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Chapter 389: Conversation with the Dogs

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Chenhui Building, in the Photon Force Laboratory on the fourth floor.

"Dali, have you finished?" Tang Muxin stood outside the laboratory, shouting towards the inside, "Hurry up, Ling Yi and the rest are all prepared already. They're waiting to look at that so-called Crazyracing Kartrider that you've made. The park side says the cars have already been transported over!"

Yesterday, after going to the outer area of Tianjing Mountain to see the holy garments and the sample cars, Hong Dali was very despondent. Of course, since it was already the summer vacation, he naturally had to properly go and have fun. Thus, it was extremely suitable to go to the park that he'd previously started up.

"Coming, coming!" Hong Dali's voice sounded from inside. "Two minutes!"

Very soon, Hong Dali pulled Lin Chuyin along and walked out, saying, "I can't forget about my homework every day! Let's go, we'll go to the second and first floors first to bring the cats and dogs along!"

"Huh?!" Tang Muxin was instantly stunned. "Counting all the cats and dogs would add up to more than 2,000 in total, wouldn't it? How do we bring them along?!"

"Of course, we'll bring them as per normal!" Hong Dali snapped his fingers. "Let's go, first-floor pets' hall!"

Two minutes later.

Hong Dali and the rest went down to the first-floor pets' hall. Once he entered, Hong Dali asked, "Groomer, how are our dogs doing? Are they doing fine recently?"

The head of the groomers diligently ran over to report. "Young Master has come. Greetings, Young Master! Currently, the dogs have been taken care of very well! They are bathed once every week, and I guarantee there aren't any fleas on their bodies. Moreover, they're very friendly towards humans. There definitely aren't any cases of them biting people!"

"Good job. Reward!" Hong Dali was very satisfied. "10,000 per person! Oh right, why do I feel that there are much fewer dogs over here?"

"Young Master," This was the true G.o.d of Fortune. The head of the groomers was very respectful. "After meticulous grooming, their qualities are all quite good. During this period of time, little children would bring their parents to see the dogs every day, and if they spot any that they like, they'd bring them back. There were initially 3,682 dogs, but now we're left with 965. But these dogs are all very good. They're very obedient."

As he spoke, he gestured towards the few dogs playing inside. "Bai Yi 1 , come over here and say h.e.l.lo to Young Master!"

That little white dog called Bai Yi instantly stuck out its tongue and diligently ran over. Upon reaching in front of Hong Dali's feet, he rolled and rolled, making everyone laugh non-stop.

"Not bad, not bad!" Hong Dali beamed with delight. "Reward a meal of dog food for each dog!"

Tang Muxin: "…" This fellow actually rewards even dogs as well!

"Ehemm." Hong Dali cleared his throat. "All dogs, pay attention. I'm going to speak. Gather quickly, it'd be troublesome if it gets late, heh heh!"

"Dali, what are you doing?" While Tang Muxin was still in shock, she became stunned very soon!

Currently, upon hearing Hong Dali's call, all the dogs present actually walked over and obediently squatted in front of Hong Dali, raising their heads up and sticking out their tongues as they looked at him.

These almost 1,000 dogs were of all kinds of breeds and sizes. Now, they were all in the same position. Everyone who saw this felt gooseb.u.mps all over. This was too scary, with the heads of dogs all concentrated together!

The head of the groomers stared in bewilderment, and a long while later, he mumbled, "Wife, quickly come out and see G.o.d…"

"Mm, not bad, not bad, everyone is very obedient!" Everyone was stunned, yet Hong Dali was very satisfied as he started his cla.s.sic speech. "Since everyone has come, then I'll start my speech!"

"Pfft!" Once she heard that Hong Dali was going to give a speech to these dogs, Tang Muxin instantly burst out laughing and said, "Dali, you always have so many unexpected ideas. Would the dogs be able to understand your speech?"

"Of course!" Hong Dali answered with extreme certainty. "They're all man's best friend, they'll definitely understand!"

Dogs were man's best friend. As long as you treated them well, they'd treat you well.

Someone once said that humans could have countless pets in their lifetime. But to the pets, their masters were their lifetimes.

Hong Dali was very kind. He liked little animals very much from young, and now that he had the ability to communicate with them, this type of feeling had gotten stronger.

Actually, more often than not, it was the rarest thing to be able to maintain the kind heart of a child. Yet Hong Dali had kept this aspect very well.

Currently, upon looking at the dogs squatted all over the floor below, Hong Dali gathered his thoughts and took in a deep breath. Hong Dali smiled and said, "I'm Hong Dali. I'm a superprodigal. Everyone knows about this!"

All the dogs below: "Woof!" "Woof!" "Ahwoo!"

Upon seeing this scene, everyone around instantly kindly laughed. Tang Muxin smiled and said, "This Dali is just too good at doing these weird things!" The head of the groomer, instead, only smiled and nodded as she said in a low voice, "Young Master really likes animals. I can feel it from him."

Speaking up to this point, Hong Dali paused for a while and looked at all the dogs in front of him.

"All of you are dogs that have ideals and morals! You are my good friends, and also the good friends of all humans!

"Though I'm a prodigal, I'm neither wishy-washy nor a hypocrite!

