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"Your parents are so nice! and their baking is so good!" Daisy said still stuffing herself as we made our way out the Carvel's bakery.

"You know bread makes you fat," Grace chuckled.

"What?! No! How?!" She exclaimed.u003cbr datmce-bogus="1"u003e

"By the way what was you up to around the back?" Helen asked Morganna with a raised eyebrow.

"Ohh, I just made a few mushroom patches," Morgana answered.

"Ohh?" Helen questioned.

"Yeah, though they might enjoy it or use it in their baking. They grow quickly and require almost zero maintenance and very self-sufficient." Morgana smiled.

"So Jay maybe we could just sit down and talk to Mr Wayne wouldn't kidnapping him be a step in the wrong direction?" I questioned.

"do you think he will just tell us the truth if we ask nicely?" Jay rhetorically questioned back.

"He honestly sounds like a very charitable person even helping the homeless." I offered to him my point of view.

"To be fair there are countless of things he could have done with those people," Helen replied agreeing with Jay.

"Yup he could be selling them to a cult or into slavery, necromancers and countless other inhuman things." Daisy agreed.

"Okay how about we change our plans? Let's first talk to him at least, get the gist of his personality and if any of us get the feeling he's lying or untrustworthy we'll try intimidation." Grace offered.

"Thank you! That is a much better idea." I agreed, feeling relieved someone was on my side on this.

"Actually I think that would be best." Helen and Daisy agreed.

"Fine, we'll try the diplomatic approach first but if anyone gets a whiff of dishonesty or hostility we'll proceed with the original plan." Jay reluctantly agreed.

"Daisy make sure you use that thing you do that senses good and bad people," Grace asked using all resources we had at our disposal.

"I can actually make a truth potion, I think I saw the right ingredients on the way here." Morgana offered to open the small book she was writing in on the way here, making us all look at her in shock, "What? My mother taught me plenty of potions some good but mostly bad." She answered like it was normal.

"Okay once we leave the city Grace you accompany her, I'm sure you'll be much better than the rest of us at spotting things and watch over each other," Jay ordered.

"Fine by me," Grace answered.

"Ohhh and make sure you both mark us to find us easier once you're done," Helen added.

On the way out some guards showed some surprise giving us a double look seeing us making our way out of town unscathed, "I bet the bandits last night paid off a lot of the guards." I said noticing their reactions

"Yeah, definitely almost all the guards." Grace agreed.u003cbr datmce-bogus="1"u003e

"Okay, we'll start looking for ingredients. How long do we have?" Morgana questioned after we made a good distance from the town seeing some dense foliage nearby.

"Roughly two hours," Jay answered.

"Okay, we'll see you soon." Morgana and Grace said leaving the group to hunt for ingredients.

"Was you this suspicious when meeting your first mentor?" I questioned Jay as he led the way looking for a good ambush location.

"Of course, for some strange reason he picked Jennifer and I specifically," Jay answered.

"Ohh wow so he arrived in your town specifically looking for you two?" I questioned.

"That's what he said, he said that the two of use possessed special gifts, I guess it's my Blue flame and Jennifers Air affinity. Over time he did earn my trust in the end." Jay answered.

"Don't you think you're just overcautious or a little paranoid?" I asked politely hoping not to offend him.

"Paranoid?" He questioned utterly confused.

"Yeah because of your upbringing, you're overly protective and cautious?" I questioned.

"You're still new to this world Emilia, no offence but you don't know how this world works." He replied hitting me a little off guard as this was the first time we b.u.t.t heads.

"And what if you do this and the excessive questioning causes him to back out of your families business?" I questioned making sure the repercussions could potentially be devastating.

"Then I'll just work harder to provide for them." He replied ignoring my warning.

I instinctively grabbed him by his arm forcing him to look at me, "I'm serious! your family has something good here, I also saw how happy your mum and dad were to finally be able to provide for you. You need to consider that you're risking something far greater to your parents then gold and business, all because you're paranoid and untrusting." I forced him to listen to me properly.

"Although I'm a little like you Jay, there are good people in this world, Paul saved me from a cult and ensured I had a safe and good upbringing from then on." Daisy tried to persuade him.

I could see Jay headstrong motivation waver a little but he still couldn't let it go. "Look let me do the talking okay? maybe you're just a little too invested in this to have an informed decision." I offered him but he looked unconvinced.

"Jay, we're all friends here, despite the very brief time we've known each other I'd trust you all with my life, I'd even go as far as calling you all family now. Maybe we should let Emilia take lead on this, I'm sure she has a plan, she even bought gifts for us to give to your mum and dad, trust me when I say she has your parents best intentions at heart." Helen agreed with me trying to sway Jay a little.

"Okay." Jay loosened agreeing to let me take lead.

"Thank you, Jay." I wholeheartedly thanked him, knowing how hard it must have been for him and relieved we won't be ambus.h.i.+ng Paul. "Don't worry we'll get to the bottom of this," I tried to rea.s.sure him.

"So what's the plan?" Daisy questioned me with a giant smile.

"We're just gonna be friendly. Just listen and watch for any conflicting information." I answered with a big smile.

"Alright," Jay replied.

"We're just gonna '' into him and if he's as friendly as everyone says then I'm sure he'll strike up a conversation," I answered with a smile.

We waited a while patiently waiting for Grace and Morgana to regroup with us. "You guys took a while," Helen commented as they arrived back.

"Yeah... I think Morgana got a little over-excited collecting ingredient." Grace answered.

"Yeah, sorry I took so long, but I got enough for several truth serums and other things!" She smiled.

"Yeah' we won't be needed it anymore, we'll just have a nice talk." I informed Grace and Morgana or the new plan

"Ohh?" Grace asked giving Jay a quick look.

"Yeah, we've decided to take the more diplomatic approach," I answered.

"That sounds like a better idea." Grace agreed.

"Just let me take the lead." I smiled at everyone.

"So what do we do now?" Morgana asked.

"We'll just follow this path making it look like we're on our way back," I answered.

"Sounds like an Idea." Morgana smiled and began to walk.

"So Morgana what did you find?" Jay questioned slightly intrigued as we began making our way down the road.

"Quite a lot actually, I have enough for a couple heal potions, truth serums, an antidote or two for the native wildlife here a couple of very mild poison potions that make the drinker nauseous." She answered.

"Hey Emilia," Helen whispered catching up to me.

"Wa.s.sup?" I smiled back.

"Don't take what Jay said to heart, I think it's great that you come from another world, I feel you can see things in a unique perspective compared to ours," Helen said making sure I wasn't offended by what Jay said earlier.

"Thanks, don't worry I know he didn't mean what he said." I smiled back.

As predicted the silhouette of a singular man riding on a large Caravan appeared in the distance slowly making it way to Thralkeld, "I think that's him." I informed Helen.

"I'll tell the others," She replied falling back to the others to inform them.

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