked marble blocks, shattered into rubble instantly. Thankfully, Duck Emperor’s reaction was fast. He carried Ghost along and flew somewhere safe, preventing her from sustaining any injuries. Turning back to look, the color on Duck Emperor and Ghost’s face changed a little.

What was once a ring had now turned into a gaping chasm—dark and bottomless. It made them shudder just looking at it. Some of the rubble fell into the chasm, yet they could hear nothing.

All the Baiyue Nation citizens were dumbfounded. The air seemed to be charged with electricity. Every single strand of hair on their bodies was on ends.

“Grand Master Mother, stop it!” Funing shouted from the grandstand.

“Majesty, it’s my responsibility to uphold the law of the land, and this man must die!” Grand Master stared at Xiao Luo with murder in her eyes.

Xiao Luo smiled as he hovered in the air, and said, “Do you think you have what it takes to kill me?”

“Killing you is as easy as nodding my head,” Grand Master Mother retorted.

“Haha, haha…”

Xiao Luo laughed out loud, mocking her. “Seems like I’m being much too kind. I wanted to settle things amicably and have a happy ending, but you do not seem to want this little wish of mine to come true. Do you truly want to force me to kill every single one of you?

A beam of cold and murderous light shone from his eyes, causing everyone to tremble uncontrollably.

Xiao Luo had chosen not to be ruthless and was merely trying to avoid further conflict. Had he wished to be ruthless, he wouldn’t have agreed to take the three tests, to begin with. In the end, a b.l.o.o.d.y battle was unavoidable. If he knew this was going to happen, he would not have wasted any time. He should have just pushed his way through by force, whacking every single individual who went against him till they obeyed and listened.

“Kill every single one of us? Just you alone?” Grand Master said, smiling cynically.

“I’m more than you bargained for!”

Xiao Luo replied, as crackling energy suddenly surged in his palm.

Grand Master Mother did not even have the time to react and was blown away instantly like a cannonball. It seemed like she flew to avoid his strike but it was Xiao Luo who sent her flying. Thick clouds were covering the sky, and in that instant, she flew into those clouds and disappeared.

“The third test? Bring it on, show me all that you’ve got!”

Xiao Luo rose into the sky like a G.o.d soaring in the air roughly hundreds of meters high. His majestic aura was a daunting sight, even causing heaven and earth to react. The clouds turned dark as he flew past them like a violent wind. He could feel Grand Master’s aura, for she was, after all, a Martial Venerable. She was not going down with just that one palm.

The Baiyue Nation citizens below them stared in despair. This was a confrontation they never imagined they would witness.

“Who is this man that who just arrived in our Baiyue Nation? How is his cultivation level this high!”

“He’s hovering in the air like a G.o.d descending from heaven.”

“Stop talking, the more you say, the scarier you making it!”

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