"I like all of you, all of you are my good friends! As good friends, you naturally have to take good care of good friends! So today, I'm bringing all of you to your new house! There are mountains there! And rivers!"

Hong Dali looked at these cute dogs in front of him and laughed heartily, as he waved his hand and said, "There might also be cute children of humans.

"Everyone, follow and set off with me later. We'll go to our new home. After everyone has arrived, behave well, and if someone really likes you, you can feel free to search for the new homes that belong to you!"

All the dogs below: "Woof!" "Woof!" "Ahwoo!"

When Hong Dali had spoken to this point, everyone displayed smiles of genuine happiness on their faces. Yes, smiles.

Because they could feel Hong Dali's sincerity. Sincerity as pure as a crystal. Hong Dali liked these animals genuinely from the bottom of his heart. It was not superficial.

There was a saying that said that it was difficult to clearly perceive one's heart. More often than not, people were unable to tell what exactly another person was thinking.

But animals could. They could very clearly feel what humans felt. They could feel whether one truly treated them well or was just faking it.

"Young Master is really…" The eyes of the head of the groomers brimmed with tears. "Sigh, I haven't seen someone like Young Master for more than a decade already…"

"Cute dogs." Hong Dali spread his arms open and loudly said, "Which of you would reject the friendliness from humans? Which of you would reject a new family? Tell me!"

All the dogs below were extremely excited, and in no time, the entire first-floor hall was filled with dog barks!

The volume was very loud, and the scene was very touching.

"This rascal Dali…" Tang Muxin was on the verge of crying as she smiled and said, "It's so agitating just by him talking to the dogs. Aiya, the wind is quite strong, something entered my eyes…"

Hong Dali took in the air full of emotions in satisfaction, as he roared with laughter and said, "Since this is the case, then let's go! Let's go together to our new homes!"

"Woof!" "Woof woof!" "Ahwoo!"

"Then," Hong Dali turned around and pointed outside. "Everyone, let's go!"

This day, all the residents of the entire Tianjing City West Fourth Loop saw an amazing sight!

The enormously huge Big Turtle the Black Tortoise carried four people on its back. The one at the front was a boy. He was grinning and crossing his legs, and occasionally looked at his surroundings with a gaze full of gentleness and sincerity.

Beside him were two girls of about 18 years old. One of them was pure and cute and wore a blissful smile on her face. The other one, on the other hand, had her sky-blue long hair tied into two ponytails, and her soft and white little hands were pulling the edge of the clothes of the boy in front of her.

Behind the three people was a young woman of about 23 to 24 years old. There were literally no flaws with her perfect features, and she wore the gentlest smile on her face. While seated there, her gaze was pure as ever.

Hong Dali, Tang Muxin, Lin Chuyin, and Li Nianwei.

Actually, the residents staying in Tianjing City's West Fourth Loop could often see this group. Thus, this was of course not the reason why it was an amazing sight.

The real amazing sight was the close to 2,000 cats and dogs beside Big Turtle!

These cats and dogs followed by the Big Turtle's side without any noise. They followed one after another and walked in the direction of Tianjing Mountain park, along the road of the outer area of West Fourth Loop.

"Mummy, quickly look, there are so many dogs!" A small child pointed at Hong Dali's figure and excitedly said, "These dogs are so obedient. Mummy, can we go and take a look at them?"

"OK, if my baby wants to go there, then let's go take a look." The young mother smiled as she carried her child. "If my baby likes dogs, then mummy will get you one, OK? Young Master Dali is a very good person. As long as you really like dogs, he'll definitely agree."


Very soon, the young mother carried her child and followed the group. Just then, Hong Dali saw them and smiled and gestured from far away. "Sister, do you want a dog?"

"Hehe. Yes. Thank you then, Young Master Dali." The young mother instantly agreed.

"Choose one, these dogs are all very obedient." Hong Dali said.

Very soon, the young mother picked a dog that the child liked. That cute dog instantly went beside the mother without barking or making noise. After the child had gotten onto the ground, that dog used its head to nudge the child's white and soft legs in a friendly manner, making the child laugh loudly in happiness.

The dog was a good dog, and the people were also good people.

Such a scene that happened every now and then attracted more and more people along the way, and countless curious people followed from behind.

The entire West Fourth Loop was in an uproar.

Everything Hong Dali did had all along been greatly supported by the people. Now that he'd created such an amazing sight of thousands of dogs and cats following him along his journey, that was a scene that ordinary people might not be able to see in their entire lives. Thus, countless people followed Hong Dali all the way to Tianjing Mountain park.

Along the way, every now and then, there would be people choosing the dogs they liked. They would get the big dogs to follow by their side, while they directly carried the small ones. And these dogs were all really obedient and never made loud noises. They only followed their masters very obediently and gently by their side, making their masters laugh loudly.

Just like that, more and more people joined the group. Hong Dali sat on Big Turtle and took the lead. Just after walking out of the West Fourth Loop area, the number of people following them along had already reached nearly five thousand. And this figure was still constantly increasing!

Initially, there were only pa.s.sers-by following. But in no time, a large group of various pa.s.senger vans came from behind, and a short while later, countless reporters all rushed forward in full force and struggled to capture such a rare, amazing sight!

Means White Number One

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